Fueling the Final Frontier Brown Montereth

Blocky and almost squarish in his over all appearance is this large brown. From the tip of his blunt snout up over his elongated face, with its deep-set eyes, he's a dark loamy brown. The thickness of his neck leads into the boldness of his shoulders and forelimbs before flowing down into his chest and back. It's on these parts of his body that his coloring turns an oily brown, complete with the constantly shiny and slickness that comes with it. Hints of greens and blues swirl lazily over his claws and lower legs while a soft dusting of soft cocoas lighten his belly. Strong wings whip out from his back, capturing the grittiness and hue of sand on his sails with burnt cinnamon hues along his spars. Hindquarters down throughout the stiff length of his tail are an odd mixture of all hues upon his body combined, with the spade seeming to have been dipped in caramel.

Egg Name and Description


Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg
Jeweled sapphire and blushing rose pinks dance with hazy summer goldenrods helter-skelter. Blustering patterns of unorthodox geometry made by eccentric hands dress the base of white. Sizes and placement vary, sometimes with translucent overlaps to create the full spectrum of purples, oranges, and greens. Though smooth to touch, the ovoid spread appears bumpy, lumpy, or just downright rough in places. Here and there ribbons of black cut through color and canvas, cause the overwhelmed eye to take a step back. The bigger picture comes more into view, as any artwork will when viewed from afar. This bedecked white pentagon, elongated at one end, wraps its way elegantly about the shell. In innocent pride it displays its best color forward for all to see.

Hatching Message

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg bobs back and forth for a moment as if little hand or paws were waving it about to get everyone’s attention. Each swaying motion brings a rippling affect to the eggs sides before it suddenly falls utterly still once more.

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg begins to rock with direct movements that send fingerlike cracks all over it. As the sides heave small chips fall away to land on the small waves of sand that are flowing away from the egg.

Canvas For Daddy's Little Artist Egg falls to pieces as if little hands have torn it apart in a fit of anger. At first it’s just larger chunks of shell falling to the sand around its base but before much more time passes several strong thrusts of the inhabitants limbs cause more destruction to happen. CRACK! Shards fly recklessly about as the dragonet that was housed within it rises mechanically and a bit unstably to its feet.

Impression Message

A soft whirring noise slowly builds in your mind as you are swept off the hatching sands into a place that smells of oil and diesel along with the sounds of machines and gears moving. Slowly this new mind melds completely with your own, becoming one with you so that it seems like you've always been apart of the other. « There is really no one that's intelligent enough out here for me but you, T'lek. » A rumble sounds softly in your mind and steadily gets stronger. « Yes, Montereth and T'lek. Let us jettison the rest and find some food. » As you look down the adoring eyes of a brown dragonet look up at you as he croons.



You'll quickly see that your dragon is rather different from many, meaning that you'll really never find yourself complaining of having nothing to do. Montereth loves you above everything else, never think that anything or one can replace you.

GROWING UP: As you'll see, Montereth is a rather solid dragon right from the moment he gets moving on the sands. While he may slim out some he'll always be a rather sturdy brown no matter what. As a hatchling, your lifemate will often be found sitting outside the barracks picking the minds of any and all adult dragons that come his way. The one thing you will notice about your lifemate is that once he's learned something from the drills and lessons he holds onto that knowledge tightly and often becomes bored when the weyrlingmaster staff goes over things time and time again. He will often seek out those that have anything to do with Technical things, so watch out you may find yourself often drawn into the crafters caverns. As weyrlinghood leads you towards flight, Montereth will be one of the first that wants to gain the knowledge of being able to cruise about the skies with and without you. His size will do little to deter him since by this time he'll have built up all the muscles needed to control those large wings of his. The highlight of weyrlinghood will be the moment when you both are able to fly together, the next will be graduation and the moment you get your own weyr.
MATING FLIGHTS: While chasing golds will always hold a certain something for Montereth, it's those wild and calculating greens that will always drive him into a frenzy. He likes them sleek, mischievous, and fast. You'll always know when a green is right on the edge of rising, for he'll loose all interest in everything and will be more then ready to pay absolute attention to the object of his attentions. His attention to detail when chasing may lead him to a few losses but it will also bring about wins when he's able to drop in and catch the green and carry her off. When it's all said and done, Montereth will be oh so ever willing to snuggle up with the green he caught for a few days before the want for exploration and knowledge comes back full force.

PERSONALITY: Montereth loves knowledge, loves all things technical and the harder it is to understand the more he loves it. Most of the time though, this brown that chose you on the hatching sands is mild tempered and quiet. You might almost say he's mechanical in the way he thinks and does things, he has to do them just right or he'll spend may an hour trying to figure out what he did wrong and how to fix it. He'll have his light moments, his mental laugh robust and hearty very much like a belly laugh a child would expect to hear from Santa Claus.
Now after a long day, Montereth simply loves to relax and unwind by going over all those interesting things he's learned in the past. He's not your typical brown, but he's all yours and will always remind you that he found you because you were the one that would help him find out all that you both wanted to know.


Gears in Motion
Your brown fellow here is very different when it comes to what his mind is like. Instead of finding colors and things of that nature, you will often here the whirl and grind of gears paired with the scent of diesel and oil when he speaks to you. The more excited he gets the louder and faster these noises gets, the scents get thicker but in time you get used to it and know just by how he sounds what type of mood he's in.



This cycle's egg theme was 'Elementary school projects', and the Canvas for Daddy's Little Artist Egg was created by T'eo. This is what he has to say about the inspiration:

This egg is based on that wonderful crepe/tissue-paper tie we all know every father has lurking in the back of his closet. Or perhaps he's proud enough to display it in full view? Either way, it was our best few minutes licking (despite the teacher's watchful eye) paste or glue, and making a mess ripping up shreds of paper. What better way to tell Daddy you love him?

Your dragon was brought right from the mind and fingertips of Tay with some help from Niva. While chattering about whom to base your brown off of, we settled on Mr. Scott from Star Trek the original show and Data from Star Trek - The Next Generation. His description is mostly based off of Mr. Scott with his build and sheer girth, while most of his personality is based off of Data.

His name is from a twist on Mr. Scott’s name, Montgomery, tweaked to help the flow.

Star Trek main site

There is a wikipedia entry about Data but it didn't come up right when I tried to add it in here.

Please remember that these are only ideas, your dragon’s personality is not set in stone and you are free to play him any way you wish to.


Name Fueling the Final Frontier Brown Montereth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By T'eo (Egg), Tay
Impressee T'lek
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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