Warrior of the Night Brown Najath

The dark, rich finish of polished cherry wood gleams with reddish hues as it colors the finely carved body of this large brown. Intricate detail is chiseled into his thick, stocky legs, present all the way to the beginnings of ebony talons, while dark mahogany has been inlaid along the bottom of his stomach, from beneath triangular head to the tip of his tree-trunk-like tail. Wings are great bringers of shadows, long and full as they extend from either side of darkly-tinted ridges. Lighter oak dapples his broad muzzle, like small stars in the night sky, fading into oblivion over the crest of his headknobs.

Egg Name and Description


Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg
This poor little egg - very elongated in shape, and rather large to boot - always seems to be the furthest from its mother's side, and from its brothers and sisters. Its surface is rough, bumpy to the touch, and its shell is mottled in coloration. For the most part, the egg seems to be a bright, whitish, powdery color at its top, and underneath appears to be other colors: some reds, oranges, yellows and, randomly, a touch of green. It rests in its rather hollowed out divet in the sand, all alone.

Hatching Message

Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg is rocked by a quick jolt, like a sudden infusion of sour under the tongue, the egg protesting its current shape for a long moment before it stills, the initial shock of it all gone.

Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg shakes again, this time the sour winning at least a bit of the battle as cracks begin to run down the sides of the egg, threatening to spill the fighting contents onto the sands without ceremony.

Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg has had enough with these tastes of sour - it can withstand no more. And so the cracks continue to spread outwards, the shell remaining together for one more long moment before *crunch* and the pieces fall away, leaving a darkly hued brown on the sands.

Impression Message

The dark of night sweeps through your mind, quickly taking over, scents of freshly cut wood mingling. And then rich jeweled tones begin to form a beaded pattern, complexity increasing with each spot. « Zera. I will always protect you, and you will protect me. We will take on the world. » And then a ripple goes through his mind, « Though first, I will take on food. »


Authority is something that ought to be respected if exercised properly. This is one of the main maxims in Najath's life. From the very beginning, you'll find that he quietly observes those around him, especially those who are in a position of leadership. All of the people and dragons around him are divided, in his mind, into two little factions. He'll quickly make it very clear (to you, at least) whom he respects, and whom he - doesn't. « Zera, Mellonath's being much too gentle with things. The Weyr's going to need a more firmer leader than her. Nothing will ever be accomplished that way! »

Respect is a huge part of who Najath is. He willingly obeys whomever has authority currently over you and himself as long as he feels that they really belong in that position, and that they're doing a capable, efficient job. He'll often give you a running commentary during drills and duties on exactly what he likes or doesn't like about whomever's in charge. If you end up in a wing led by a blue or greenrider, not only will he be exceedingly unhappy, but spend the entire time telling you just what he thinks of the situation. After all, they're smaller than he is, and probably don't deserve to be able to tell him what to do, in his opinion.

Confidence is the source of Najath's criticism. He's absolutely certain that /he/ could do the job better than a blue or green, any day - absolutely certain that /he/ would make the better leader than that slightly smaller brown who made an absolute muddle of things while leading the wing. He also has confidence in you, Zera, which will sometimes prompt him to nudge you toward thinking of higher ambitions. « We would make much more capable wingleaders than that green and her rider, » he'll state, matter-of-factly. « We would just do the job better. They don't know what they're doing. » Although he's always very sure of himself, he's not egotistical. It's a confidence born of observation, of knowing that there's a better way to do things. This ideally makes him a good candidate to be a leader, himself.

That confidence carries over into another part of your lives - flights and female dragons. Quite the charmer when he wishes to be, Najath can be rather flirtatious when he puts his mind to it - and he does, quite frequently. He's always kind, courteous, and polite to the lucky lady who has his attentions, gifting her with things like a shiny rock or perhaps a fish (if you live near the sea) every now and then. He may even make a kill for her, if he has become exceedingly devoted to her. The bigger the female, the better, in his opinion. He'll woo gold and green alike, although spend more time with the larger green than the shy, small one that watches him from the starstones. Despite his attentions, he's not necessarily a one-woman dragon, and will usually flirt openly with quite a few ladies, depending on which ones catch his eye. Once he catches one of them in a flight, he'll dutifully make sure that she slept well and then politely move on to his next conquest, thinking nothing of commitment. However, he's not one to discard the ladies whom he has come to care for. Despite the fact that he's moved on to another conquest, he'll always remain the polite, charming male that his former flames first fell for, and at the very least, attempt to keep a friendship kindled between them.

With an innate confidence comes bravery, brashness, and stubbornness - these, too, are qualities that you will see manifest in your Najath throughout his lifetime. In his younger Turns, he'll be brash, impulsive, quick to do things without thinking much about them beforehand, and sometimes quick to temper. As he ages and starts hitting his first decade, he'll grow to be more and more stubborn - if there's something that you both disagree on at this point, look forward to plenty of mental shouting matches!

And yet, even with all of his complexities, Najath keeps one simple ideal within his heart at all times: His love for you, Zera. From the moment he first saw you on the Telgari sands, he knew that you were the only permanent gal for him, and in the midst of all of his concerns, his conquests, and thoughts, you will always occupy the chief spot in his life.


Intricate Jeweled Beadwork
Najath's mind is generally a dark background, the black and deep navy of the night sky. Yet, rich colors of emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue bead into existence now and again, forming elaborate patterns as time progress, showing aptitude, depth, and a sense of mystery. His mind relies on the rich colors, partnered with the sweet scents of freshly cut wood to convey a sense of seduction, perhaps even flirting. His actual voice is a deep baritone, slightly echoed, alluring, and flowing easily with the colors of his mind.


The theme for the eggs in this clutch was candy, and Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg was based off of Sour Patch Kids. (It's really excellent-tasting sour candy, if you've never had them before. ;)

Your Najath is based off of the concept of an African tribal, warrior chief. He's brave, stoic, and has very well defined ideals about leadership. We did our best to work in the qualities that you asked for - the flirtatious male who challenges leaders when he feels that it's a necessity.

His name comes from the African word "naja," which means "brave / stoic / strong."

We really hope that you like Najath, and enjoy playing him in many scenes to come. He'll be an interesting dynamic to add to any Weyr, to be certain. :) Despite all of these guidelines and suggestions, he is /your/ dragon, so if you feel him moving in another direction, feel free to play him as you see fit.

Najath was worked on by several individuals. Their contributions are listed below:

Shocking Fruit Fantasma Egg …… Saelis
Warrior of the Night Brown Hatchling …… Niva
Mind name and description …… Niva
Personality / RP-Tips …… Vesvesris
Conceptual Inspiration …… Niva

Enjoy, Zera!


Name Warrior of the Night Brown Najath
Dam Gold Daeslynth
Sire Bronze Irilanth
Created By Niva, Vesvesris, Saelis
Impressee Zera
Hatched June 26, 2006
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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