Silent Summer Seaspray Blue Okorienth

The pounding surf rolls out from the deep sapphire blue ocean. Spraying upwards with great intensity and beauty as the moving waters collide with still silent land, and comes crashing down upon this quiet little dragon. Wide eyes, inset in his aqua blue head, whirl with an urgent rapidity. The light aqua flows down his neck, darkening into a deep sapphire, and spiraling up into a medium navy blue tone up into his wingbones and wingsails. His belly looks muddied from the ocean's bottom. Spots of blued muddy browns, mixing with the deeper navy and lighter sapphire hues of his hide there. Turning neck reveals a bright streak of cerulean along his ridges, which swirls along his back, hedges at the bottom of his mainsails, and dots along his tail. Twitching, the tail ends up tucking closer to his small body. Sprayed within the navy blue wingsails are lighter flecks of seaspray and sky blues which wash upwards to overwhelm the darker coloring in his secondary sails.

Egg Name and Description

Chill Fog Egg


Name Silent Summer Seaspray Blue Okorienth
Dam Gold Meraleth
Sire Brown Kevalth
Impressee Lecil
Hatched September 7, 1998
Abhainn Weyr
Rukbat MUSH

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