Illusion of Life Blue Mionarracth

A midnight blue of such a deep shade that it rivals the night sky has been spilt over this half-formed runt of a beast which vaguely resembles a Dragon. There are, after all, two navy wings though they appear ripped and stunted, and that pale, thin whip-like appendage at his rear might be a tail. Four thick stumps serve well enough as poorly defined legs and the stunted neck serves well enough to support the elongated, pointed head with the large bulb at the end to house the overgrown nostrils. His chipped canines, permanently exposed, give the pitiful creature a semblance of constant anger no matter the emotions which the oversized orbs which serve as his eyes might whirl with. As if attempting to make up for the obvious shortcomings of the beast, flashes of bright gold and green steak down his back in a valiant attempt to distract the eye from the ridges along their path, no two of which are the same shape and size. Yet even that effect is destroyed by the teal patches which pepper his form and give the impression that his hide has died in those places and is ready to fall off at the slightest touch.

Egg Name and Description


Salt of the Earth Egg
Pastel hues have been carefully sculpted around this egg's shell, pink and dull orange butted up against each other, green clashing with the pink, and blue in lazy waves over the upper portion of the shell. In some areas, the colors appear smooth - like plains, while others are gentle hills, and still others are rough ridges working their way over the egg. But, all the while the colors never mingle, instead each staying in a confined area, as they were placed within carefully drawn lines. (Created by Niva)

Hatching Message

Salt of the Earth Egg gives a persistent tapping from within, but the only result is that the Egg is sent rolling across the Sands until it connects with one of its fellows with a resounding crack.

Salt of the Earth Egg slips away from its fellow revealing the crack which was formed upon impact. The Egg shakes and wobbles with all its might but the sliver upon its shell does not grow and, after several moments of obvious effort, everything is still once more and the minuscule crack has failed to grow.

Salt of the Earth Egg explodes outward with the aid of helping hands. As the shards shower the Sands the beast within tumbles into a deeper patch of fog and rests for a moment to collect its energies in the comforting mists.

Colorless Name and Description

Flashes of Distortion Hatchling
Against the pale mist, this beast appears to be of the darkest night. Stunted legs, a whip-like tail and oversized eyes make their impressions as it shifts and moves within the loving embrace of the cloaking mists.

Impression Message

The chaos and confusion of the Sands fades away as two large orbs find you in the darkness. You catch a fleeting impression of their shift from frantic orange to overjoyed blue before a flash of brilliant white bursts into your mind, fading into the calm depths of an ocean blue leaving behind the steady birth of a field of stars of depths and beauty which is unsurpassed in nature. Words form within your mind as waves wash upon the shore, slowly and with a presence which fades but slowly with the passage of time leaving an impression long after the silence has settled once more upon your mind. « Kitani!? » Relief and ecstasy rushs over you like a rolling wave. « I have found you Kitani! I, Mionarracth, have found you and we shall never again be alone. » Still you remain within a universe filled one with you and your Blue Lifemate. « I am slightly hungry, Kitani. Do you have any food? » The stars begin to fade and the Sands and the fog once more come into focus as this statement slowly slips from your mind and the stars fade into the distance leaving a little beast before you, a gnawing at the pit of your stomach, and a long trail ahead.



Mionarracth is a Dragon of great love, quick anger and low self-esteem. When he is with you he might imagine away his physical shortcomings, but he will count on you to defend him when others make comments based upon his appearance but he will be loyal to any who take the time to understand who he truly is inside.
Your Blue will be interested in anything you do and in learning what he might. He adores watching the stars with you and will spend time indoors and the long days recreating those scenes, often causing distraction during lessons and chores. He will also insist on trying what you bake when away from him, but as he is unable to get his fill with such snacks, hell only try enough to get a taste and will not bother you with the rest.
For most things, Mionarracth will be content to let you take the leadyou are, after all, his defender and his worldbut if he ever hears of the Yoko<???> he will patiently insist, in little bits, wearing down your resistance as the beating of the waves might wear away the strongest stone.

GROWING UP: Mionarracth will begin as a very self-possessed Dragon and not in any positive interpretation of the term. He will not wish to sun himself when young, but rather to hide within the shadows, only to come out at night to gaze upon the sky which is such a perfect reflection of his mind and the wonders it holds, but the tides change and even the stars shift with the passage of time and Mionarracth will grow with your love and support into a Blue who will sun himself upon the higher ledges (so long as they arent overly crowded) and will give others the chance to see beneath his monstrous appearances to who and what he truly is.
It is with your help that he will transform into a more self-assured Dragon who will be willing to follow you wherever you go (and he will try, into the kitchens, into the caverns, into your cot) but will slowly feel more assured of his time alone. After all, you are always near to his heart, no matter how far your bodies might be, and if you need proof simply close your eyes and look at the stars, for that is one form of expression which will never fade no matter how many Turns you have together.

MATING FLIGHTS: Few might pay Mionarracth any attention on the ground, but despite his stunted and torn wings he is master of any element and displays a perfect balance between speed, endurance and agility in the chase. He is more than willing to prove himself in such a contest, but as you are the only female who will ever understand him completely it would be rare indeed to find him still curled up with a Green upon her ledge when the sun rises once more. Night Flights will certainly grip his interests as only his own abilities will influence the results and not his physical appearances. Nevertheless, he will refrain from chasing if that is your wish, he would move the stars and moons for you if he might and would not wish to impose upon you an undesired bedfellow if it can be helped.

PERSONALITY: Mionarracth is not a secure Dragon. From the first he will suspect others from judging him on appearances and not giving him a fair chance to prove himself, but if you are near all is well and he is calm. It is only when you leave him alone that Mionarracths temper might flare at the first spark of insult or distain, but he will return kindness with a loyalty with is remarkable in its strength and endurance.

WHY: If the time were ever to come when you would wonder why Mionarracth chose you from all the others who were among the fog of the Sands, your mind would fill with the gentle twinkling of a twilight starscape and the murmur of a calm sea. « You keep me grounded, Kitani, when I would otherwise be lost in the depths of despair and loneliness. » A deep affection blossoms around you. « No other was willing to look beneath the surface to what was within. No other has such a connection to the skies. No other had that strength to be my port in the storm, a home for my heart and my perfect mate for life. » The conversation will most likely shift after this, but his words, as always, will remain to warm your heart for hours afterwards.


Depths of the Cosmos approaches steadily. It is nearly cautious though it does not halt once as it washes over your mind and sinks deeply within your soul.

Depths of the Cosmos releases a blinding flash, a comet in a dark sky. A light which reveals your deepest secrets, if only for a moment. There is no judgment, simply curiosity and acceptance as your mind lights up with the slow birth of multiple stars.

Depths of the Cosmos gives a start and pulls away much more quickly than it had approached. The stars wink out leaving you in darkness until the Sands come into focus

Depths of the Cosmos
Mionarracth's mind shifts with his mood. In most situations it is the very calm of the deepest depths of the ocean covered by a field of stars and has a base of navy and midnight blues or black to reflect this. When excited, his mind will flash with comets of such vividness that they may leave you seeing spots afterward. In anger, his mind rages as waves in a storm.
His words come upon the mind slowly but remain once he has finished speaking, a wave of logic upon the shore of your mind. This allows him to seemingly drop an argument with a parting comment while knowing full well that his final point will remain in your mind for a fair time yet, continuing to argue his point while you move on to other things.


Growing up, fourth grade was designated as state awareness year. This meant that we went on fieldtrips around the state - to the capital building, to see a number of the state's main agricultural staples, and historical sites. In addition to having a large 'Wisconsin' book filled with dozens of generally known facts, we had to create a relief map of Wisconsin out of salt-dough, which showed the different regions: the flatlands, the moraines, and so on. It basically consisted of mixing up colored dough, molding it into the lines drawn through the state on a poster board, adding some texture, and hoping that your map decided to stay where you put it as it hung in the hallway. Of course, salt-dough tends to loose its stickiness after a while, and generally you'd have map-sections falling off into the hallway on a daily basis.

Mionarracth (Luna)
Meaning: Gaeilge (aka Irish Gaelic) for:
"small, minor, micro-" (mion-)
"male monster" (arracht)
Speaking: Me-on-arakth

Personality: Mionarracth was based upon Frankenstein's monster in the fact that his outer appearances do not reflect the inner beauty and gentle soul within and his quickness to anger when finally pushed too far. While Mionarracth is small for a Blue (as requested) the monster's size also added to the horror he bestowed upon those who saw him.

He was also based upon space and the sea as both are forces which constantly exude pressure without obvious effects in most situations. As you wanted a Dragon who was not overbearing but could hold his own.


Name Illusion of Life Blue Mionarracth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva (egg), Luna
Impressee Kitani
Hatched November 18, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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