The Moral of the Story Brown Neroth

Golden brown clearly describes the basic colors of this dragon, from the tip of his nose down to the tip of his forked tail, this color dominates with a fierce presence, but the dullness of this color makes one aware that he is not a bronze in disguise. Mode beige is the secondary color of this large fellow, twisting down his regal headknobs and along his spine in intricate patterns similar to cursive handwriting that continue along the joints of his wingsails. These wingsails are near translucent in color, giving the appearance of being able to see through them while closer inspection gives the faint impression of a featherlike pattern decorated neatly down each section that perfectly form into the shape of his wings. His presence is not one to be missed, large wings that can easily encompass anyone while his frame, even at his young age, is quite large.

Egg Name and Description

Faded But Not Forgotten Egg
What was once pure white has now grown old to a duller sort of tan, unkempt from the harms that may inflict it such as the elements or human's themselves. Deep brown splotches are upon the egg, much how one could spill klah upon their pants and see the stain. Softer brown rings give indication that the rain has had its way as well, not too gentle to this worn treasure. Above all this is blurs of black, intricate designs which would likely form words to those who know this careful design and pattern. But alas, a few are blurred and smudged and make it almost impossible to read if such a task were required.

Hatching Message

The Faded But Not Forgotten Egg does not appear to move at all, except for a single twitch… But that was hardly there. Not really a movement at all, actually.

The Faded But Not Forgotten Egg shivers in anticipation, this time. And slowly, thin lines begin forming around the surface of the shell as if the egg can no longer contain the being inside.

The Faded But Not Forgotten Egg slowly, but surely begins to break. Each little crack grows larger until there is but a speck of freedom for the hatchling inside, one finger from the wing pokes through before the rest of the wing follows and bursts the egg open. It is free!

Impression Message

Suddenly, the sands quiet. You hear nothing and eventually, even your vision fails you for but a moment before a gentle breeze fills your mind and encompasses you completely. In your mind's eye you are able to see all that you could not before, and a figure moves before you to meet your eyes. « Rio. » It is a simple greeting as the sound of gentle wingbeats also fill your ears before you can feel yourself wrapped in his protection. « I am Neroth. Do you understand the reasons of why you are here now? But, I believe we have more important matters first… » You feel a hunger grow, from you and the mind now attached to yours and when your vision returns, you see the brown dragon before you, wings around you.


From that first moment of Impression, R'io, Neroth greeted you with a question and this will likely be a constant throughout all of your life together. He is constantly asking you « What have we learned today? What are the reasons behind these things? Why do we do these things? » Though, the questions may vary from situation to situation, this will be a constant in your life. He is that guiding figure that will question you beyond the lesson so that you know why this lesson was learned, throughout Weyrlinghood and throughout your life as mistakes are made. He will try to guide you down the path that /he/ sees is right, but he will not push you and will allow you to explore on your own. If you ask him, he will simply tell you how he sees it. « What if we skipped today? »

« I do not think that is wise, R'io. But, what would be the consequences if we do? What are the benefits that would come from this? » And should you decide to go through with any of your decisions, he will follow along as the ever willing companion and body guard who will keep you safe from whatever dangers that may follow. Though, it's highly unlikely that you /will/ encounter something dangerous, he will always be on a watchful lookout because he feels that you must explore and experience and he wants to be there alongside you the whole way through. He is like your best friend, your father-figure and your guardian angel all in one. He will not let any danger come your way, for you are his and he is yours. Your protector, your friend, your everything.

Because Neroth is ever inquisitive, he will always be paying close attention to any of your Weyrling Classes, even if you aren't paying attention yourself. After the lesson is over, again, he will go over those questions that he normally asks you to make sure that you learn and remember these things because he, himself, will come to forget these things over time. Such is the life of a dragon.

Neroth will never become the graceful sky flier because of his big size, but he will indeed have stamina. Flying will be one of his most favorite things when the time comes for that, it will be the way he clears his mind and allows himself to think freely. « I should fly today, there is much to think about, Rio. Come, we shall think. » And away you will go, and he will fly until he is too tired to fly anymore. Swimming, will also be a thing that fascinates him, more so than flying. This is where he will spend a lot of his time, in the water and enjoying the sights to see beneath the surface. « R'io, we should swim out to the ocean as far as we can and see what lies beneath the water there. Perhaps we will find a dolphin to speak with. » Dolphins will be some of his favorite companions when he is able to find some to speak with.

Flights will be something that you often frequent as Neroth's inquisitive nature strikes again, he will be chasing the ladies simply for the experience and the thrill of the chase. Because of the nature of dragon's memories, he will not remember the last time he caught unless it was within sevendays. He will have a constant wanting to understand, so any green or gold that rises: he will chase. You, Rio, can help tone this down by reminding him of the last time and all the feelings that were involved.

Should he ever become a Clutch Sire, he will be ever protective of the eggs and refuse to leave the Sands unless his mate declares she is in need of something. Even if she does not want him on the sands, he will linger nearby and keep anyone who is not you or her rider on the sands… Unless you happen to be sharing, then he will make sure everyone keeps to their side and away from his unhatched children.

Why you, R'io? Because he knew from the moment he hatched that you were his, his to protect and his to love. His to be friends will and everything that you needed from another being. You drew him to you with the unfulfilled needs and desires that you, yourself, did not even know you wanted or needed at the time. He is, everything that you might ever need because he will be there for you, through everything you do.


On Silken Wings
Neroth's voice is a gentle tenor that fills your mind with gentle breezes that surround your mind in a protective way. He is a voice every surrounded by gentle wingbeats in the background to go along with those gentle breezes that ever remind you of his presence, even if he is not speaking, the gentle breeze resides in your mind. While one might expect to hear a soft and feminine voice considering the nature of the breeze and wingbeats, his words are often sure and firm that give no illusion of being a woman. He is the voice of reason, always sure and calm. And even with others, he may be that voice that either persuades or dissuades from whatever trail they may be facing. The only time where these winds of his will shift from a gentle breeze to a harsh gale and his voice changes from calm to angry is when he feels that you, his rider, have been wronged in some manner and he will take it upon himself to use this harshness for your protection.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Xanadu, R'io. We're happy to have you with us! First and foremost: Neroth is yours and you are quite welcome to play him as you see him, the RP tips are just a general guideline to follow.

Our theme was loosely the past and future.

Egg: Neroth's egg is based off of old literature, almost faded and forgotten with time. As the books grew older, people often forgot about them and therefore didn't care for them or mend them. But, the stories they held were not entirely forgotten. Faded but not forgotten.

Mind: You had asked for wings/feathers in your mindvoice and I decided to incorporate other elements into his mind. The wind, it can be gentle like a spring breeze that gently blows through your hair and occasionally brings that smile to your face… Or it can be harsh like a tornado, threatening life and those around it with it's harshness. Along with this, I incorporated wingbeats to signify that guardian angel aspect.

Dragon: Neroth's name derives from the word: water in Greek. You had mentioned a love for the ocean, while I could not find any words for ocean that I was fond of, I began looking for the word water since water is indeed, in the ocean. I stumbled upon quite a few words and eventually settled with nero (water). It's simplistic in nature but I felt it would match perfectly. :) While Neroth has no particular inspiration for his being, it's a general: what is the moral of the story? He is loosely based around the morals of present day fairy tales with some of the aspects that you were looking for in a dragon. :)

- Zevida


Name Brown Neroth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Zevida
Impressee R'io (Rio)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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