Patchwork Adventurer Green Ninkasith

At first glance this midsized green hatchling does not stand out among her breed, pear-colored and largely unremarkable in form. While her proportions are hardly ideal she is still streamlined, with smooth curves and planes adorning her gangly frame and bringing balance to the awkwardness of her shorter-than-average forelimbs. A closer look her, however, will reveal that her hide is not as plain as it seems, the soft pear hue crossed by pale tan lines on her shoulders and down her spine in neat stitches around each ridge. Further stitching traces the lines of her muscles down her legs and to the end of her tail, filling the shadows that crease her flesh. Her face is also subtly colored with a lichen-shaded blaze, which extends from the tip of her nose to frame her eyes and coat her headknobs. The end of her tail bears the last accent, with that soft lichen tone coating the forked tines from split to tip.

Egg Name and Description

Haunted Maze Egg
The shell of this mid-sized egg is inky black with a faint shine along the upper curves. The smooth surface is decorated with a framework of white lines what dance across the shell, neatly forming a vague series of paths within a wider square. In the center is an almost-box - a square with one side partially missing, which contains a few colorful blobs. Elsewhere in this odd framework are scattered splashes of color: a green oval, a pair of red dots and a set of yellow crescents. Linking these is a nebulous series of white dots, which are present in all but the lower left quadrant of this square. In that quadrant, the paths are bare of white dots, with only a yellow circle that is missing a wedge present.

Hatching Message

The Haunted Maze Egg shimmies in its pile of sand, causing it to settle lower amidst the red and white grains. It quivers for several long moments before it finally stills again, no further signs of life evident.

The Haunted Maze Egg gets back into the groove of things, shaking harder as thin cracks begin to connect the dots along its inky shell. It shakes and quakes longer than the last time, but the hatchling within has to pause to rest once more.

The Haunted Maze Egg finally gives up the ghost, a particularly stout blow from its occupant causing the shell to dissolve into an army of black and white fragments. Covered in egg goo and shards, the Patchwork Adventurer Green Hatchling is left to sprawl in the sands, stunned by her sudden freedom from the confines of her egg. Time to regroup and do some research before heading into the fray.

Impression Message

A flash of yellowy green crosses your field of vision before you suddenly find yourself snared by a multi-hued gaze. Swirls of amber and mahogany overtake your eyes, blinding you even as they capture your attention. Silk eels through your mind, drawing away the veil from your thoughts and bringing a sensation of warmth, acceptance and absolute love as it peels away that barrier. «Jessa.» The word explodes into your mind, effervescent with a fruity tang. «I have been looking for you, Jessa. Waiting for you. And here you are.» Rapturous delight and pride for achievement flows through you as your eyes clear and the vibrant swirl of dragon eyes meets your gaze once more. «I found you. I am Ninkasith, Jessa, and I will never be apart from you again.» That red-filmed gaze wobbles as the pale green nudges you, and hunger cramps your belly. «Will you come with me to find food? I hunger.»


From the first moment Ninkasith meets your eyes, Jessa, you will never again be alone. In Ninkasith you have a dear friend, a stalwart defender, and a mind that will constantly challenge you to be better than you currently are. She will forever be seeking to expand your horizons so that she in turn can learn more about this fascinating world she has emerged into.

The first few weeks after the hatching will likely be the hardest for you as you and Ninkasith come to understand each other and find balance in your existence. Ninkasith tends to be blunt; she speaks her mind without trying to soften the impact of her words, and will have trouble understanding this behavior in you and others. Be prepared to hear her broadcast « Don't you mean he stinks, Jessa? » and other such statements when you are trying to be delicate.

Ninkasith will always be somewhat awkward in build, but she will never let this keep her down. While she may stumble and fall frequently at first, she will learn coordination over time and become more sure on her feet. She will never be graceful on the ground, but will make up for it in the air. Early bungles when learning to fly will challenge her to develop agility and speed, and she will someday become one of the fastest and more agile greens in the Weyr. Flight is a joy she will always be eager to share with you, and she will often fly solo in the areas around the Weyr just to feel the wind across her wings.

Ninkasith has a very flexible mind, and sometimes may seem to have more than one personality, she is so varied. But at her core, Ninkasith is primarily independent, fun-loving and spontaneous. She will always strive to show you the lighter side of things, and has difficulty being somber or morose. This isn't to say that she doesn't understand solemn subjects; rather, she prefers to focus on the positive outcomes in any situation over the negative.


Fizzy Pools of Amber Liquid
Frothy. Sensual. Silky. Intense. Carefree. Brooding. Isolated. Smooth. Adventurous. Withdrawn. All of these only hint at the many facets of Ninkasith's mind. As beer comes in many flavors, styles and colors, so do her thoughts, ranging from soft, silky colors floating through your mind to intense, biting scents and tastes that challenge you to remain in contact with her as she expresses herself. Images and colors whirl in dizzying displays, and sounds edge in and out of focus wildly. And if you are touching her when she speaks, there is still an echo of that pulse between your flesh and hers, soft pulses against your flesh, like a heartbeat that changes speed with the impressions against your mind.



I am delighted to have been a part of Search for you, and had a lot of fun writing Ninkasith. Our theme was past and future for eggs and hatchlings respectively, and it was a very flexible and engaging theme to play with.

Haunted Maze Egg: As a gamer, I am fond of arcade classics, and that shows with the Haunted Maze Egg, based on Pacman, a true representation of bygone days if ever there was one.

Patchwork Adventurer Green Hatchling: This hatchling is based loosely on the character of 7 from the animated movie 9, released in 2009. 7, voiced by Jennifer Connelly, is the most independent and combat-savvy of the life-infused patchwork creations in this film, which is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans have been eradicated by their creations. 7 is a daring and determined creature who wants to ensure a safe future for her 'family', and is willing to do anything to get there. She has a lot of spunk and energy, but is also very realistic. I hope you find that the bits of her personality infused in Ninkasith complement and challenge Jessamin.

Fizzy Pools of Amber Liquid Mind-Voice: Ninkasith's mind name and description thereof was inspired by some silliness on the search knot. Someone was trying to decide what to pick for their theme, and during the ensuing discussion it was suggested they do a drunken hatchling. While this didn't fit their theme choice, I was still plotting mind touches for the Haunted Maze Egg, and Fizzy Pools of Amber Liquid shortly resulted. I hope you enjoy that aspect of her, and find it flexible enough to do with as you please.

Ninkasith as a name is based on the Sumarian goddess Ninkasi, who is the goddess of beer. I felt the name fit her mind description and your preferences well, and flows rather smoothly. Traditionally, the name would be pronounced Nin-CAH-see, and thus I thought Ninkasith probably would sound something like Nin-CAH-see-eth or Nin-CAH-seeth.

I hope you enjoy Ninkasith!

~Moria, and the rest of SearchCo Winter 2010


Name Green Ninkasith
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Moria
Impressee Jessa (Jessamin)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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