Warring Shadows Brown Odamith

Deep sepia settles in deeper shadows, casting the dark brown colors of his hide into tones of murky bistre along the curves of his torso, engulfing him from the tip of his long muzzle, curling around his body, and sweep down his tail. Sepia limbs are strong, mostly free from the shadows, while between each sepia spar the sails darken. Umber ridges creep down his back, like a distance goal cast into darkness by the coming of the night. The only bits of brightness lay in his faceted eyes, and the tiny speckles of golden brown along his headknobs, the breaking of a new dawn.

Egg Name and Description


Domes in Space Egg
Deepest ebony provides the smooth base for this rather squatty egg, sweeping around it like the night sky to a distant horizon, speckled with the smallest of pale golden freckles, twinkling stars high above. Yet, despite the overall bleakness, there are seven patches of brighter ground laid out over the surface. While blues and greens make of the majority, the distribution changes with each spot, and a single golden spot sits centered on the side. Of the others, one is solid green, only the shade changing over its section, and another is almost totally blue, with just little bits of green here or there, while the rest are a balance of each, like little lakes set against the landscape.

Hatching Message

Domes in Space Egg sits rather plainly upon the Xanadu sands, the objects on its surface seeming to just float along, before a wobble sets them toppling, and each dome is upside down when the rocking stops.

Domes in Space Egg seems rather disgruntled by this new arrangement, or rather the form inside does, for it starts to rumble more fiercely, cracks appearing along the surface, breaking apart the starry sky.

Domes in Space Egg cracks and cracks, larger ones splitting into smaller, and then smaller again, before it can take no more and the fabric of the spacial shell is pulled inwards, and out is spat a dark brown shadow of a hatchling.

Impression Message

Bells begin to invade your mind, their gentle chiming echoing and reverberating, carrying their sweet sound through your thoughts, while calming blues and greens begin to bubble upwards against you, gently cushioning. A light tenor rings through your thoughts, after a moment of thoughtful hesitation. « Neamon. What are you doing? » More blues pop up, with a spit of yellow. « N'mon. I am your Odamith. I will help you figure out what you are doing. Can you be mine? » And then the blues lighten to purple-tinted reds, and his mind seems a bit more urgent. « Though first, I am hungry. Let us eat? »


"Vir, do you believe in fate?"
"Well, actually, I believe there are currents in the Universe. Eddies and tides that pull us one way or the other. Some we have to fight, some we have to embrace. Unfortunately, the currents that we have to fight look exactly like the currents we have to embrace. The currents that we think are the one that's gonna make us stronger, they are the ones that are going to destroy us. And the ones that we think are going to destroy us, they are the ones that are going to make us stronger. Now, the other current —"
"Vir! Yes or no?"
"Yes! You know, somewhat, why?"

Odamith is a very shy, introspective personality, quite unlike his clutchmate Karidath. While the other weyrlings are hopping around, chatting happily with each other and the other dragons, Odamith is more likely to be quietly observing, taking notes and perfectly willing to passively let events go by. While Karidath and Mayikooth are more than willing to charge in, swords drawn as it will, Odamith would much rather hang back and determine what, if any, his other options are.

As he grows up, more and more often, he'll randomly offer a tidbit of information that seems rather sudden, or out of place. « Omarith isn't a good of a flyer as he thinks. Isobeth is unhappy with his performance. » Yet, as surprising as they may be, everything he gleans is from careful observation of those around him. And, while they may be passed on to you, he'll never say them to anyone else - after all, it's not his place.

Now, it's not to say that he won't take chances now and then, but only after careful thought and consideration. The first time he's asked to actually fly he'll sit for a long moment, considering the best way to go, how exactly to move his wings and how to take what is often forgotten - the landing. But, once he has the basics down, he'll be happy enough to zip here and there, backwinging to a stop short of his original goal, or tipping off a high ledge to get airborne.

Odamith is, in a way, an upright and moral post for Neamon to lean on. He'll try to steer Neamon in the right direction, even if it's against the general populace. « N'mon, don't you think we should practice? Just because the others aren't, doesn't mean we shouldn't. » Just as he'll try to get you to make the correct choices, he'll look to you for guidance and confirmation that he made the right choice. But, even if you make a choice that isn't necessarily the right one, he'll be with you through it all, likely just to say 'told you so' when the mess clears up.

While some of his clutchmates may try to twist things for their own benefit, or for the benefit of their riders, Odamith will always maintain that you can succeed with your own talents. He'll stick to his guns, and while he'll try to encourage you towards the path of success, only you can actually stick to it. He's not going to make it so that you're handed whatever you wish on a silver platter.

As he ages, he'll always be slightly more of a loner than some of the others. While he will make a good friend from time to time, who he's happy to sit with and discuss what they saw here or there, he'll generally be by himself, or forming only casual friendships with the others around him. Even with flights, while he's willing enough to chase should you want him too, he'll never seek any lasting attachments out of them - after all there are too many other injustices in the world to dally with romance.

Why Neamon? Odamith knew that Neamon needed a guiding light - a friend and a companion to help him grow up and to keep him on the right path towards responsibility. And, that's what Odamith is - a friend and an advisor - someone to turn to with a difficult decision and to support you should you make a mistake.


Comforting Chimes
Odamith's mind is a conglomeration of pale hues, generally preferring blue and green hues, though depending on his mood and goals it may be in the orange or yellow range, or even the purple range. However, no matter the colors, it always has a sense of comforting to it, almost like a pillow ready to cushion the fall. His light tenor has almost a ring to it, which is complimented by the light tinkling of bells and chimes that float in the background of his thoughts. When his voice gets a little higher with excitement, or his words quicker with frustration, the bells and chimes seem to take on a different tone, reflecting his mood as much as his eyes will.


This cycle at Xanadu, our theme was 'Video games' and the Domes in Space Egg was based on the SEGA Genesis game 'Phantasy Star III'. The basic premise of the game involves 2 nationalities, the Orakians and the Layans, who are engaged in an uneasy truce since the disappearance of their respective leaders 1000 years ago. The game itself is a generic battle against some greater force - though as time goes on, what that force is becomes clearer. Despite a seemingly medieval setting with castles and kings, androids can be found scattered here and there, and seemingly advanced cave systems link different portions of the world. What made Phantasy Star III particularly unique was the amount of freedom in gameplay, at the time. By making different decisions and forging different alliances, you will encounter different situations and characters as you play through each of the 3 generations in the game. If you care to know more, you can read about the plot at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantasy_Star_III

While originally the mind was based off of a generic Layan from Phantasy Star III - A magic, or 'technique' using healer - it seemed that what you were looking for in a dragon was better based on something else. And so, Odamith is based off of Vir Cotto, the aide to the Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari. Vir Cotto was of a minor royal family, and was sent to Babylon 5 as a means of getting him away from the rest of his family. He is a rather ordinary person - affected by good and evil around him - who still makes his own decisions. He is a pillar of support for Londo Mollari, and serves as a voice of reason to many people throughout the series.

Odamith's desc is based on the long-term story arc in Babylon 5 of the Shadow Wars. The Shadows were an ancient power who focused on granting desires to those that sought them, and destroying those who stood in their way. The Centauri entered into an alliance with the Shadows, and it was this situation in which Vir was caught in the middle of. Thus, the warring of the shadows with the light of a new, free day, seemed appropriate for his description.

Vir is latin for 'man' and so Odamith's name keeps the same ties to Latin. Odamith comes from a combination of Sodalis - latin for companion - and Amicus - latin for friend. Odamith will be both of those for N'mon.


Name Warring Shadows Brown Odamith
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By Niva
Impressee Neamon
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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