Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Nyunath

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Through a veil of rain, evening's last kiss blooms across the pale bronze hide of this dragon, bathing it in a sheer russet hue blurred by wisps of fog. Caught between sunset's reddened glow and twilight, a clinging miasma of copper billows in ghost-like eddies across the well-proportioned contours of his body. His wide forehead and blunt muzzle are wrapped in the amber pearl of moonlight's embrace that lingers to trace fingers of golden radiance down his graceful neck and spills upon strong shoulders in an amethyst shower of stars. Touched with a dusky flame dimmed by evening's gloom, neckridges appear as distant rock pinnacles, between which torrents have carved darkened channels. These fade to nightshade, the sable shadows trailing down his spine to the tip of his tail. Topaz light dances in shadowed dapples of tawny and warm ochre across his sturdy back, powerful haunches and strong talons tipped with claws of onyx. The membranes of his wide wings, lit mistily to a silvery-pink through the remnants of a late shower, contrast with the deeper violet of his wingbones.


Egg Information

Cliff Aerie Egg

Remote, lofty, abandoned, a small city of stone sleeps upon the surface of this egg. Still as a sepulcher, these walls have borne silent witness to ancient anguish. Blocks of crumbling adobe curve across the upper half of the oval shell, an encircling kiva in which the precious content of this egg lies dreaming. Pale chert, warmed by Rukbat's everlasting rays adds baked texture while infrequent rains crackle the surface, lending a weathered and timeless quality. Enshadowed by ochre cliffs, the lower half dwells in stark contrast to the other; darkened in cool shade, moist rimrock's soothing sanctuary, no invader dares pass.


Storms in the Desert
Nyunath's voice is a gentle beat, the pulse of drums in the evenings that calls to one with a promise of festive camaraderie and song. Sometimes it's a light tenor cadence, quick and light when happy or excited, when thoughtful or angry, a deeply resonant bass. Other times the sound of his mindvoice takes on the rich musical notes of a wood flute or a singer's notes, the timbre rising and falling in pitch to the tune of his emotions. As a dancer, the sound lilts along the high registers, falling to the lower octaves according to his moods.

Touch Messages:
Storms in the Desert breathe winds that gently tug on you. The heat of the sands recede as a cool mist enfolds you, roiling damply upon your face and skin. The earthy scent of rain-dampened rock mingles with the tang of juniper, sage and creosote permeating your senses. Wind-bourne, a question flows through your mind, Can you lift up your voice to the clouds and bring rain in abundance? The mists dissipate, but one question lingers, sighs on a gentle breath, Where, with whom will you find understanding?

Storms in the Desert darken the mists that surround you. Afar off, a distant thunder growls, reverberating off of shadowed rock walls. A feeling of uneasiness pervades, a subtle pressure that bears down on your awareness then intensifies. A question trembles, terrible in its urgency, Can you command the lightning and get it to answer your call? There is a sense it is vital that you know. Mists dissipate, leaving behind a hollow echo, From where will you draw your strength of mind?

Storms in the Desert violently wrench, yanking you into complete darkness - it's a dizzying, disturbing transition. Flickering orange light dispels the darkness, the crackle of flames, the scent of burning mesquite and roasting meat saturate your awareness. Muted voices and laughter drift through your mind, a tranquility shattered by vicious cries and fear-laced screams. A resounding concussion rocks your head but oddly, there is no pain, although the taste of blood is warm in your mouth. As the sensations ebb, steady drumbeats pulsate questions through your mind, Can you help the one that is without power? The darkness, last to go asks, What reserves have you against the time of trouble?

Storms in the Desert beat a steady throb in the palm of your hand, travel up your arm to engulf your mind. A peculiar dimness surrounds you, although you are in reality still standing upon the sands, a rhythm seems to take your body in a slow spiraling dance, the movement is both beautiful and awful, evoking a powerful emotional response. As insistent as a drum the question comes, Have you found the treasures of the snow? All sensations fade but flute-like tones sing in your memory, Do you know the old ways of the ancient ones? Lingering notes, the final drops of a spent rain query as they taper away, Who will give you hidden wisdom?

Hatching Message

Tremors shake the Cliff Aerie Egg. Rimrock trembles, the earthen shell undulates, its motion is a gentle roll. The Dreamer inside is disturbed momentarily, then as the egg stills it slumbers once more.

There is no time left to sleep. The Dreamer awakes, shifting within the shell. Fault-lines form along the divide between dark and light on the surface of the Cliff Aerie Egg. A growl, muted from within promises a coming storm.

Adobe crackles, flaking to fall as a dry rain upon the Sands. Pale shards fall to lie as crumbled scree upon a canyon floor and the sanctuary is no more as the Cliff Aerie Egg simply disintegrates, freeing the Dreamer to run it's course.

Impression Message

Like the memory of a bittersweet scent, the dream fills your senses as the heat of the Sands fades and you are once again swept by moist rain-laden winds that encircle you, drawing you to a place of solitude. From the mists there is a sound, so faint at first that only the vibration of it can be felt. It's the slow beat of a drum, that quickens as the volume increases, «R'owan? R'owan!» Profound joy, a wave of floodwaters down a dry canyon, sweeps out to engulf you as the voice, flutelike tones lilting through your mind, continues, «You came to me from a strange place - you came to me alone. You touched me and I couldn't see you. I almost thought you were a dream I couldn't remember, but I have found you R'owan! I am your Nyunath.» The mists darken, thunder rumbles afar off. «We will go to the ends of the world together, but first, can you help me find something to stop this pain in my belly?»



From the moment of Impression, Nyunath will be all the tender acceptance you have longed for in life, R'owan. It is one of the reasons he chose you, for out of all the Candidates to bond with, you alone give the careful consideration to the things in life that puzzle you to the depth that he does. You alone seek answers to the questions he is asking. His affinity for your feelings will be strong and there will be few times when the two of you are not of one accord. You will notice this in the way he considers your thoughts and reflects upon them before sharing with you his understanding of them. He will do this with a keen sensitivity and richness of depth. He has the ability to be a wonderful listener and has a sharp perception. You may find he understands secrets you didn't know you had.

Nyunath has a gentle spirit, a sense of wry humor that comes in quiet moments, a remark that lightens the mood or refocuses the attention away from a problem. He will not be one to clown and be the center of attention with antics as some other dragons are. It will not be his way to be caustic or ridiculing others in order to laugh at their expense. For all this consideration he will give others, he won't like to be laughed at himself. Nor will he like to admit when he is vulnerable. Only to you, R'owan, will he be able to admit his lack, and at that he will often be reluctant to do so. At those times you will be able to tell that he is feeling unsure because he is grumpy and defensive, a cover for the insecurity he is feeling.

Nyunath has a deep, abiding trust in you, R'owan - He will do the difficult, the unpleasant and the tedious sometimes without even knowing why. But your assurance that it is right, if he asks you to explain or justify it will be enough, even if he does not understand it all. With you he can travel great distances without fear. He will be interested in and comfortable with people who are as strange to him as he is to them as long as it is the two of you together. To him this will be high adventure!

Nyunath has an innate curiosity - he wants to -know- things! He won't be content to simply accept the words of the Weyrlingmasters, but will question how they can be sure. He won't simply just ask the other dragons, either. Rather he will ask you, R'owan, preferring to seek answers from you first above all others. Should it be something you don't know, his preference will be that just the two of you together attempt to find the answers to the things that puzzle him - away from the distraction of other people and dragons. He will seem very interested in the objects associated in your learning process as well, as if he needs tangible things to connect him with the knowing. «Numbweed? They say it is slimy and takes the pain away? I want to touch it, smell it and does it have a taste? Let's taste some!» He may wish to go visit the places you learn about as well, before he will believe that you know what you say you do.

From the moment he is hatched, Nyunath craves a sense of purpose, belonging. Though his first instinct will be to feed, once that is done, he will want to know, «Now what? We are here to do something, right? Let's get at it!» When he is young, that purpose may be to play and get to know, you, R'owan. As time goes on, it may be simply to grow and strengthen those muscles so he can learn to fly. Although it may take him some time to learn what that purpose is, he will eventually mature and find his place among the Weyr's dragons.

Nyunath is a determined personality. He will be dogged in his attempts to learn the techniques set by the weyrlingmaster, sometimes to the point of overdoing. Often times he will push himself despite physical discomfort to achieve a goal. He will need your steadying restraint in those times, R'owan, to keep him from strain and exhaustion.

At times Nyunath may seem to struggle with feeling abandoned when you leave him, but as he becomes older, this will fade, unless the two of you have a disagreement. In which case, he will seek to restore that bond quickly with needed assurances that you still love him best of all. This may stem from the element of uncertainty that runs though his core. He struggles with the feeling that he's here by accident, born out of time. «I needed Thread to fight. Why was I hatched after it stopped?» He will always need your support and reassurance as you will need his.

With the other dragons of the Weyr, Nyunath may at times seem aloof, but in truth he is merely quiet. He will be there in the group, aware of the other dragons, listening, learning and when asked, ready to give a steady, sensitive answer or word of encouragement. When he feels lonely, he will rarely seek out the others. He would rather seek you out, whether it is by his physical nearness or his mental presence. As time goes by, while he will be able to converse in casual conversation with the other dragons in the Weyr, he will prefer those with whom he has developed some deeper friendships with. He will learn to trust a certain few who have the ability to discern and ponder the deeper side of things.

Most young dragons look forward to the time when they can rise to the skies in flight and Nyunath will be no different. When the skies are finally his, he will delight in the thrill of speed and his movement in the air, his power and his claim upon the wind as he conquers it. Though he be a bronze, his size will not deter him from attempting some aerial stunts and dicey maneuvers, for he is all grace and speed while flying. His love of spreading his wings and soaring will not diminish when he learns to go *Between*. While others may be content to pop here and there quickly, Nyunath will often prefer to fly direct if the trip is not a long one and there is time to linger in the currents and clouds, reveling in the freedom that he cannot have while on the ground.

Nyunath is a courteous gentleman to the females and while not above a bawdy joke or two when the topic turns that way, he is not one to press for attentions nor does he think so highly of himself that he expects affection without warranting it. But when the mating urge is upon him and the females are blooding their kill, his competitive streak will rise to the forefront and his desire to win will become all-consuming. He will give it his all physically striving with the best of them as well as emotionally, with silken tones and coaxing thoughts he will woo that green or gold, attempting to be in harmony with the personality of the one with whom he's seeking favor.



Nyunath is Inspired by the book, 'Sing for a Gentle Rain' by J. Allison James. This children's book is a story about the mystery of the disappearance of the Anasazi Indians and a young man named James who is drawn to find out what happened to them. He is drawn to into a past time during what the the Anasazi call a she-rain by the songs of Spring Rain, a young Anasazi maiden, proving that when two very different things come together, like the rain and the strange man, it can change people's lives in a way that was unforeseen before. Nyunath's personality is based upon James, the main character of the book. Elements of the rain gods that the Anasazi Indians sang to for their life-giving rain were used for Nyunath's mindname and description:

You also mentioned an interest in Swahili and a wish for that to be incorporated in your dragon's name. With that in mind, I chose the name 'Nyunath', which is taken from the Swahili word Nyunya, which means 'rain gently' in Swahili.

Tlaloc, the storm deity and Ehecatl (the god of the winds) was also known as "He Who Makes Things Grow", a rain deity common throughout the southwest, Texas, and Mexico. Tlaloc lived on the tops of high mountains where the clouds form, and had control over other destructive weather forces, like hail, frost, floods, and lightning. He begins the movement of the sun and sweeps the high roads of the rain god with his breath, bringing life to all that is lifeless. .

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Desert Rain Picture:

Nyunath was created for R'owan by Thea

~May the two of you feast on the richness that is Pern for a lifetime.


Name Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Nyunath
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Thea
Impressee Rogawani (R'owan)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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