Hiding a Secret Gold Noleandrath

Honeyed gold, paled but still gleaming with color, trickles along the sharp features of Noleandrath's face, down the curve of her neck and over the rest of her well toned body. Speckles of fiery amber scatter across her eye ridges, rising up and over the back of her high held head and dusting the smooth curve of her shoulders, chest and finally disappearing along the base of her wing arms. Pure golden hues caress her back and most of the ridges, boldly contrasting against the overall paler honeyed gold. Golden-yellow topaz forms her sharp claws, glimmering brightly in the light. Her wings gradually darken along the very tips, becoming an almost burnished gold along the wing fingertips while the sails themselves remain translucent, the gradient change of hues patched slightly like golden stained glass.

Egg Name and Description


Creamy Pearlescent Buttermilk Egg


Name Hiding a Secret Gold Noleandrath
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Tyfth
Created By Trisana
Impressee Saralynn
Hatched October 9, 2005
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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