Earthy green wraps the wiry frame of this dragon like the mottled shades of jade one might find in the depths of the forest. It's an enchanted hue that's dark and rich as if she is a creature that uses the woods as her refuge. Her head is slim and notably long, with a slender, pointed muzzle. Her slender neck is graceful and elegant, carrying ridges in a cerulean hue like studded jewels placed to accentuate her grandeur. Light catches upon these points like sapphires in the greenery. Toe pads are tipped with the same hint of blue, as if each has been daintily dipped, but the claws that extend from her paws reflect in wickedly sharp onyx. Her chest is a lighter hue than the rest of her body, fading to a lighter olive that runs along her underbelly. Unusually long limbs give her a lanky, runner-like stature. A forked, whip-like tail dangles down behind her, flicking with her moods. Upon her back are a set of oversized wings with thin, yet strong spars and nearly translucent azure webbing stretched between them.

Egg Name and Description

Never Born to Regret Egg
A sea of lilac and lavender and hints of grass green covers the base of this egg. Standing out in stark contrast are deep, rich dark brown streaks that overlap, taper and bend in such a way as to lend the illusion of the rising trunks of ageless trees. Flecks and spots of green give the image of sparse foliage, the thicker leaves and canopy hidden beyond the tip of the egg's shell. Light spills from the broad curved midsection of the shell, cloaking some of those trees in a fine and ethereal mist and maybe, just maybe, if one peers close enough they will see the slender white figure of a mythical beast — or was it just a trick of the eye?

Hatching Message

Never Born to Regret Egg has grown weary of keeping still. A shell painted with such life wasn't made for an inanimate existence. Grasses sway. Or, no. Make that the egg itself. Back and forth it begins to move, rocking against the sands gently at first, as if testing its strength. And oh, it has strength, for the slow rocking soon turns to wiggling that shakes the foliage on its design. Wiggle! Wiggle! Plop. It falls over, cushioned by the sand, and lays still once more.

Never Born to Regret Egg begins to wiggle again, doing a shimmying sort of dance on the sand that causes it to shift and roll away from its spot. Something within is itching to get out, but just where is the exit? Sounds of scratching emit from within, muffled thuds of effort. Then, suddenly, a crack! A horizontal line that wraps halfway around the shell, and from it, smaller cracks begin to form and stretch, reaching both up towards the tip and down to the base.

Never Born to Regret Egg can see the light! Fragments of it, peeking into its world and giving it a tiny obscured view of a bigger world than that of this shell. The dragonet within becomes eager, pressing wet claws against the curved surface of what now seems like a prison. Harder and harder until it gives way! That one broken piece causes the entire shell to crumble, and the new hatching sprawls on the sands with egg bits clinging to its body. Hello world. My…aren't you bright!

Impression Message

A touch to the back of your mind may be unsettling at first, but soon the presence there makes it known that it is no dark foe to be feared. In fact, the touch is soft, gentle, tentative at first, like a shy child meeting the face of a new family member. Gradually does it grow from a shy caress to an all-encompassing embrace. «I've found you!» Her voice lilts like an instrument carrying a melody across a breeze. Playful and light, yet still vaguely cautious. The swirling eyes of a dragon hatching watch you closely now, ignorant of the other candidates in white, for you are the only candidate that she now cares to see. «I have been searching for you for so long, but I knew you were here all along. Did you know as well? Did you know that it was me, your Moncerath?» Her voice seems to come from everywhere at once. Thick in some places, thin in others. Still getting used to the rhythm of the song that she now shares with you. «We are together now! This was a good game, this hide and seek, but no more hiding. Do you agree, my Kera? Let us find something to fill my stomach with. You fill everything but my hunger!»


Unicorn: "We are two sides of the same magic."

From the first moment that you touched Moncerath's egg, she knew that you were the only choice. You are a part of her, just as she is a part of you, and neither of you will be the same for that. Whens he's quite young, there will be times where the line between the two of you will gray a bit. Her thoughts will blend into yours, and you may find yourself drooling over raw meat, while she finds herself trying to stick her nose into a book with varying results. This will fade after a while, as you both grow into your new roles as rider and dragon.

Amalthea: "I'm always dreaming, even when I'm awake; it is never finished."

While your studies as a healer may require being more down to earth, your dragon is certainly one of those who has her head in the clouds. The world is a place of wonders, and she wants to experience them. As a Weyrling, she's likely to want to push boundaries. She'll be the first to want to sneak out of the barracks, and will dive into new lessons with gusto, pushing herself to the front of the class when it comes to trying anything first. On the other hand, she gets bored easily, and it will be difficult to get her to do those repetitive strengthening exercises.

When she gets older, this will likely moderate a bit. She'll figure out the balance between what she wants to do and what /needs/ to be done. Of course, there will still be times where she'll insist that you need to get out, even if it means sticking her big head into things when she thinks you need a break. Life is out there to be experienced, and she doesn't want you to miss anything important.

Schmendrick: "It's a very rare person who is taken for what he truly is."

While she is no better than anyone else at seeing beneath the surface, Moncerath tends to wear her thoughts out in the open more than some others. Her emotions play out, not only in the private landscape of her mind, but in subtle shifts of her body language. She dislikes those who would assume she can't do something simply because she isn't a larger dragon. A green can't manage that maneuver? Oh we'll just see about that! A green can't lift that load? Pssh! No problem. She's a lover of wild places, and a collector of rocks from the various places you've visited. Most of all, what she wants most is to find the company and companionship of others - humans or dragons. When you're busy, she'll be prone to hanging out on the ledges of other dragons or watching humans work around the Weyr.

For all the beauty of her hide, Moncerath is all limbs and awkward angles. When still, she might be able to give off the illusion of elegance, but once in motion, it's clear that she is no graceful dragon. Her early months will be full of stumbles and tumbles, and even as an adult, she'll have moments when her feet get the better of her. In the air, though, she is speed and agility personified. She might just prefer to fly everywhere, even over short distances, if only to avoid walking. She'll never really outgrow those hard landings, but… any landing you can walk away from is a good one, right?

Schmendrick: "She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits. Of all unicorns, she is the only one who knows what regret is - and love."

Flights are serious business for Moncerath. They aren't a matter of simple lust, but also of the heart. She's likely to seek out the attention of the same male time and time again, regardless of your opinions on the rider. That isn't to say that the flurry of a flight won't find her in the talons of another dragon, but she's not likely to switch 'mates' often, and if you happen to find a pairing that suits both of you, all the better! Her flights tend to be all speed and acrobatics, requiring larger males to be quite clever if they want to win her.

Prince Lir: "A happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story."
Molly Grue: "But what if there isn't a happy ending?"
Schmendrick: "There are no happy endings, because nothing ends."

This is just the beginning of a brand new story. The road is open for you and Moncerath to choose whatever paths it is that suit you. Wherever those roads may lead, it's certain that she will make your life interesting. Maybe, just maybe, together, you can live a life with no regrets.


Wispy hints of early morning fog cling to the recesses of her mind, swirling with her passing thoughts. When she wants to share her world, it plays like a projector screen, sunlight drawing out images against the swirling mist. It makes it difficult to see details at times, but she'll learn to focus with time. For those who do not know her well, the mist may make her mind a foreign place, aloof and mysterious. Like the heart of a forest, there is so much that lies hidden, waiting for someone to take a moment to watch and listen. Beneath the surface, there is movement and excitement. These recesses of her mind rarely sit still, shifting with hints of moving leaves and darting forms against the backdrop of her mind.

At first, her voice comes across as quiet, but it doesn't take long for her true colors to shine. There is a careful grace to her words and thoughts, each one carrying a hint of musicality behind it, as if some part of her were humming along in accompaniment. There is beauty and majesty, innocence and uncertainty, all displayed with varying hints of color that tint the forest of her mind. Like the ever changing world around you, her mind is just as mutable, with the subtle changes of season indicating her moods. Yet, no matter how much she may change and grow with time, one thing remains the same. She is yours, and she will never regret that choice.


The theme for this clutch was ‘Secret Identities'. The ‘Never Born to Regret Egg' was, of course, based upon the Lady Amalthea from ‘The Last Unicorn', a book by Peter S. Beagle which was also turned into a beautifully animated film. During the later part of the story, the unicorn is changed into a human by magic, and struggles to hold on to her identity as an immortal creature while also hiding herself from the evil King Haggard who seeks to collect her as the last of the unicorns.

Moncerath's hatchling name was borrowed lovingly from the title of an Album by Blind Guardian. They're a bit more metal than the classic rock that you love, but they do some wonderful songs based on works of fiction. Each of the songs on this particular album is telling the story of everything from Peter Pan to Ulysses, so I thought it would fit your love of fantasy and mythology.

For a while, we played around with various words from other languages for ‘Unicorn', but none of them seemed to capture what we wanted. Eventually, we found that Monoceros is the name for the constellation shaped like a unicorn. We tweaked the name a bit to better fit a dragon, and added a bit of your own name in there to smooth it out, and ended up with Moncerath.

Since you told us that you enjoy fantasy stories, we decided to stick close to her theme and create you a dragon using many of the aspects of the novel and film. She isn't just Amalthea, though. There are aspects of many of the main characters snuck in, rounding her out with some of Molly Grue's spirit of adventure and Schmendrick's silliness and Lir's heart.


Your dragon was worked on by Kiena, Ka'el, and Sorrin, and it was our absolute pleasure to create your new lifemate for you. While we hope you like her, keep in mind that she is /your/ dragon. These notes are only a guideline. You are more than welcome to have her grow and change over time to become the perfect dragon for you and your character.

Welcome to Xanadu and our heartfelt congratulations! ~~ Kiena, Ka'el, Sorrin

Name Moncerath
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Kiena, Ka'el, Sorrin
Impressee Kera
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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