A brilliant study in contrast, this dangerous little green is in turns subtle and danger-loud: dark and bright and not much in-between. Her every line screams DANGER, from powerful shoulders and haunces to the low set of her tapering wings. Inky cyan comprises the bulk of her tiny figure, fades only slightly around her belly into sooty teal just a shade brighter in the shadow of her lanky limbs. Soft impressions a shade or two darker than the tenebrous cyan form loose rosettes mostly visible on powerful shoulders and abdomen, fading down haunches and tail. The indistinct mottles might not make much of a difference in this green's hide, were it not for the ghostly celadon that settles in their centers. The eerie smudges of brighter green are even more indistinct than the rosettes, an unsettling haze hinting at brighter things to come. Similarly, pitchy, uneven stripes slash jaggedly down long neck and whiplike tail, only made obvious by the electric haze that loosely clings to their leewards edges. The inky stripes shadow an already-dark head even further, trail down long muzzle in increasingly intricate patterns of light and dark. The shadows can't quite hide the strange notch in her upper jaw near her electric-limned nares, or the way that her teeth protrude just a little here and there. With those long wings held against her sides, this green is a shadow with only the slightest pinpricks of light — but when those wings open up? That's the real show, the warning flashing radioactive-bright: neon green, etched through with jagged stripes of the same celadon that ghosts around her sharp-pointy little body. Here, it's anything but ghostly, bold slashes of color that add a positively alarming signal: DANGER, just in case you missed it, before.

Egg Name and Description

Kissed by the Wild Egg
This shell perfects oval form, round at the bottom and thinning towards the top in unparalleled symmetry. It's aesthetic to a fault, painted a glossy white so pure that it refracts sunlight, leaves behind the impression of a thousand glittering diamonds beneath a shell so very close to flawless that its a wonder this egg should ever — eventually — hatch at all. It's striations of rich brown made near the highest point, branching in either direction from a halo of filigree arrows in gold that marr its beauty, strikingly bold in its interruption of what might have otherwise been a perfect specimen.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Kissed by the Wild Egg hasn't moved. An almost preternatural stillness becomes it — where the others rattle and snap, it sits unmoved, unmoving. Biding its time. It can wait.

Crack Message
Kissed by the Wild Egg isn't easy to contain: the evidence would be easily visible, were anybody brave enough to be close to it. Tiny, tiny spider-webs of cracked shell radiate from the top. It still hasn't moved, to the naked eye, but bit by bit the shell gives way to the will of whatever works its way out.

Hatch Message
Kissed by the Wild Egg doesn't explode or break in half dramatically. One minute, there's an egg that looks more or less intact, and the next it's…gone? Tiny fragments of shell glitter like diamonds on the sands, but the dragonet that belongs to it is betrayed only by the bits of diamond-shell clinging stubbornly to the long lines of her wings. She's not hiding, she's stalking already, eyes scanning the candidates without any sign of hatching-haze.

Sands Pose One
Bombastic Cut-throat Fantastic Green Hatchling doesn't need any time. She doesn't need a moment to think, to consider. She's waiting — still as anything, ignoring the concerned croon of her dam. A minute twitch of her tail is the only sign that she's noticed the attention. There's tension in every line of her: barely restrained energy, not quite entirely held back. Toes shift, learn movement, memorize the way the sand feels. Wings fan in tiny flicks, but that's it for movement. She won't be moved until she's ready.

Sands Pose Two
Bombastic Cut-throat Fantastic Green Hatchling doesn't move until she does. With grace not exactly fitting of her newly-hatched status, the little green sinks nearly down to her belly and slinks along the edge of the sands. She doesn't pause. She's got a destination in mind, does the green. The distance between her and her target is only a minor problem. Something to cross with slow intent, slow enough that even the fumble of her brand-new feet on the sands is concealable. White-robed figures flicker on one side, meaningless: but she doesn't even need to look at them, to know her destination, just move one foot after the other.

Impression Message

Public Message
Bombastic Cut-throat Fantastic Green Hatchling finds her target easily enough. After all, it's hardly a difficult game, finding one face in a neat group of them, all lined up and easy to run through. She doesn't. The temptation is there, red flaring to life as she snarls low in her throat at one who stands in her way — but they melt away, leap to the side to avoid her, leaving her girl standing not so far in front of her. Graceful neck arching to fix whirring eyes on the murky green ones of her own, the green twitches her head once, an acknowledgment. A greeting. A universal gesture of let's get out of here. She got what she wants, and now, it's time to get down to business.

Private Message
« What an ugly face, on that one. Why are you standing so close to it? It's going to rub off on you. » There's a voice, abruptly, sharply antiseptic one second — fading, slowly, to bright citrus as eyes lock onto yours and the sands melt away. One second, you're sweating, and the next, a still forest melds into view, all purple and gold, magenta and cobalt. It's gone in a flash, there only in the impression of coolness and something sharply resinous in the air, but Neifeth is still there. Eyes fixed on you, head jerking towards where her siblings have gone, the green rumbles softly. « Don't tell them my name. They don't need to know. Head up, Evi. Shoulders back. Look them in the eyes when you speak to them, you're not a coward. » Like a cool wind, the little dragon speaks, so very sure, so very unsentimental in this, the first moment of your life together. It breaks, though, after a beat of silence and a sigh of nearly acrid burnt-caramel warmth. « Look at you. You're a mess, my Evi. Your hair. That's alright. Even like this, you're head and shoulders above the rest of these wher-faces. Come on, let's go. » The surreal forest fades a little more, but doesn't leave: you're not alone, now, and you never will be again. Neifeth will make sure of that. Eat first, though, take over the world next.


On the sands, your green broke shell, and she didn't hesitate, did she? She didn't look around, didn't peruse her options, didn't need any of that. She knew what she wanted, and she went for it. That's Neifeth. If you knew nothing else about this dragon of yours, if you could only be told one thing about her, it would be that she goes for what she wants. And so, by extension, do you. You might not realize it at first, might be too blinded by baby dragon hunger or the wonder of Impression or the sheer amount of poop that a baby dragon can produce, but it won't take long to cotton onto.

Neifeth, after all, is not a particularly subtle creature. She's loud, she's proud, and she's not afraid to get in any face she needs to, to get her point across. Guess what that means for you. …yeah, it means that you, by extension shouldn't be afraid to get in any face you need to. She will make sure of it, this dragon of yours, whether you're ready for that or not. Bit by bit, stubborn resilience or no, she will make sure that you become the person she knows you can be. The person that she saw, the person she knew existed before you did, before anybody else in the world, and don't you sharding forget it.

Don't worry. She won't let you.

"Is this where we all sing Kumbaya?" - Madison Montgomery


It's going to be a long, long, long first few sevendays for you, kiddo. Your green has a penchant for sticking her foot in her mouth, which will not only be easier because they're going to grow just. So very badly, compared to the rest of her. But also because she's just so very unafraid to speak her mind. If she thinks that Teimyrth is being rude, she's going to say it. If she thinks that Auriceth needs to buck up and quit tagging along like a puppy after any of their siblings, she's going to say it. If she thinks Weyrlingmaster C'con needs to change up their hair color, or dress more like a Wingleader ought to, then by Faranth, she is. Going. To. Say. It. There's just no stopping her in these first days, no filter, and no, she doesn't see why she ought to be filtering what she's saying. Shouldn't people know how she feels? Isn't that important? Why shouldn't she just say what she means, isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Arguing with her won't go well. She's not obtuse (except that sometimes she really, really is), but Neifeth is stubborn as a wherry, and twice as sharp. The first sticking point will be with her name. You may call her Neifeth. In private. Absolute privacy. Otherwise, she'd really rather you went with Neith, or, even better, Nei, which is a much more casual name, one she doesn't mind the others calling her by. Why, after all, should they have the right to call her by her proper name? It's not like they've done anything to deserve that. Anyways, it's fun, having a secret, isn't it? It's like a game, except she only knows she's winning because nobody else knows that she's not telling the truth about her name. Which obviously makes it an even better game, now doesn't it.

« Not all games have to be fair, Evi. Remember that. No, really. I won't remember that, so you need to. Do you need to write it down? »

Even after those hazy first days of Impression, life with Nei is going to be so different…or maybe not? After all, all babies keep you up at all hours of the day and night, right? This little green will be no different, really, in that regard. She is furiously planning your life, raking over your every move and critiquing you down to brass tacks, but look. It comes from a place of love. Neifeth knows you can be amazing, she knows that have that capability, and she'll be damned before she'll let you not live up to it. So you'll sleep, but you'll sleep when you're damn well steady on whatever foundation she's building for you on a particular day — and only then. Your green will sing you to sleep all you like, but only once you've done your homework.

"I'm a work in progress, okay! Maybe I have to get all of this bitch out of me before I can be the real me." - Chanel Oberlin

Threaded through the first few months will be hints of things to come, if you're paying attention, not-so-subtle hints at the bombastic nonsense that your green's going to be pulling your entire life together. Will she eat anything that's not killed in front of her, outside of those first few days where everything's a little hazy? Fat chance. It might be poisoned, or worse, ovine. She'll straight pitch histrionics if you try and make her, if you plead not wanting to kill nice animals or 'The Weyrlingmaster won't let me!'. You'll just be out in the middle of the night murdering poor animals while the Weyr sleeps, because Neifeth is very persuasive. Besides, no is really more of a suggestion, isn't it? Something that other little people have to listen to. And you really don't want to get this green riled up, even young: she can pull out the wildest tantrum out of seemingly nowhere, up to and including accusing everybody in her general vicinity of trying to kill her in her sleep.

« Why else would they be trying to feed me this slop, Evi! They want me dead! »
"Can dragons kill other dragons?"
« OBVIOUSLY. Are you not listening? »

It would be fair to say that Neifeth's relationship with her siblings might have been a little fraught, if not for the fact that she refuses to acknowledge their existence pretty regularly. Aside from the occasional accusation of trying to bring her spoiled food or putting VTOLs on her while she's sleeping (thank you, Glorioth, who absolutely did do that), this green is laser-focused on you. Building you back up from your foundations is a monumental task, and frankly, she doesn't have the time to put much energy into tormenting her clutchmates. Thank Faranth.


In the earlier days, it will be Koth who gets under Nei's eternally-itchy hide, when she deigns to orbit something that's not you and you alone. Her fellow green will ruffle all of this one's proverbial feathers, needle her, swish when she should swoosh, and tomahto when she should tomayto. They're too alike — too headstrong, too sure of themselves and their place in the world, to get along immediately. One day, maybe, maybe they will be thick as thieves…but at first, you can expect a lot of headbutting and maybe-literal wrassling for schoolyard dominance. Auricyth won't be much better: his bubbly, utter lack of concern for her cutting wit will drive. Neifeth. Insane. If she can't get a rise out of him, like she can out of Glorioth, what's the point of it all? The point of him as a whole creature? At least she and Kihatsuth are occasionally on the same wavelength, when they're not plotting the other's theoretical demise.

« I would roast you, but my mom said I'm not allowed to burn trash. »
« What! »

Neifeth knows full and damn well that she whines more than is necessary, but obviously it's not whining when it's a legitimate problem. Like the temperature of the barracks. The temperature of her food. The fact that Wyrcaelith snores like a wher with a headcold for hours and hours and hours every night. Maybe her peers — in youth and in wing life, down the road, bless you — will learn to live with the whining, or maybe, maybe they'll get it right. Maybe they'll give in to her demands, which was really the goal all along, duh.


She won't be much better with other dragons not inside the circle of those shoved together by unfortunate proximity in-utero than she is with her clutchmates, see. This green is unapologetic in her regard for you, and unrelenting in her search for better opportunities for you. Do you want to shadow the Wingleader of Galaxy? She'll hound them to between and back, relentless, in spite of her own very strongly negative feelings about messing her claws up with fire or mud or whatever awful things happen in Galaxy. Did Ostarath imply that you were too meek? She'll do her level best to pry a sincere apology out of the older green, or she'll die trying. To say that Neifeth doesn't play super well with others is something of an understatement, but that doesn't bother her. She has you, and that's all she needs.

After all, you're going to do great things together, you and your green. Whatever you want. Neifeth is an ambitious sort, always looking to insert herself into a position of power, even if she might not necessarily make a good leader. She'll make sure that you will, some day, and that'll be enough. Nei knows her shortcomings. She knows that she's got a hot temper and that good leaders care about those they're ordering around — she just doesn't. She doesn't care. Not about any unfortunate underlings, and not about the fact that she ought to care, either. That said, she actually does have a good business acumen, a strong sense of when deals are good and when they're not. She also is about as ruthless as they come, with a dragon's apathy to tomorrow's consequences. What do those matter, today? They don't. Anybody who says that they do is trying to sell you something.

"I offer the following heartfelt sentiment: YOU CAN ALL SUCK IT." - Chanel Oberlin

For all her own shortcomings, Evi, Neifeth believes in you more than anything else in the world. You are the one who hangs the stars, the one who makes sense of every ridiculous, stupid thing that she's unfortunate enough to have to endure. You alone can talk her down out of one of her hysterical fits about how close Glorioth came to killing her, when he landed wrong a little close to her. You alone can sway her when she waxes lyrical late at night, too caught up in her own head to sleep. There's a lot that goes on under this green's hide, and you're really the only one who will ever see it. You can prop her up: she trusts you, knows that you won't let her down, because you're Evi.

Even when her sire's ambition gets to her, even when she takes a step too big and immediately pays the price — mouths off at the wrong dragon, snaps off the head of somebody who she really shouldn't — Neifeth has faith in you. Whatever punishment your wingleaders put you to for her mouth, it's only going to improve you. While she complains loudly to whoever will listen while you run laps around the meadow, she also schemes, plots in the privacy of your innermost thoughts. Calculates the lengths to which she can push this wingsecond, that steward. You'll keep her secrets, keep her schemes to yourself.

"Well, I've always had the curse of being right and knowing more than everyone else. So I guess me knowing that I'm in Hell is ironic or something." - Madison Montgomery

In turn, Neifeth will be your confidant. She'll listen — actually listen! Without interrupting! — to your every woe, soothe your every cut with a tongue sharper than just about anybody else's. This green is not particularly good at maternal boo-booing, but she is good at pep talks, and she's firm in her foundational awe of you as a being. That you might ever doubt this is entirely unacceptable, an it will not stand. Neifeth won't allow it. If you have to do a synchronized chant over a made-up occult symbol, 'I am amazing. I can conquer the world. All will fear me.' (Don't listen to Neifeth when it comes to chants.), you'll do it. She'd really rather that you just accept her strong opinion of you, though, and move on with your life. It's better that way, isn't it? So much better when you don't have to work for it.

Make no mistake, though: your green will work for your sake, if she has to. She'll work herself to the bone, to exhaustion, if it means that you're improved. If it means the difference between feeling good about yourself and falling into a rut. Neifeth won't accept 'no', in this, won't let anything come between her and your wellbeing. It's best not to try: she's very stubborn.


She's stubborn, this green, and sometimes just plain strange. Nei is extremely dedicated to her own well-being, and also extremely quick to pull the trigger on accusations of ill intent. If somebody looks at her sideways, they might be plotting her immediate death, so you better be on your toes. Keep an eye on that one. Your dragon also has a somewhat intense, to put it mildly, desire to have the best accessories around. You'll have a hell of a time figuring out how to pay for both of your habits — your cloth and threads, needles and pins, and her fine leather, her fancy oils. Where most sources of dragon oil come from the sea and the life therein, she won't be having any of that. If you can't find a way to source delicately scented oils sourced from a variety of exotic fruit seeds and nuts, you're not going to have a very happy dragon. Nei expects the best. At least you won't have too much trouble sewing the fancy leather she expects for her straps, but you'll have to learn how to tool it. Which dyes work best on leather, work best with her hide.

This, at least, Nei will share with Inasyth. Her big, warm golden sibling is something of an enigma to this green, but this? This they share, the warm feelings towards nice accessories and looking like badasses. What's the point of any of it, after all, if it's not nice? You can't expect her to go out into public not looking and smelling her very best. Neifeth prefers lighter scents in her oils — despises the heavy scent of the barrels in the barracks — and she'll go to pretty extreme lengths to get it. Later in life, you'll find suppliers in Ierne no doubt, but those first few turns are going to be not so very fun. You'll probably have a hard time finding space for all of the sets of straps she demands, even once you move out into your own weyr. It'll need a whole second room just for those! After all, she needs sets for all weathers, all occasions, including on-duty and off-duty, formal and informal, and of course they all need to come in her preferred array of colors.

It doesn't help, space-wise, that this green has a somewhat irritating habit of liberating items from other people: she takes great pride in her ability to barter for the most ridiculous of things. And by barter, I absolutely do mean 'blackmail them for that shiny shell necklace after catching them doing something wrong', or 'graciously accepted that stuffed wherry as a token of fealty after forgiving Wyrcaelith for her snoring'. Obviously.


"I mean, why wait for some phony happily ever after, when you can have your piece now, I say." - Madison Montgomery

Neifeth is a dragon of contradictions: unapologetic ones, at that. She's got a pair of brass ones that she'll beat anybody who crosses her to death with. She's mean, and snotty, and she doesn't care if you know it. She's in turns wickedly smart and just plain senseless, too concerned by trivial things. She's also dedicated to how incredible you are, and warmer than she seems, if only to you alone.

It comes down to this: Neifeth has your back. Through whatever the world throws at you, through any level of torment real or imagined. Through Weyrlinghood, through the trials of growing up, through whatever path life takes you down. Whether you take over the world, or carve your own little niche and live comfortably in it. You'll never have to worry about being alone, or dealing with something by yourself, or even just not having somebody to talk to about something that's bothering you. For all her cutting snark and her loudness and her utter lack of proper charm, she's what you've got. You don't get to leave it, so take it, and make the badassest life you can. What, like it's hard? You can do that in your sleep, Neifeth knows it. She'll make sure of it, no matter what.

"That's my sister and she's no bitch. But I am." - Chanel Oberlin



With parents like hers, with her time spent on the sands in their noisy embrace, with everything in the world stacked against normalcy…is it fair to expect Neifeth to be normal, vocally? Vocal-adjacent, either, in the way of dragons, no matter which way you slice it, your dragon doesn't quite march to the beat of a nice, quiet drum. Erratic and changeable, moody and prone to about-faces in temper that could give you whiplash, this green is textbook mercurial: trying to pin Nei down by her mental presence alone is a fool's errand — for everybody but Evi.

Oh, do other dragons want to know who they're speaking with before the words come, by the mental presence alone? Too bad. Try figuring Nei out, when one day she's a meadow painted in all the wrong colors, and the next she's a still sea, colors amped up to ten and shuffled around in impressionistic swipes. Your green is often the faintest impression of a thing: the delicate scent of rose, or mint, or a slight haze of impossible colors all around you, whether in silence or full-tilt tantrum. The only constant, outside of the lack thereof, is that this green's mind is beautiful. The strange colors are gorgeous, jewel tones for trees and earth and anything below the sublime, utterly unrealistic shades for sky, incandescent clouds or flocks of impossible avians. Nothing is as it should be, nothing works like it should, yet she makes it work. Obviously.

This is how it works for those who Are Not You: bold colors, beautiful scenery. Joy brings tiny, flickering lights to dance around her words, coloring the warm mid-tone voice with impressions of softness and home-y scents she's not often given to outside of the two of you. Anger is sharp contrast and cutting words, wildly caustic. Whichever way you slice it, Nei puts on a show, a dazzling display, lovingly curates the most impressive mental space that she can as she speaks. She weaves a world you can get lost in, one you'd be loathe to leave. Turbulent emotions spell trouble, tangled branches and ominous tones so clear that you'd have to be dead to miss them, but nobody said that Neifeth was a subtle creature, now did they. She doesn't have much need for subtlety, when it would fly over every head around her, so Nei doesn't try.


Within the space between the two of you, though, Evi? Here, Neifeth shines. She saves the best for you and only you — the full brunt of the show. While others very rarely experience the softer side of this green, you have access any time, any place. Neifeth lingers in your mind like the impression of a forest in full spring splendor, if the forest were made of jewel tones meant for the richest tapestries. She's brilliant imagery, yes, but for you the full effect of sharp evergreen and pungent greenery goes all-in. The imagery remains the same, but Nei's a creature who associates more strongly with scent than you might think, than anybody but you knows. She seems to have an uncanny sense of your favorite scents, and in a surprising show of unity and collaboration, your green seems to favor your favorites. However, strong emotions bring out the stronger impressions, like shades of citrus for her power grabs. warm spice for cozier moments of introspection, sharp redwort for anything near jealousy. Even her quietest thoughts are a riot of sensation, color, sound, scent: but she knows you can handle it, Evi. She wouldn't have picked you, otherwise.


In her earliest days, life with Neifeth is going to be hellish in a lovely variety of ways. She will be in turns the most graceful and most clumsy of the class — depending largely on what part of her has grown that day. Baby dragons grow fast, and Nei will grow in leaps and bounds, awkward ballooning of knees and wings and tail. One day, her feet will outstrip the rest of her by a mile, the next she'll struggle to keep that ever-lengthening jaw off of the ground. The growth of her wings will be a particular pain, since this green doesn't particularly believe in physical labor. She has to stretch them? Tedious. Only when she's reminded of their use — of the fact that she can't hunt as effectively without flight — will she actually put some effort into it. Into figuring out how to make the best of a truly awkward youth. She'll manage it, though, with time.

Even in youth, when her limbs aren't straight working against her, this green is a creature of grace nearly unparalleled. She'll grow into a hunting machine, the thing that stalks in the night and strikes bone-chilling terror into anything smaller than she is on the hunt. Limbs more evenly proportioned than is usual give her a slinking gait closer to a stalk than the usual hop. Her paws will stay large, distribute weight evenly, dig into the ground for better leverage with claws that run so long and sharp that the fores have trouble retracting. She has a presence about her, this green, that suggests danger — sets the hairs on the back of your neck up, at the sight of her. For all her hysterics and feigned (…and not-so-feigned) foolishness, the distant, ancestral instincts in the back of mammalian brains scream that thing is going to kill me, confronted with those teeth, that slinking gait.

All this will lead to more sneaking out to hunt, earlier than you're allowed, than is maybe healthy. This green has the feel for it, though. One of her earliest revelations, confronted with small animals, is that she wants to eat that. It won't take long before you're out letting her chase the smaller porcines that won't tusk her up too much, or the caprine kids. She'll never struggle with the hunt, like some might. She doesn't mind getting dirty, seems to almost relish in the gore of it all actually, in a pretty unsettling kind of way. Neifeth doesn't make any excuses for herself, though.. After all, she's built for this. She's got a goshawks broad, long wings, perfect for deft flight and an incredible turn radius. They look a little strange on her slight figure, ramble a little far from the slinky length of her, but Nei wears them well. Her longer forelimbs really up the ante — they might not help much in longer flights, might tire her out quicker than she otherwise would be, but they sure do help in hunts. This green will excel in a variety of them. There's not a creature that she can't take down, not even the biggest bull, and she knows it. The confidence in her gait, the swagger, isn't just hubris. She's got the skills to back it up.



"Did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt?" - Chanel Oberlin

Ah, Evi. You definitely wanted your dragon to inherit Ilyscaeth's intensity around her proddiness, didn't you?

Sure you did.

A green's warning for her flight varies, but you got the tamer end as far as warning goes: you get a solid sevenday's warning before Neifeth goes up. Ilyscaeth's no-holds-barred habits have been inherited down to this little green, and boy, does she show them off. Before she's even proddy, Nei snaps and snarls — for nearly a full sevenday before she's proddy, Neifeth is nigh on insufferable. Thankfully, she tends to become more introverted in this span also, avoiding contact with others except for you: which means that you, too, will likely be ferreted away for that sevenday. The inability to put up with any sort of chicanery gets worse as she heads towards that day of proddiness. She'll lay her suitors out with her words, not pull back any punches to anything and everything that strikes her as wrong as them. The color of their hide, how close they are to her, the proportion of their toes. Nothing is off-limits, and everything goes, in Nei-land.

She can be charming, though. Oh, she can. She can flirt and wheedle her way into anything she wants, and when the proddiness finally hits, that final day, she will she have the patience to spin that web. To manipulate, careful, so careful, her prey. Wind them up, get them so wrapped around her talons that they can't not follow wherever she goes.

In the end, though? Neifeth's not the kindest dragon in the world. Her flights will be short and brutal, and she'll claw her way out of the limbs of more than one dragon in her lifetime. You'll play hell trying to keep her from wolfing down her food rather than blooding, too, and for days before and after your dragon's appetite for gory meals will be pretty extreme. She'll never be a dainty eater, Nei, but I hope you like scrubbing livers out of all sorts of unreachable dragon places!


HI EVI. We hope so much that you enjoyed Candidacy as much as we enjoyed having you! And that you love Nei as much as we do, because she is a total joy. AND BY JOY I MEAN TERROR BUT THAT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. <3 <3

Egg: Kissed by the Wild Egg: Our theme for this clutch was the moon, in all of its ethereal, otherworldly beauty. There are a lot of stories, and myths, and legends that revolve around the moon, after all, so why not dabble in all of it? Your egg, Kissed by the Wild Egg, was written by Risali! This particular little ovoid was based on Artemis, with Risa pulling a lot of influence from the song, "Artemis" by Lindsey Stirling for the imagery (you can watch that here: All the rest, of course, came from the legends of her being a great huntress — with undertones of you being your very own worst enemy.

Description: I was sorely tempted by your idea of a melanistic jaguar kind of deal for Nei, so I kind of mixed the two ideas. I hope you don't mind! You've got the DANGER BRIGHT, and you've got the definite hunter vibes, and the colors from the chameleon picture — kind of teal-y, maybe cyan, if it weren't so dark.

Personality: As requested: here we have a terrible amalgamation of Chanel Oberlin, Madison Montgomery, and elements of the fae/faewild. Godspeed. I have a feeling you're going to need it, Evi, but it is what you asked for!

I was doing my research on Madison when I ran across a quote that amused me, and kind of set the tone for a lot of Neifeth: "One of the best things about Madison is the contradictions that exist within her: she's utterly clueless, but also acutely self-aware." That struck a chord with me, so, there's a good undercurrent of that sort of…absolutely unwarranted confidence, I guess, in a lot of this dragon of yours.

Name: Neifeth (NEE-feh-th) is a combination of "Chanel" and "Aoife/Aífe": the former being part of her inspiration, and the latter being a name that means "beauty" or "radiance,'' which I think that Nei would appreciate. Most of the fae names that I could find seemed like they were either blatantly or vaguely of Celtic kind of origin, so, that's where I went a-looking for names.

Nei's reticence to use her actual name — her insistence that her name is Neith — is inspired by the fae's secretive nature towards their true name. It's also even SHORTER and easier than Neifeth! :) However, I totally understand if this isn't something you want to play: that, or any other part of this dragon of yours! She is yours, yours to play exactly how you want to! <3 <3 <3


Name Neifeth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Citayla
Impressee Evi
Hatched November 1st, 2019
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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