From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Mikalath

Pulled from the fire too early is this bulky dragon, made of deep earthy browns that have just begun to cook and burn, crisp from the flame. The exposed dragon begins to crack with the cool air that he is exposed to, thin lines of black that plague different parts of his figure. Cracking is visible along the start of his wingsails on his right side, beneath his left eye, along his strong neck, and down upon the very tip of his tail. Soft emerald specks of wet paint dance along his large wings and down his broad back, meshing in with faint specks of burgundy that reside there.

Egg Name and Description


Of Colored Clay Egg

The egg is molded into what appears to be a figure of perfection for an egg. Scales of glitter green are painted along the shell of this egg, while wispy blues twine themselves along with the greens for a playful dance. But all is not serene for there are dark likes along the top of the egg, giving the illusion that this egg has already cracked with the heat of the sand like a clay figure that's been left in the kiln a little too long

Hatching Message

Of Colored Clay doesn't do much, it tilts to the right and then is still. There's only the slightest of quivers coming from the egg.

The cracks made by the egg's coloring on the Of Colored Clay Egg begin to portrude, becoming thicker and more noticeable. It makes no movements beyond that.

And finally, Of Colored Clay Egg quivers and the cracks spread along the egg. First a nose comes forth and then the rest of the hatching pushes out and he is left on the stands in a mess of eggshells and hatching fluids.

Impression Message

An explosion of colors fills your mind and blocks off anything and everything around you. There are no sands that you are standing on, no heat, nothing.. All there is is color, and then, tendrils of smoke drift forward to wrap around your mind. Shades of happy greens and blues twist together, and finally there is a voice echoing forth. « R'zel. » A simple name, a breath and more smoke comes forth and brushes along your face lovingly. « We have much to do, much to see. Much to.. Create. You know. But first.. » Hunger hits you as the smoke begins to clear your vision, « I cannot think on an empty stomach. »


Mikalath is one big ball of inspiration. Constantly his mind works on creative ways to go about things.

From the moment he hatches, Mikalath is yours and bonds with you entirely. R'zel, your creativity is his outlet for all those things that he cannot do, being a dragon and all. He'll constantly offer input into things that you may be working on, or pondering. If you have no ideas, he'll give you those subtle hints to drive you on your way. Never fear! Mikalath is here and he constantly has things for you to do, to think, to see, to make, to picture, to create. He is the pure essence of creativity, he is the muse and he is the art.. With a nack for colors and imagery, he'll be constantly aware of his surroundings and making sure that you remember something of a scene so it will be created perfectly. Nice sunset? He'll have you remember it. The way the rain falls on a sunny day? He'll have you remember it.

Unfortunately for you, R'zel, his constant attention to his surroundings will lead to trouble during your classes. While he should be paying attention to the Weyrlingmaster, he'll be looking elsewhere and missing the important part of the lessons. If you can manage to keep his attention on his work, then you shouldn't struggle too badly. Mikalath's interests tend to wander quickly so you'll have to come up with ways to have him /pay attention/. Even if he's not paying attention, he does expect you to.. So when asked to demonstrate, he'll be able to do it. Of course there will be some error when he's not paying attention, but he did it and he'll likely be back to examinging the area around him. « I don't see why, R'zel, that I have to pay attention. We'll miss the beauty of the moment if these lessons persist. We have much better things to create, don't you see? » But of course, with your guidance.. He'll manage to do as needed. « Fine, we'll do the lessons. But afterwards, we must create something to remember how the grass looked today. »

Among his favorite things to do is flying, and swimming beneath the surface. Until he can fly, he will constantly be swimming, exploring the underwater and seeing what amazing things it has to offer. « R'zel! R'zel! Come see this. We /must/ recreate this! » His fascination for the water will not dull once the sky is his territory, instead.. He'll likely take you as high as he can go to examine the surroundings. « Ahh, see the water from here? It looks just as wonderful from below. Let's paint this. »

While scenery can be fun, Mikalath will find interest in people and dragons.. He has no look that he searches for when finding his subjects, often times it may be someone who smiles at him or a dragon that chats with him… He'll want to make something of them to always remember. « That girl from the kitchens, the one who walked by. She had the oddest of looks about her, how about we paint her? » Or, « Oh, I was talking to Seryth.. Don't you think she'd be a lovely subject? She is quite interesting. » He will never be one to fear a woman's advances, looking to converse more than anything. Until one begins to glow.

Flights are something that Mikalath will put his fullest to, often calling from his heart out to any he chases. He will not hesitate to join in a flight, either. Be her gold or green, they all need love and they are no different to him. « Oh, my dearest! How pretty you look in the sky, how the sun reflects off your hide… Ahh. » His losses will always have the same heartbreak, utter dejection to where he cannot seem to bring himself to create anything cheerful, often sulking in the darker colors of life. Fortunately, dragons do not have as good of a memory that their riders do.. So in a few days he will return to his creative nature. But, should he catch… He will give his undying affection to who he has caught until they part ways. And if he is to father a clutch, he will want to create pictures of the dam and each egg and will be an ever constant protector of the eggs but he will never be one to bar the candidates from touching. He will always be happy to share his pride and joy with others.

All in all, Mikalath is a muse. An outlet and inspiration. Why you, R'zel? Because your creativity and his mind call for one another, you are one soul and you are meant to create wonderous things together.


Mikalath speaks with a deep baritone that matches your own voice, approaching with a wisp of smoke in your mind that often dances in shades of colors to match his mood. His smoke is ever-welcoming to those he graces with speech, often twining their own minds along in his gentle smoke. Only when angered (which is a rare feat at that) does the smoke become an angry red that may try and suffocate anyone who dares speak with him. But worry not, R'zel, you shall never be the object of his discontent. His love for you is far greater than any anger and he will always speak to you with all love and adoration.

The Heart of Fire arrives with a gentle hrr echoing in your ear, a soft breath of smoke touches your mind with swirling colors of grey and white. Do not be sad. Do not make him cry.. A gentle voice pleads from within the smoke that encases your mind. A moment of silence, another soft hrrr and the smoke fades the scent of smoke lingering.

The Heart of Fire releases a gentle hrrr, angrier than the gentle breath from before. The smoke is fire, an explosion that enters your mind and grips there tightly. You made it cry. Why? Now, you must find for yourself.. The right thing to do. Flames become smoke, an angry black that fills your mind and then fades abruptly.

The Heart of Fire comes forth with a hiss and then a hrr of relief, a soft breath. Did you cry? Good.. Good. You know the secret, then. Do not make it cry again. It cannot fix again.. White puffs of smoke grace your mind with a gentle hug then fade completely with one last hrr whispered in your ear.


Yay! Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Xanadu. :) First off, I would like to say: Mikalath is yours and you are free to play him however you choose.

Our theme for the eggs were Children's Mystery Novels, the mind touches were based off the villian or the mystery itself, and finally the eggs were based off the hero. The book that Mikalath is based off is: Fire Within by Chris D'lacey. I cannot tell you how glad I was you picked Of Colored Clay when you mentioned artistic. :) Mikalath is not based off of any particular hero in the book, but the mystery and the underlying element throughout the books: The personal dragons. These dragons are a part of the person who recieves one, taking to help their owner in whatever way they can. Gadzooks, one of the dragons mentioned helped one of the main heros with his muse. This personal dragon held a writing pad and a pencil and gave ideas to help him write his story. So when you chose Of Colored Clay, and you mentioned your want to help with Ruzel's creativity.. I knew what I was going to write.

Now, Mikalath's name is based off of Michel Angelo from the renaissance as you mentioned the time period in your app. I chose Michel Angelo as he's known for his sculptures and his paintings and I felt that his name would suit. :) I've been pronouncing it Mi-kaa-laa-th. But you are free to pronounce it any way you choose. He is yours.


Name From The Dragon's Kiln Brown Mikalath
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Zevida
Impressee Ruzel (R'zel)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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