Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth

The appearance of this small blue is interesting, to say the least. Physically, he's long, slender, almost serpentine in nature, with a long muzzle that comes to a dull point, a long neck, and a compactly muscled body. His wingspan too is impressive, and would be more than twice his length, easily, if his tail weren't quite so long. In colouration, he's a dusky blue, fading near to grey at his tail tip and feet. His wings are a rich tapestry of royal purple velvet, the bold colour quite striking against the muted blue of his body. Wingsails are trimmed with the purest silver, matching his similarly coloured headknobs and talons nicely.

Image coloured by X'hil, lineart by Kaljaia.

Egg Name and Description


Ornately Gilded Cage Egg
Off to one side rests a small brownish yellow egg, forgotten, set aside as if it were just a piece of old junk. The shell seems to be coated with sand, in addition to the dusty colouring. There's a rough smear running along one side, as though the dirt and grime has been partially wiped away by some young candidate. This cleaned up section shines with gold, bringing the whole egg to life. Through this smear, delicate engravings can be made out, abstract lines, carved precisely into the metallic undercoat, creating an ornate design.

Hatching Message

In the commotion of the sands, one candidate has strayed too far from the group, dodging to avoid a rampaging hatchling. He falls over in the sand, landing by the Ornately Gilded Cage Egg. The boy accidentally brushes against the egg as he stands, and quickly moves away from the now wobbling egg, falling back into line.

Though slow to start, the Ornately Gilded Cage Egg has been quickly building up steam, rocking chaotically back and forth. The time has come, freedom is close at hand! A seam begins to appear around the top of the egg, releasing a puff of air that blows a cloud of sand up around the egg.

The Ornately Gilded Cage Egg hisses as air escapes through the widening hole in the top of the shell, still cloaked by a smoky cloud of sand. There seems to be a brief lull, and then the sand falls to the ground, leaving the newly hatched dragon standing in its wake. The hatchling unfurls a magnificent pair of wings, shaking most of the sand off of himself, and then darts towards the candidates, away from his old shell prison, wings trailing in the sand for but a moment before he tucks them in close.

Impression Message

The Chaos is a Wish Blue Hatchling never even hesitates, he makes a bee-line for a brother sister pair at the end of the line. The young brother, still blushing after accidentally coming too close to the eggs, pushes his older sister towards the blue. The hatchling neatly side-steps her, and butts his head gently against the boy's stomach. "Me? A'li? But, my name's Xaliyan… A'li? Really?" A slow grin spreads across his face. "Well, gee, Najimeth, I can hardly argue with that!" he notes, with a giggle. As the pair make their way across the sands, A'li glances from X'hil, his brother, to Re're, his father, then mouths 'thank you' at Saenkarith, the dragon that searched him, and sired his Najimeth.


Najimeth knew A'li was the one for him the very first moment the candidate's hand brushed his shell. At egg touchings, he monopolised the boy's time, showing him a world of wonder and magic, weaving rich tapestries of fiction and amazement. To the other candidates, he was rather more cautious, and his fantastic tales had more of a malicious bent to them. There was just something about the boy's carefree nature, his friendly attitude, and his interest in harmless pranks. Najimeth saw him, initially, as a challenge, an obstacle that must be overcome, a pure heart to corrupt with greed and desire. Come hatching day, A'li brushed accidentally against the egg's shell, and Najimeth felt a jolt of nerves and fear from the boy. Suddenly, everything changed.

Najimeth will always retain a certain chaotic trickster streak, and a smooth tongue. He could sell sand to Igen if he put his mind to it. Though free of his egg, his own desires will always come second to those of his rider, A'li. He won't appreciate being ordered about by anyone else though, which may cause tension for the pair over the turns. So long as A'li can convince him that /he/ would like Najimeth to do what he's being ordered to do, there won't be a problem, though at first it may be difficult for the weyrling to find that spot.

Flights will be the one place Najimeth answers only to himself, ignoring his rider completely for the duration. There will be no warning, no way of determining whether he will chase or not. One day he may go halfway across the Weyr just for a pretty green, another one may be glowing right beside him and he won't even blink.

When it comes time to join a wing, Asteroid may suit A'li's neverending pursuit to find a craft, however, riding is quite a strong calling. Odds are he'll follow in his brother's footsteps, and join the Galaxy wing.


Shifting Clouds of Smoke
Najimeth's lightest touch fills A'li's mind with warmth, though the exact temperature varies depending on the dragon's mood. At his mildest, it's a pleasant summer's warmth, but the mind of this dragon has many levels. The only thing that can quench his fire is the cold of between. His voice changes by mood, calm and smooth when he's up to something, which is most of the time, crackling like fire when he's mad, and rapidly speaking when he's excited. Also in the realm of his mind are nebulous clouds of smoke, whirling and shifting, taking forms of people, dragons, animals, just about any living thing, to emphasise his points. Dominant colours are the blues and greys of smoke, and the reds and yellows of fire. Gold trim licks at the corners of his mind, an ever present reminder of his imprisonment within that golden shell.


The clutch theme was mythical creatures and their habitats, and Najimeth's egg was based on a magical lamp, a popular residence of genies in Western fiction. As the myth goes, if you rub the lamp, you free the genie, and get three wishes. The particular image used for inspiration was the following:

The mind-voice is based on the fire aspect of the djinn, who are said to have been created from a fire without smoke. The shifting clouds is a reference to the djinn's ability to shape-shift.

The typical genie, or djinn, is a trickster, often - but not always - sinister, and will grant you precisely what you wished for, but the execution may not be as expected. For example, a wish to be rich may be granted by receiving inheritance after a loved one's passing.

I based the dragon's colouration on several images. His wings were inspired by — though the red and gold were changed to purple and silver to better fit his colour. I based his main colouration on this sky: and for his wings, I used this:

Najimeth's name came from a simple rearrangement in letters of the name Jasmine, with the TH substituted for the S. At the time, I was planning a more Disney form of genie, and, though the dragon changed quite a bit, the name stuck.


Name Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Brown Saenkarith
Created By X'hil
Impressee A'li (Xaliyan)
Hatched April 15th, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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