A sludgy brown, his hide appears to be a rather patchy and uneven miasma of every shade of brown known to man.

Egg Name and Description

Colorful Bodies of Matter Egg

Darkness, so deep and endless that it just draws in all light, a void of vacuum that rivals Between. However, there does seem to be a single point of reddish light at the apex of the egg. It expands away from the darkness and illuminates and brings attention to several round orbs that are visible on the opposite side, away from the dark. Swirls of colors bring life to the surface. Faded oranges and bright reds coalesce together in one large round mass. A smaller orb sits distantly from the large orange one and is shaded in pale pinks and purples that are shadowed by cobalt blue. A bluish-green swirled mass is surrounded by icy green rings set in an angle. A scattering of white specks seem to almost flicker in the distance.

Hatching Message

Celestial Bodies of Matter Egg slumps to one side, a massive crack splitting it almost neatly along the equator. A few moments of vigorous motion inside, and a brown hatchling frees himself into the world.

The brownling could only be described as 'sludgy', as he somehow manages to get more sand caked on him than egg fluids off of him as he marches his way across the sands in search of his lifemate. Here and there, underneath the newly made mud, his hide appears to be a rather patchy and uneven miasma of every shade of brown known to man.

Impression Message

One Candidate in particular, holding his unaccountably white and well pressed robe well out of the way, tries hard to NOT get the attention of the ungainly brown hatchling. Too late. One lunge later, and that perfect robe is shredded to bits, the candidate's a little scratched up, and he's arguing softly, "No, Ndoyeth! It's Geigryn! Not Gr'eg! GEI-GRYN…" No doubt, he'll lose the argument before they get food into his new lifemate.

Mind Touches

Distant Voices in the Dark softly touch across your mind - soft vibrations of sound and light that spread outwards from a single point of light. Faint warmth spreads across the surface of the shell, as well as a faint electrical tingling. There is a gentle probing as something stirs deep within, some entity that has been deeply asleep now seeking to see who has ventured forth to disturb its slumber. Why have you come? Why here? Why now? Light begins to grow, showing a dark cavern. Then there are glowing flashes of crimson are tinted with molten oranges that flow like thick lava that flow through the cavern and along your mind. Illuminating not just the thick crust of the cavern, but your mind as well, seeking out the answers that it wishes to find.

Distant Voices in the Dark seem to fade a moment - the glow dimming into just the faintest of light, only one small pool of molten lava seems to glow. Something it finds causes it to shake and then there is a sudden flare as flames leap forth when a hole in the crust appears. What is this memory? What is this anger that lies buried so deep. Do you know how it smolders? There is a sudden hissing as water pours through the hole, engulfing the lava and dropping you into darkness.

Distant Voices in the Dark drift back again, a faint glow as it lightly caresses across your mind, almost apologetic. There is a soothing quality as it gradually lights the distant corners of your mind once more. At some humorous memory the light grows, enveloping it as it comes at from all corners. It’s curious and it seems to nudge at the memory. As if trying to figure out what makes this particular moment more amusing than another. There’s a light breath of air that drifts across like a sigh and the light fades back away from the memory, taking with it bits and pieces of the emotion inspired by it.






Egg: Planets


Name Ndoyeth
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By Keziah (egg)
Impressee Gr'eg
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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