Depths of the Loch Wave-Washed Blue Nesyth

Reflecting the depths of a landlocked lake, waves of steely teal wash over this lean blue's frame, giving the impression of rippled motion even when he is still. Forming a highly aerodynamic line from the arrow-like wedge of his narrow muzzle on through the curved sweep of each wing and the sinuous line of his long tail, it's clear that this fellow is made for sailing Pern's skies with agility and grace.

Egg Name and Description

Brass Bound Egg

The rich brown of old leather wraps this egg from its steady base on through its broad tip. Barely sloping, its sides tend more to roundness than the typical oval curve of most and it seems very solidly settled in its hollow of sand. A line of bronzed dots studs its way around the egg's crown, just above a shadowed dark line that presents the optical illusion of a crack, where none yet flaws that smooth leathery surface. Overlapping this line, lyric curving shapes touched with the sheen of aged brass curl downward, like the clasps of an old trunk, holding fast whatever treasure lies within.

Hatching Message

The rich brown binding of the Brass Bound Egg begins to shift, slowly creaking and crackling as it resettles upon the shelf of Sand on which it sits, slowly resettling.

The binding of the Brass Bound Egg begins to crack and give, dried out by the heat of the Sands, the brass clasps seeming to peel away from the leathery surface, cracks slowly spreading.

Brass Bound Egg has been touched and appreciated throughout its tenure on the Sands, and while its end is certainly drawing near, it was well appreciated upon its shelf. The story, however, is only beginning for the blue that's left, the binding undone and the pages open for all to see.

Impression Message

The Depths of the Loch Wave Clutch Hatchling lets out a loud cry of discontent now free from his egg. Wings ruffle before he's turning a gaze to all the candidates present on the sand. One catches his attention easily enough and he's moving to a group of girls and settling at the feet of one, Nyela. "Neysth? Oh! Yes, I imagine you're hungry.." A quick look around and she's gesturing towards the Weyrling Master and then the pair take off in that direction.


Keenly curious, this hatchling's mind is never content to rest on its laurels but pursues every last interesting clue to its logical conclusion. Unafraid of the dark or creepy sounds out there in the mists of others' minds, this brave little soul is ever undaunted by villainy or corruption. There is right and wrong in the world and this little one seeks to understand what is and what isn't in order to form its own strong moral code.

Intrepid Sleuthing Thoughts reach for yours the moment they feel your touch. Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from? What are you doing there? Questions and more questions as they try to figure out the puzzle of you.

Intrepid Sleuthing Thoughts curl more closely into the nooks and crannies of your mind. Here a thought is illuminated, turned this way and that to increase understanding. Why did you do this? Why does this memory mean so much to you? How has it made you who you are right now?

Intrepid Sleuthing Thoughts start to retreat, drawing away the light of understanding, pulling back into shadows of reflection and musing. Sometimes, the clues need to be slept on before the provide the answers to the mystery.


The theme this cycle was Children's Mysteries, and this egg was based on The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk - Nancy Drew by Edward Stratemeyer.


Name Neysth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By D'son
Impressee Nyela (NPC)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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