Break the Wave Brown Nheanth

Windblown sand tumbles over a stocky form, etching his pale muzzle with wet driftwood brown, petering down across unrefined cheeks and whispering over stocky headknobs. Whirling eyes are framed in foxy shades that retreats from the dust that trickles down his strong neck and chest to mix with hazel on wide shoulders. Pinions are kissed with faded grass green, criss-crossing lines that weave outward into translucent wingsails speckled with crystalline grains of basalt and white-washed brick. Hulking sides are caresses by silken pine-wood, smoothly running into rich tawny that collects into his belly, shimmering wetly in the light. Fawn ribbons gently touch massive haunches, spiralling down into a thick tail strung with fertile loam and watery sapphire blue. Heavy limbs are khaki swirls in the sandy base sporting huge paws tipped by steel blue talons, burnished into a stain sheen.

Egg Name and Description


Misty Water Egg
Pale as pale, icy hoarfrost rimming a wash of soft slate gray, this egg looks like little other than a chilled chunk of winter bizarrely nestled in the hot sands. Silver dominates, soft streaks spilling over the smoothly curved shell until they resemble the lightest of rainfall whispering out of a silk washed sky. Velvety white crowds in, billowing in patches like mist and almost hiding the sea, wavelets lapping against the odd ivory iceberg. Touches of stronger blue also show up, the lifeless hue of ancient stone and frozen soil across a proud, bare hilltop, whipped by blizzard snows and woven with ice-blue shards that have fallen into a fragmented, fragile pattern.

Hatching Message

Creaking like an aged thing, the Misty Water Egg shudders, threating to shatter the ice that coats it's shell. Silver spirals downwoods, watery
fragments sputtering away as the steady efforts of it's occupant crack stone shades for freedom. Lifeless hues are crumbling, revealing tiny patches of hide made of a different color. Shatter it does at last, cold giving way to the heat of the sands as glaciers tumble into the saffron sea below it, a massive dragonet springing from the remains of the egg, landing with an unbalanced thump.

Impression Message

Whisps of cold air and tendrils of ivory snake around your being, cushioning your thoughts and worries in one movement. A deafining silence surrounds you, only the scent of fresh rain and sea breezes cling to you, an underlying scent of cream tickling your nose in an odd sensation. You've never smelt this before, but suddenly it feels right and more comfortable than anything you've every known. Where there was nothing, someting looms, intense feelings in a sudden rush around you: joy, relief, mind numbing happiness and you realize they originate from the brown infront of you even before the bass voice purrs into your mind, suffused with adoration, « Z'alan! Finally, my partner! » And you are his, the one he searched for even in his shell, « I am Nheanth, Z'alan. »


Nheanth will be a quiet one all his life. Even living in the barracks with the other dragons, he'll be apt to listening rather than speaking so much in conversations. And when he's questioned, his answers will always be quick and to the point, no extra words. He's always to the point, be it brutally honest or not. He's the gentle giant in a way. Physically, he's a burly dragon, thick muscled even when he was first hatched, but really, he's a softy inside. Z'alan will always be the world to him, and Z'alan will always come first before anything else. When it comes to work though, that's when Nheanth gets tough. He is a work-a-holic so to speak, so even weyrling work will be a blast to him, and he'll enjoy taking charge of the other weyrlings. « No, Dragoneth, you are doing that /ALL/ wrong » will be a favorite saying, pushing the others in what he feels is the right direction. Mating flights will be something to see with Nheanth. Your normally quiet dragon will become quiet vocal, showing off to the ladies and every possible way, vocally and physically, maybe every quoting a bit of famous writing? « Your name is like a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name… » He'll chase greens and golds as well, since he's a strong fellow. He'll be a strong leader in a Wing, loving his work and Z'alan even more.

Quiet and collected, your brown is a master of calm. He doesn't get riled by much of anything, and he's more than willing to just let things roll right off him. He doesn't like to get close to many, though he dearly loves Z'alan. That would be his number one love. While he doesn't interact much with others, his feelings with the ones he speaks to are intense, stronger than most dragons in power. He doesn't like to mince words, and he doesn't mind being blunt every now and then if he must, though he doesn't do it to be mean. He's eager to please most of the time, especially Z'alan and he tries to prove how much he loves Zal by throwing his everything into his work. Work is something dead serious for Nheanth, and he'll tell the others if they're doing something wrong in /his/ job.

Zalansho's good nature called to Nheanth, since Zalansho was one of the few people who was not driven away by Nheanth's quiet personality. Seeking a partner who could understand him, one who was very sure of himself, Nheanth recognized that Zalansho was someone who he could support, and in turn be supported by. He also recognized that Zalansho was someone as unassuming as himself, willing to let things go as they may, which was a good match for Nheanth.


Chilled Tendrils of Ivory
Ivory is Nheanth's mind color, all the shades possible of cream and yellow is his signature, not filling your mind with tendrils of color in the lightest, airy touch, almost cold physcially. His voice is a deep, strong bass with a tough rumble to it, somewhat like James Earl Jones (think Mufasa from 'The Lion King') His personal scent is a light rain and sea breeze with an underlayment of sweet cream that touches all his thoughts to you or any others.
It's not a scent not known to man, it's something that is unique to Nheanth alone.
Mentally, Nheanth is amazingly quiet. He likes to let the others do what they need to, and he doesn't like to get involved. He's not really a loner, because he does interact with the other dragons, he just doesn't ever get too close to them. He adores Z'alan, since you're his partner, the one he waited so long for and to him, you're all he really needs to be happy. Nheanth doesn't like to fight with the others, he normally lets things roll right off his back, but he's not a peacemaker either. He's honest, even if he has to be blunt about things. He likes to get what needs to be done, done, without any fooling around.


Egg — Desced by Qyh, based on 'Misty Sea' by Emil Carlsen.
Dragonet — Desced by Lecil. Dragonet written by Qyh and Lecil. Themed on _Did We Not Choose Each Other_ by Sophie B Hawkins.
Name — Submitted by Qyh. Nheanth, from 'Nhean' is cambodian for 'self knowledge'. It can be prounounced as one syllabyl ('nheenth') or as two ('nhee-anth). It was chosen because it seemed to suit your dragon's personality.

Lyrics to the song:

Did We Not Choose Each Other

By Sophie B Hawkins

I'm a wounded soldier on a downtown train to your place
You've launched a secret heart with your face
You don't always say what I want to hear but you move me
Across the rooftops and into the deep blue sea

Did we not choose each other
Are we just heroes for a day
This time I will stand by you
And mine is the heart I will save

I drew a hard line but I just can't see it
Your colors are bleeding all over my bullshit
I wanna be your star but I gotta learn to feel myself
I want your love and I need your help

Did we not choose each other
Are we just heroes for a day
This time I will stand by you
And mine is the heart I will save

Can we not judge each other
I'd rather wipe your tears away
I can follow my heart til the end
But I just can't choose the way

Just because we live like dolphins together
So many reasons to break the wave
We can swim from street lamp to street lamp whatever
We can be kissing in the rain

Can we not judge each other
I'd rather wipe your tears away
I can follow my heart til the end
But I just can't choose the way

Listen baby listen baby
Don't you do me wrong
I can make my bed
You can sing your song
Ain't nobody else gonna make you shine
If it's truth you seek
Then darling
Love you'll find
I don't wanna I don't wanna
Take your pain away
It isn't yours to give
It isn't mine to save
Here's my heart
Here's my hand
Here's my soul
Take it in
Take it apart
Take it easy
Let it go


Name Break the Wave Brown Nheanth
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Valenth
Created By Qyh, Lecil
Impressee Zalansho
Hatched January 26, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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