Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Nasrinth

Smooth, glimmering russet caresses over muzzle, lightening into a light copper as it flows across this dragon's triangular head and head knobs. Short and straight head knobs bubble into gold as copper flows, spilling about the edges in chaos before descending down a sinuous neck. Each russet ridge foams gold around its base, little hiccups of rocky color in a copper waterfall, which ends in a clash of gilded bronze and russet against gold shoulders. That same bronze color solidifies over his ridges and wing spars as it reaches up from shoulder blades, curling into paler colors over translucent membranes in the formations of clouds. Where membrane meets spine, condensed bronze seeps to antique, raining down on golden hips and coppery ridges in splattering droplets that seep into the surrounding color. As the blending of antique bronze with copper and gold descends down his muscular legs, muddy banks of burgundy form, thickening on his feet in stark contrast to his lighter belly. A willowy tail follows similar suit, burgundy raindrops engulfing lighter streams of gold and muddying half way down, leaving his spade a dark ruddy brown.

Egg Name and Description


Smoke and Mirrors Egg

Deep curling gray encompasses this egg, twirling around in a long forgotten dance across the shell and over the top. Along the bottom, glimmers of a pale golden-tan seep through, almost as if one could see the sand itself through the shell; rotund bottom sitting heavily in it's mound as it ascends into colors of turquoise and royal blue. The colors speckle along the gray in smaller dots, giving off an impression of holding their own sort of sheen, like gems hidden in soot filled floors. White intermingles across the mid-section, flowing out in swaying clouds, almost as if wings set against a storm. As the twist and twirl of gray tips to the top, a sudden whorl of darker gray bedecks the surface, much like the formation of a tornado. The twirl ends in a black spot right at the middle of the gray, giving the illusion of an eye staring outwards from the shell.

Mind Touches:

Thief in the Darkness stirs in the night filled mind, peering from the depths of an unknown hiding place. Whispered sounds float through your mind, like a conversation in another room, loud enough to be heard and yet soft enough to not make out distinct words. Colors of soothing gray and white suddenly explode in your mind, pilfering things that seem to be there, sorting through information that at one time might've been lost. Suddenly, the voices stop, and the smoke retracts to it's hiding place— an unheard inquiry is heard from the voices, but it's nothing you can make out. A tendril of the smoke comes from the hiding place, much like an arm, and softly soothes over your mind, before retracting entirely and leaving nothing but darkness.

Thief in the Darkness hides in it's shadows, curling in the deep abyss in thought. A question comes forth, but the sound is muted to the point that you can't hear it, almost as if cotton has suddenly been stuffed in your ears. A quiet 'shhh' comes from that sound and the twirl of smoke tendrils come over to you, almost sneaking towards you, before presenting colors of of light. It shows memories from previous things— either other minds that have touched it before, or maybe things that it has developed, itself. Each memory glimmers like a gem, and flashes of them pass through your mind, songs of an ancient time and place which are not distinguishable. Then following these, other emotions follow— Love, sadness, loss, adventure… The inquiry comes again, and it seemingly asks if you know these, these feelings that seem to elude it. Will it possibly know love? Adventure? A sudden yearning explodes from the grey, covering all other aspects of feeling. Will you show it this, these things that it may never know? For all it knows is dark, and shadows… Loneliness and sadness at the loss of never experiencing these things…

Thief in the Darkness feels your lingering touch and suddenly bursts away, keeping just in your mind's eye view as it skitters into the recesses of darkness. Do you see it? That glimpse of gray fog? It sprints away again, almost in a playful manner in doing so. Then suddenly, it stops. Subtly poking on your thoughts, it wonders what it's like to you, to be free? Maybe one day it would know, but for now, your mind is it's freedom, and it makes a mess of this. Turning back to you, it wraps your mind in the thick blanket of swirling, twisting smoke, scrutinizing more memories as it does so. Millions of whispered questions filter through your mind, but none of them are distinguishable from the next… Much to the smoke's disappointment. It suddenly gives you something close to a tender mental hug, before releasing you back into the darkness. An ebb of smoke stays there, almost in yearning… Praying that maybe, you won't forget them? Before an emotional sleepiness settles, and the smoke ebbs away entirely.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message:

Smoke and Mirrors Egg shifts in it's wallow— or did it? It's apex tilted a little to the right, instead of straight up… the only sign that it might've moved.

Crack Message:

Suddenly, Smoke and Mirrors Egg shivers violently, causing a split to form a long the top and half way to the middle of the shell. After a few minutes, the shivering stops again, and the egg quiets. It's not moving, nooo…

Hatch Message:

Another good rock from Smoke and Mirrors Egg causes it to topple over and split completely in half. Both sides of the shell give in to gravity and dump it's occupant, goo and all, onto the sands. Subtle, ain't it?

During Hatching Poses:

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling croons yearningly from his spot on the sands, splayed with limbs in all directions at the sudden deposit of his form. On leg, two leg… He's getting them all under his body, concentrating on that, even though he sends out little keens with each movement. One wing? Oh yes, there it is. He folds it to his back and then lays his head down on his front paws, just looking out at all those white forms, almost contemplating with whirling yellowish red eyes. He's not moving, nope. This goo is nice, right? Right.

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling lifts his head suddenly at his golden sister, faceted eyes watching her march across the sands to the white things. Why would he want to go that way, or her, for that matter? The bronze takes in those candidates again, craning his head to allow view of them all. Wait. That one… The hatchling stands up unsteadily and makes his way towards the circle of white. His second wing is folded to his back, finally, trying to mimic his golden sister, but failing a little horribly in his unsureness.

Muddy Rivers and Golden Shores Bronze Hatchling seems to follow in his sister's foot steps, golden sibling eyed warily as he looks at each candidate he passes. No, no. Not you, nope. Slunking himself down he constinues to make his way along the line. Seeing his golden sister dismiss one boy, the bronze halts in his movements, facetted eye turning to the one that quelled the golden one. Pushing hismefl down low to the ground ,belly almost touching the sands, the bronze suddenly moves with a speed he hadn't show earlier. He bypasses all, and then stops infront of the one. Him. The plops himself pridefully infront of the one, spreading his wings happily.

Impression Message

Suddenly the outside world blinks to black, like the lights have been turned off in your world, and all color sucked out of it. From the blackness, wafts of burning vanilla permeates your senses, followed by lighter colors of gray smoke filling in around the blackness. The grayish smoke forms into tendrils that sway and reach towards you, caressing your mind in an intense and emotional bonding that is beyond description. A bass voice with hints of your own vocal tone finally splits the darkness, in it's dire need to get to /you/, to it's one. « N'kor! I have found you, the one who was meant for me… I doubted you would be here, but here you are… The other side of me. I am your Nasrinth. » The smell of cooking vanilla turns to a smell of a crackling camp fire, and a gut-wrenching twist of emotion passes through your mind. « My stomach is empty… You wouldn't happen to have food, would you? » And just as suddenly the world is back, though that new connection never broken…



From the shell, Nasrinth will be a loner. Not by conscience choice, of course, but just because he doesn't feel accepted by his peers, or even like he fits in. He could be assured by many means, but he'll still be a self-conscience little bronze, and in a way, he is different… He's a bronze, trying to fit into a chromatic world. He'll try to fit in with greens, blues and browns, but know that he's not the same… And looking at other metallics, he'll admire them from afar, but never feel as if he is one of them. It almost how a child feels when they're going from child to teen, perpetually stuck in-between two worlds. Feeling this perpetual inbetween, he'll find the need to sneak up and watch his fellow peers, luring in shadows unknown to learn of things, of the life of each… As if by doing so, he may grasp his own place in the world.

Given the need to sneak, he also has an intense need to explore, to find what lays beyond the horizon. It will kill him when he finds out that he's restricted from leaving the barracks, or flying, or other forms of restraint. These will chafe against his emotional edges, and he will fight against them, feeling that in some form, they are holding him back from so much more! It's in this sense, as well, that Nasrinth will encourage, and sometimes insist, on excursions away from everyone, where the only restraint is the the sand under his toes and the sky over his head. These will be his perfect moments, those few moments that he feels free, and at peace with himself.

« You an I, N'kor, one day… We shall scour the clouds with my wings, and claim the sea under my sails! One day soon… When they allow us. We'll be free. »

As each proverbial leash is released, the bronze will suddenly come into his own, and become more confident with each step of his freedom, that childish awkwardness will fall away and with each step, he will become sly, and sharp witted and elusive… The child dragon will evolve from innocence to an adult who realizes he must work for what he needs, and strive beyond his limits to gain it, sometimes things that will make even you balk, at times. « No, we can't stop. Just one more lap, and we will be better, faster, stronger… »

His sharpness will also bring him to be a suave talker when needed, talking you and him out of situations that might get you into deep trouble, and even talk your friends out of trouble, if N'kor is very close to them. « My dear Weyrlingmaster, I am sure that coloring will wash right off, and will encourage that one's rider to keep their skin in better shape. Have you seen that green's patchy spots? Poor dragon-child. » This suave talking can probably equate to the fact, though, that your bronze will desire the things that other dragons have… Not for himself, but for others. A gold with nice blanketing might find it missing the next time she goes to lay on her couch in the barracks, and after altering it a little(via convincing N'kor into altering it in some fashion, after he's convinced you to pilfer it.), a green or blue might find themselves with a gift from an unknown giver. So, if he's ever caught, he can attempt to talk himself out of the repercussions of his actions, and when not caught… He'll continue to help those he considers less fortunate. In most cases, it will be in the form of an item, because that keeps him at a more anonymous distance, a helping gift from an individual who will never receive gratitude for the gift. It's just not the way Nasrinth works, he doesn't /want/ the gratitude. He just wants to help. And on some level, he does it, because he sympathizes… He feels alone and out of place in his world, so in helping others, maybe… Just maybe, he's helping them feel more fitted into their own.


His feeling of not fitting in and being a loner will make him a darker dragon, as well. His view on the world will be pessimistic in many senses— cloudy skies given a little sniff, with a following « Figures… And I was going to sit In the sun, today. » or the occasional « Do you think we can really reach that point?» You will need to be his encouragement in his faultings, but never expect him to have a doubt in you, because he truly believes you are the one that makes things alright. « You were right, I do have a natural talent for flying! » The only time that pessimism is truly dark is when someone is too smug, or uppity confident in themselves. « That gold… Thinks she is so much better then the rest. Wonder if she realizes how much of a wher she's turning out to be… » And if he feels he needs to, he'll express this opinion. Bluntly. This really follows along his not fitting in, because he is a bronze that doesn't usually accept other metallics, but doesn't fit in with the chromatics. At best, he might feel the most himself surrounded by brown dragons, since they are also creatures of middle ground when it comes to dragon kind.

Nasrinth will have one interesting quirk and things that he desires just for /him/. Gemstones. Any shape, any size, he wants to collect them, and keep them for safekeeping… Kind of like how an ancient dragon would keep a horde of gold, but with better care. He'll have you put them on shelves, and randomly, he'll croon to them in his admiration. If you ask him why, he will simply tell you that the gemstones 'sing' to him, and he likes to sing back.

In flights, that dedication and freedom will shine, as well as that innate /need/ to have what he desires. Green or gold, they will all be elusive gemstones for the taking, shining glimpses of pulsing diamond or emerald that he must have… That he must strive for. He will use his size and stamina to move his way in to his desire, crooning seranades to them in the skies with his deep sounds, and weaving with the clouds in an intricate dance. If he wins, he will be a little proud of himself for a day, but will not dwell on the lady, unless there is some reason you fancy her. You are his, after all. He needs no one else. If he loses… Well, like any dragon, he'll be frustrated, but a good scrubbing of his hide in a sea/lake and he'll be back to his normal self, again.

Why: Why N'kor? Because in the shell, you sympathized with his plight, felt the most akin to his deprivation inside the shell of not knowing love(impression) or freedom. But not only that, he felt the smoothness of your ways, the sharpness of your mind to be suave, and to ultimately lean things your way by your words… You are his accomplice in every sense, and he will follow through with you til the end, even if he sometimes revolts and tries to lead you two down a road all his own.


Darkness and shadows will be the touch of this dragon, the proverbial view of his pessimism, followed by the tendrils of smoke that was it's trademark inside of the egg. The tendrils themselves will be expressive, much like how a talker may express themselves with their hands— Though, it's a given that smoke will have much more freedom of expression and movement then a solid object would, like a hand. A secondary part is smell, which accompanies strong emotions in this creature. Burning incense for love, smell of a crackling fire when yearning, burning hair when pissed. The smells can range and be quite different, as long as they follow along the lines of something that can burn.


Nasrinth is based loosely on the theme the egg was based on, which was Rue Hawthorne of the book The Smoke Thief. Some of his inclinations are based off the character of this book, but most of his personality is sewn by me, the personality I delved in to after creating the egg. :) I sincerely hope you enjoy him, because a lot of thought went into him… He was a tough one, but I like how he came out. Also, you asked for a meaning for your dragon name, and I /love/ having inspirations to names. The name Nasrinth (Nass-ryn-th) means 'Wild Rose' in Persian. 'Wild' fits so well for this bronze's personality, since freedom is a dominant 'importance' in it's life, that feeling of not being shackled down, and to spread one's wings high. 'Rose' because even in his quiet, loner personality, he is quite the pessimistic, which is the thorns of his passive personality


M'iri made this wonderful guy.
Lorena is responsible for the art work on top.
N'kor is responsible for busts of N'kor and Nasrinth.

Name Nasrinth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By M'iri
Impressee N'kor (Nalkor)
Hatched April 20th 2008
PernWorld MUSH Xanadu Weyr

Clutch Siblings (PC)

Plucked from the Wallow Egg - Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth - Zevida
Imperial Magistrate Egg - Ninth Harbinger of the Rains Bronze Lihauth - Ch'tra (Chaitra)
Ancient In The Jungle Egg - Merry Lord of the Waters Blue Ecoatleth - Y'ki (Ryski)
Shores Of Honah Lee Egg - Fascinating Line and Color Green Sophyrinth - S'ya (Myesha)
Spiral Tower Egg - Awaiting in the Dark Green Szayelth - D'len (Delenn)

Nasrinth's Songs

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold

Crowded streets are cleared away
One by One
Hollow heroes separate
As they run

You're so cold
Keep your hand in mine
Wise men wonder while
Strong men die


Show me how it ends it's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
satisfied and empty inside
Well, that's alright, let's give this another try

If you find your family, don't you cry
In this land of make-believe, dead and dry

You're so cold, but you feel alive
Lay your hand on me one last time

[Chorus x2]

It's alright [x9]

Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier

Borderline, dead inside.
I don't mind, falling to pieces.
Coming in, violin, let's begin.
Feeding the sickness.
How do I simplify, dislocate, the enemy is on the way.

Show me what it's like to dream in black and white,
so I can leave this world tonight.

Full of fear, everclear. I'll be here, fighting forever. Curious,
venemous, you'll find me climbing to
heaven. Nevermind, turn back time. You'll be fine,
I will get left behind.

Show me what it's like to dream in black and white,
so I can leave this world tonight.

Hold me, I'm to tight. Breathe the breath of life,
so I can leave this world behind.

It only hurts just once. They're only broken bones.
Hide the hate inside.

Show me what it's like to dream in black and white,
so I can leave this world tonight.

Hold me, I'm to tight. Breathe the breath of life,
so I can leave this world behind.

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