Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Brown Nachtelaith

Magnificent mahogany washes over this completely average looking brown like a multi-hued varnish. There's nothing that particularly makes him stand out over any other. He's not fat or skinny, long or short, tall or not. Just completely and inexplicably average. An almost plaid like pattern forms over his back like a trench coat, with the mixing of coffee with cinnamon, while his underside is a crisp, clear and perfectly even tan. Thin lines of chocolate dribble across his wing sail, adding a darker shade to the otherwise bland brown. A shade the hue of old, forgotten books curls around the end of his tail as well as his feet, which end in talons, sharp as the detective's skill for solving the crime. At the crown of his head a wide band of a russet circles the place where headknobs protrude, a tinge of reddish-orange adding the only deviation from wholly brown tones.

Egg Name and Description

Best Laid Plans Egg

Like a crumpled piece of paper this egg seems to be covered with tiny dips and and ridges that give variation of shading to its single hued backdrop. 'X's are sprinkled across one side of the shell, 'O's across the other - variegated shade of grey akin to pencil lead. The cryptic symbols weave in and out of the pseudo folds and from within one of those imagined creases a third spills forth as handful of 'Z' shapes. Ragged lines of that same hard, leaded grey lead cross the surface from some of these strange marks, just where they lead not so clear. But there, hidden near the bottom, where shell meets sand, sits one lone 'M'.

Hatching Message

Best Laid Plans Egg shakes like a leaf in the wind. A gentle shudder which causes it to roll over on its side from a previously upright position. That hopping skip of a crumpled paper caught in the gust of a late summer breeze.

Best Laid Plans Egg shakes again. A harder shutter this time that causes dark streaks to move across the pale shell, cutting across the message it relays and making it that much harder to read the clues.

Best Laid Plans Egg leaps ever so slightly off the sands, the movement upwards perhaps not even noticed though it does throw the whole thing off balance and the egg rolls over to its side as it shatters into tiny bits of torn paper.

Impression Message

Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Brown Hatchling sees something, finally, out of the corner of his vision. The brown turns in that eager way in which an overfull food addict turns to see their favorite piece of pie walk by. A step off on his way and he trips, falling snout first into the sands. Oof! He meant to do that. Really he did. The brown finds his feet again, giving the sand an annoyed snort. Turning just off his previous path the dragonette locks his gaze on fidgety young man. A rough, yet gentle, nose to the boy's stomach is only an added effect as if to say 'yes, you there'. The boy finally calling out the brown's name with smug and pompous air, "Nachtelaith!" as the newly named brown adds a bugle of his own. Soon after one of the assistant weyrlingmasters leads Vanorden - now V'den and his brown off the sands. The Candidate Wore White - Solved!




Intimidating Rumblings gives nothing away. Not at first. But suddenly a shadow darkens your thoughts. The smell of 'funky old sweatsocks dipped in rotten eggs' weaving tendrils of menacing curiosity. Plans. We all have plans.

Intimidating Rumblings gives nothing away. Not at first. But suddenly a shadow darkens your thoughts. The smell of 'funky old sweatsocks dipped in rotten eggs' weaving tendrils of menacing curiosity. Plans. We all have plans.

Intimidating Rumblings makes one last impression. The sound of a marching band's last note - 'like a water buffalo losing its lunch'. That's all and then its gone, skittering across a plain that seems strangely like grass.


The theme for this hatching was Children/Youth's Mystery Novels. The one I choose was The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse by Bruce Hale. The Best Laid Plans egg was create around one of the clues (which you just might have to read the book to find out don't want to give -everything- away here ;) ). The mind touches were based on various things to do with the villain - Herman, a sixth grade bully who's not exactly a pleasant guy to hang around. The name is a combination of Chet (the main character of the book) and Natalie (his side-kick). Nachtelaith's mindvoice draws from various aspects of school and schooldays. The dragon himself is based primarily on Chet with a little bit of Natalie thrown in for fun. Nachtelaith was created by D'had.


Name Champion of Casserole and Cupcakes Nachtelaith
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By D'had
Impressee V'den (Vandoren - NPC)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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