Cast in Moonlight's Spell Green Mraelth

Long and lithe, grace seems inherent in the movements of this little dragonet. The verdancy of willow, moonlight variegating the lacy leaves with both illumination and shadow, trails down her neck and shoulders to dip in pond duckweed, fluid ripples that mark her back and haunches in liquid patterns. The hues of tender grass, that of a shaded forest glen, sprouts along neck and backridges, traces the wingbones and curls about her tail all the way to its tip. Wingsails, with the delicate, powdery hues of a lunar moth quiver between the flexible spars, ethereal but capable. Dark moss coats underbelly and limbs ending in claws the color of damp stone.

Hatching Message

Sea of Tears Egg fractures, a demarcation between night skies and silvery waters running the length of the shell. From inside there can be heard a high-pitched whine of distress and the scrabbling of claws. Though no further cracks appear, the whining and scrabbling continues.

Although the Sea of Tears Egg hasn't rocked or cracked further, it's obvious that there's a live dragonet inside, for the distressed sounds have continued. The whines have changed from distressed to pleading and the scrabbling has gone on uninterrupted. The shell remains intact, an enclosure that confines the baby within until one candidate can stand it no longer. "She wants out!" he yells and sprints across the sand, dodging wandering hatchlings, ignoring warnings and commands to stop. He skids to a stop before Sea of Tears egg and shouts, "Let her go!" while he flails his fists on the shell until it splits completely and spills its prisoner upon the sands in a tangle with the brown-haired rescuer.

Impression Message

Cast in Moonlight's Spell Green Hatchling achieves Impression! And it's a good thing because otherwise in the tangle of arms, legs, wings and tail the distraught green might've lashed out. Instead she lies still, her neck curved to see 'her boy'. Delmar, now L'mar reaches a hand to stroke her reverently. "You're MY girl, Mraelth, no one will ever take you away and nothing will ever hold you down again. I'll see to it!" And, mindful of sharp claws and hot sand, they disentangle, rise and leave the sands to find the life that awaits them - together.


Name Mraelth
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Thea
Impressee L'mar
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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