Explorer of the Seas Brown Oceleth

The bright, orange-brown hues of polished mahogany cling to the thickly built frame of this brown, coloring his long chest and his almost too-short neck. Flowing over each shortened forelimb and his curving belly, the same rich hues lay claim to his face, his shortened snout and stubby headknobs uniformly colored. Though fulvous begins to appear upon the fin-like ridges that trail down his back, the true change in coloration begins across wide shoulders, as the paler hue of ochre appears in wide swathes, framed by dark sienna, stripes wide and narrow trailing over sides and haunches, touching upon the smooth hide of his stomach, fading towards his tail until mahogany is once more the dominate, and only, hue by the tip. Heavy sienna spars stretch across his oversized wings, dark framework supporting mahogany sails before they fade into pale ochre at their trailing edges, the bright tones claiming every inch of his body bar the ebony talons that tip each limb.

*Artwork created by, and full credit to, Cursed Sight

Egg Name and Description

Under the Sea Egg
Sunshine's yellow dances upon the curves of this very round shell, seemingly casting the egg aglow with soft jonquil from rounded end to rounded end. Haphazard sections of tiffany blue, however, have laid their own claim to the shell, serving as stripes along one side, fanning out from an invisible center-line, going from fat to skinny and back to fat before they've reached more than halfway around the shell. A pair of baby-blue spots appear opposite the tiffany blue, smaller though shaped equally as awkwardly, the very tip colored with flowing brushstrokes of the same pale hue.

Hatching Message

Under the Sea Egg gives a little shake, a little shimmy, seeming to stand upon the waves of sand that make up the hatching grounds. And then, as if it was spotted, the movement ceases as the egg lies silent once more.

Under the Sea Egg has suddenly cracked, the persistent force inside pushing against the barrier, pushing past the known constraints of the world, taking the dare to find out what's beyond.

All is peaceful for a long moment, as the Under the Sea Egg suddenly falls still, simply floating upon the Sands of the Hatching Arena. And then, suddenly, the shell gives way and an orangey-brown hatchling is left upon the Sands, staring almost wide-eyed as his whole world is gone, and he faces a new, larger one.

Impression Message

The hot, dry sands suddenly seem to disappear as you're engulfed by the cool tones of the ocean, the chilly touch of the depths, greens and blues swirling amongst your thoughts. « Osric! » A soft, almost youthful voice pushes itself into your thoughts, a bit hesitant at first, but gaining in surety as the moments pass. « O'ric! I'm Oceleth! » And with more excitement, he introduces himself, the watery hues brightening after a moment. « I bet there's lots of things to see! » A pause, « And maybe somewhere to eat? »


Oceleth is a curious little creature from the very start, and you'll certainly have your hands full, O'ric, trying to keep up with him. While other weyrlings will find themselves being watched out for by their new lifemates, and pestered about this or that, it will be you that needs to be the responsible party in this new relationship. He'll be one of those dragons who find rules chaffing, if not downright annoying, and he'll be pushing the limits, and leaving you to keep him in check.

In the beginning it will be little things: while the Weyrlings are limited to their own area of the Weyr, Oceleth will be the one that tries to sneak by the invisible barriers, into the great unknown beyond. At first, it may only be a nose or a paw that is set onto the main stretch of beach, but then it will become two steps, three, and before you know it, if you're not careful, he'll be in the middle of the meadow, crooning his success to everyone around him without realizing that he's telling everyone just what he's done. Should the other weyrlings provoke him, encourage him, or challenge him, Oceleth will rise to the bait much like O'ric may - however his solution to the challenge tends to be more to the action end of the spectrum. He'll quickly take the dare, going forth without any contemplation of the potential consequences - and while some might learn from their mistakes and missteps, he won't be one of them.

In the same sense, though, his willingness to push the limits makes him a force to be reckoned with. As challenges are put forth by first the Weyrling staff and then later in life, Wingleaders, Oceleth will be bound and determined to not only meet the goals set but surpass them if at all possible. Should he fail - and it's quite likely he will - he'll take a moment to regroup, seeming almost sulky as he does so, before throwing himself back at the task at hand full force. And eventually, even if the odds are against him, he'll succeed. Usually. And, even if he doesn't, he doesn't let himself get down to for too long - it's hard to discourage him.

Oceleth is rather curious - a driving force behind a lot of his actions is this curiosity - and he's interested in learning more, and seeing more, and doing more. He'll constantly push the limits of your thoughts, try and propose new ideas, new ways of doing things. He'll be somewhat of an innovator - after all sometimes simply because you do something one way, doesn't mean it's the best way. He'll crave new sights and sounds, and once you're freed to fly, it's likely that he'll be insisting that you go here and there - after all, there's a great big world out there just waiting for you both.

In his quest to try new things, experience new things, and live both of your lives, you'll certainly be busy, and when it comes to flights, it is no exception. Should a green, or a gold for that matter, rise nearby, you can be sure that Oceleth will take to the skies after her. However, win or lose, it's no matter to him, and he'll simply try again in the future. He's not one to get overly attached to another dragon, flights are flights after all, and after its over and done with, it's as if never happened, at least to him.

All in all, he's a curious adventurer, a risk-taker, and stubborn to boot as he tries to take on the world. But, as always, he's yours and yours alone to play as you wish. Congratulations!


Waves of Wonder
Oceleth's mind is of the ocean - comprised of the blues and greens of the depths, mostly dark as little light filters to the hidden wonders of the ocean. However, when curiosity strikes his thoughts, its as a ray of light has dared penetrate to the depths, lightening the water, turning it to pale colors as it dares to explore beyond its boundaries, and the distant horizon. Naive, certainly, Oceleth's mind is curious, and daring, willing to push boundaries, explore, and try new things, not truly thinking out the risks.


The theme this cycle at Xanadu was 'The Past and the Future', with the eggs serving as the past item, while the hatchlings make up the future. In the case of the 'Under the Sea' Egg, it was the past and future of animation.

The egg itself is based off of Flounder, the yellow fish friend of Princess Ariel, from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid'. The Little Mermaid was the last Disney feature film to use the traditional hand-painted cel method of animation, as the movies to come after it used digital coloring and other methods which eliminated the need for cels.

Oceleth, meanwhile, is based off of Nemo from Pixar/Disney's movie 'Finding Nemo'. The computer animated film tells the story of the clownfish Nemo's mishaps, as well as the adventure upon which his father, Marlin, embarks to find his only son.

Oceleth's name comes from 'Ocellaris clownfish' - the full descriptive name of Nemo and Marlin's species.

As always, while his personality is derived from Nemo, he's yours to play as you wish. Welcome to Weyrlinghood, O'ric!


Name Brown Oceleth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Niva
Impressee O'ric (Osric)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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