Defender of the Fields Green Nemiath

Drab olive and dark forest green vie for dominance over the hide of this stocky dragon, providing her with her own personal camouflage that would fit in any jungle. A hood of heather coats her headknobs, the colour seeping down her neck like a cloak before cresting sturdy wingspars and dappling their sails. Haunches are thick, no colouring able to hide the power that lies there, and her feet are tipped with steely talons almost menacing in appearance. A faint line of bright mint encircles her tail, darkening as it runs along the rapier-like length and turning the spaded tip almost black.

Egg Name and Description


Tri Triangle Egg
A vision of splendor and power is wrapped around the middle of this egg. Three golden triangles snuggle the belly of this egg. The first triangle is hovering near the top, while the other two triangles rest just underneath, their tops touching the edges, just enough so that all three triangles are touching. It almost as if the triangles themselves are glowing on the egg's surface.

Hatching Message

Tri Triangle Egg shivers a little its spot, seeming impatient as it sways back and forth to some unknown rhythm. Then, abruptly, it ceases and all activity stops. It didn't move, really!

Tri Triangle Egg suddenly shudders violently as spinnerweb cracks start to spiral down its surface, separating the three triangles and causing them to drift apart.

Tri Triangle Egg gives a little wiggle, and suddenly there's nothing more but shards left to the sand and a gooey green dragon is left blinking in its wake. Hello world!

Impression Message

The sands slowly fade out before you, and you find yourself drifting. It almost seems an eternity before you slowly float into a meadow filled with flowers and heather, a giant castle can be seen in the distance. « Harley. » A voice calls to you, bringing you back to the sands, greeted with whirling green eyes. « It is you, Harley. You are mine, our quest for food begins. Find a way to satiate your Nemiath! »


Ever since she cracked shell, Nemiath has always known what she wanted. There was only one person ever for her. You. You and she were destined to be, and from this day forth, you will never be far from your Nemiath. However, being bonded with Nemiath won't come without trials. For she is curious, always questioning this and that. « Mine, why is it that I will never be as big as the others, how come I am so small? » a million questions will filter through her mind. And even as she gets older, she will always question things. However, she knows when to stop asking questions and when to listen. She's not quite afraid to get out there and do things. And you will quickly discover this through weyrlinghood. Something will come up and she will just /have/ to see it. « Harley, stop reading, we must go investigate outside. It is of major importance. I must see to something. » And she will go drag you on some adventure, and she will not stop until she finds what she is looking for.

Nemiath is also bold and daring, she speaks easily with just about any dragon, never faltering when she's in front of a gold. She easily keeps her cool, and even befriends a few rather easily. She's always on the go, whether it's going on some wild adventure, or even if it's something as mundane as washing. She has a hard time sitting still, if even for a second. She's always a fluid of motion, never stopping, never slowing. She is sure to give you a hard time when oiling and washing is needed. She also feels that you must speak with everyone, even if you've never met them before. She feels that everyone is of importance in some major quest and you and she are the center of it. Whether it's obtaining a old run-down artifact, or finding a old lost shoe, she feels everything has a purpose to some grand scheme of things. You'll soon find that you have an odd collection of things that the two of you find along your quests.

When Nemiath gets older, she's going to find those things called males. And she'll take to the sky in an explosion of energy. It is here that she is in her element. And even though she's not as agile as some greens due to her stocky build, she's very strong. She's sure to test any male that follows her, putting them through their paces, as only a great warrior will be able to claim her. But even then, all quests must come to an end and she will eventually be caught, but it'll be a rare occasion if the male ever manages to catch her a second time. If you ever happen to come upon someone you like yourself, she will be sure to question him or her until she is absolutely satisfied that they are the right one for you. For nothing is greater than you. You are her world, you are her center, you are her reason for living. Life is one great quest, and it is just beginning. So welcome to chapter one in your life with Nemiath.


Golden Tendrils of Courage
Golds and blues are her favorite colors, occasionally laced with mint greens. She loves to use pictures when she talks, and her voice smells mostly of grass and fresh air, with a hint of flowers. She has a rather melodic voice, and you can almost faintly hear a quiet flute interlaced with her words.



For this cycle we decided to base our eggs off of video games. The first thing I thought of was of course, Zelda. Tri Triangle Egg is, of course, based off of the Triforce from Zelda. But your Nemiath is based majorly off of Link and what you asked for in a dragon. I wanted to tie in the two together. Nemiath's name is based off of a name that Niva shot off of me, and I changed around the letters for Nemiath. Its based on Nemhain, who was an aspect of the Irish goddess Morrigan, who was a goddess of war. While Nemiath isn't warlike, there is a sense of battle to her. Anyway. I hope you enjoy your lifemate as much as I enjoyed writing her :).


Name Defender of the Fields Green Nemiath
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By I'ven
Impressee Harleanne
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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