Pride of the Summer Green Mhairiath

Dusky grey-green shrouds this stocky green dragon in the tones of a misty moor. Smudges of moss tattoo her long neck, while a contrasting wash of pale yellowed lichen peeks through down the line of her ridges and stipples over more than ample hips. Her wings show the faintest traces of heather — a soft lavender sheen washing down the spars and dappling the faded sage of broad wingsails. A shadow starts just beneath a long and slender snout, fading down her stomach before reappearing in a circle on her right upper arm, a dark smudge against the sage.

Egg Name and Description


Big Wheel Egg
This little egg is something of an oddity. It looks as though it has been hewn from granite and placed among the other eggs as a decoy — its edges are rough and unpolished, and the shell itself is pockmarked and uneven. Even its base colour is unremarkable - a dull slate grey, speckled with the faded yellow of lichen near the base. What does, perhaps, redeem it somewhat is the silvery patch that crowns its very tip. From that spot thin lines of silver spread across the otherwise dull shell, breaking up the flat hue into a great circular maze that stretches from tip to sands.

Hatching Message

A loud cracking comes from the direction of the Big Wheel Egg, yet the shell seems completely untouched. Perhaps it was just one of the other eggs knocking into it.

Another loud crack from the Big Wheel Egg heralds a tiny piece of shell breaking free. It seems the shell has cracked along the silver lines painting the maze on the shell, and a second piece of shell wobbles but remains in place for the moment.

The past is shattered — the shell of the Big Wheel Egg crumbling to reveal the future in the form of a misty green hatchling.

Impression Message

Pride of the Summer Green Hatchling rights herself quickly, spinning round in a circle before moving to eye up her parents. A gentle warble is sent in their direction, the first trial of unused vocal chords, and having dared to brave them she turns to brave the line of white. She doesn't run, she walks at a steady rhythmic pace, and it's obvious from the start that she knows where her path leads. As soon as she reaches Lorallen's side, she rubs her head against him confirming that she's has found everything that she needs. "Mhairiath." There's a tinge of shock in Or'len's voice. "You'll never be without me again, I promise."


Morning Tide
A soft, lilting voice, almost hypnotic in a sing-song kind of way. Each calm though is accompanied by the noise of waves breaking on a shore, particularly excited times accompanied by the sparkle of sunlight on water. Grumpy or angry times are heralded by a thick fog descending on all contact, and a noise like drums lurking in the background.

Morning Tide breaks gently into your mind, foaming around your thoughts and memories, touching gently against the deeper recesses of your mind before drifting off once more. There is no hurry to the touch, a gentle calmness that surrounds and then fades, taking with it a few of your more open memories.

Morning Tide surges back, a cool breeze accompanying the return and brushing away any doubts that were lurking about contact with these concealed beings. This one seems to want to know everything you offer, but in your own time. Gently it probes once more at your deeper thoughts, your true likes and dislikes, seeking to pry one away from you that it might keep. It will look after it, after all.

Morning Tide floods in this time, though a faint mist seems to accompany the contact and shield its true feelings from you. It fills your head for a moment, though as the mist lifts there's a feeling of loyalty, of trust, and as it ebbs once more into nothing there's a faint drumbeat left echoing in your mind - almost like a heartbeat.


Runrig is a six-piece folk rock band from Scotland. The group was founded in 1973, and as of 2008, Runrig has released 13 studio albums. Musically, Runrig is rock-oriented. The band's lyrics, however, tend to be folk-oriented. Typical Runrig songs will mention locations or events that are unique to Scotland. The history and politics of Scotland (as-well-as its position within the United Kingdom) are also discussed in many songs. Another recurring theme involves an awareness of the natural world, along with many references to agriculture and land conservation. In keeping with its cultural roots, Runrig sings about one-quarter of its songs in Scots Gaelic, a native language of Scotland.

The Big Wheel (An Cuibhle Mor) was Runrig's seventh studio album, and was the inspiration behind the egg desc.



Name Pride of the Summer Green Mhairiath
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Gold Arinith
Created By R'sul
Impressee Or'len (Lorallen)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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