Strolling Through the Day Bronze Mesekteth

Sand the color of reddish gold slides easily and predominantly over the frame of this young bronze. Green flashes here and there flesh out his color, giving him a bronzen undertone to complement the flash of sandy hide. He is obviously young, and seems almost unfinished in his form - he is much more wiry then any of his clutchmates, with little actual flesh seeming to pad his skin from his bones. His long wings, when he spreads them, don't seem to be quite as wide as they should be, giving him the appearance that they almost don't belong. His body itself is low to the ground, his short legs being the only truly stocky and powerful looking thing about him. His color darkens as it spans down towards his underside, a truly greeney-bronze streak that graces the bottom of his long muzzle, running down his thin neck to his underbelly, then branching out to run along the inside of each leg before stretching all the way to the very tip of his tail. His tail is a work in itself, long and perfect for lashing out without notice. Indeed, this young bronze seems to be mostly neck, wings, and tail, with very little invested in his actual body itself. It gives him a look that is overall somewhat tunnelsnakey, and he moves in the very same way - quickly and aggresively. The only regal thing about him is his long, wedge-shaped head. His headknobs are crowned with the very Rukbat's very glory, the brilliant reddy sand color, the same that dominates his back and wings, sweeping over his headknobs then down to grace his eyeridges as well. His eyes seem to be constantly narrowed, surveying the world through suspicions unknown. Like the rest of his body, his color darkens as it spans down towards the underside of him, a truly greeney-bronze streak that begins at the beginning of the bottom of his long muzzle, running down his thin neck to his underbelly, then branching out to run along the inside of each leg before stretching all the way to the very tip of his tail.

Egg Name and Description


Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg
What is this, on the Sands? It looks like a billowing cloud has descended itself to lay serenely upon the tawny Hatching Sands. Pure, simple whites texture themselves over the shell of this egg, tiny variations upon the color forming swirls and peaks. Forebodingly, in the shadows of the cloud mounds this egg is made of, hints of the subtlest menacing greys give threat to the vicious thunderstorm which may follow behind these happily fluffy swirls and twirls. At the bottom of the egg, a tiny space of fluffy, nearly transparent off-white is quickly dominated by the rolling white clouds.

Hatching Message

An unfelt wind which applies only to the Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg sweeps through the Hatching Grounds, shifting the bit of cloud back and forth before the wind is abrutly gone, and the swaying stills.

Still and steady the Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg remains, but dark grey threads spider unevenly throughout the seemingly harmless whites and offwhites of the cloud. It almost seems as if the sky will open up soon, and drench the thirsty ground.

The Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg sways to the right, then to the left in some unseen wind. Majestically, it shimmies, then a gunshot crack echos through the Hatching Grounds, and the egg splits neatly into several pieces, spilling a Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling unceremoniously onto the Sands.

Impression Message

With all the delicacy of a wing of dragons running on foot, brilliant yellows, whites, and greys barge into your mind, stomping around fitfully before finally settling down, and settling in. «L'ter.» A smooth, rich baritone, completely out of place for the gawky hatchling before you. «I am Mesekteth. You are my L'ter. I demand food. Immediately! I must eat.» He gives a soft whine, spreading his still-wet wings out and furling them again, and his tail snaps out behind him demandingly.



From the beginning, Mesekteth will not be a typical bronze. He is suspicious of everything, and everyone, that will dare to cross his path. His fascination will oddly enough come to things that seem to be like him, things he does not find as a threat to himself. «Look at this trundlebug, L'ter. It is so quiet, so set on its path. Much like you and I.» His utmost fascination will come with tunnelsnakes, and he will be quite odd in calling them pet names. «Look at this one that I have found, L'ter!» He will tell you, whenever he has managed to root one out. He will emulate these tunnelsnakes whenever threatened, snarling and snapping, flashing his sharp teeth and sharper claws, all the while puffing himself up to look bigger and more intimidating. His long, whiplike tail will also come into play as a quick way to knock out offenders. If it comes into use against someone of authority, he will abruptly turn away, and pretend nothing ever happened. If it comes into play against someone he considers beneath him, he will menace and be sure of himself. «Yes, I stung you with my tail. Whatcha gonna do about it, punk?» Your Mesekteth will always be very frugal with his favors, never speaking to anyone but you, even if the matters of life and death. With other dragons, he is short-spoken, almost cool. His loyalties and trust lies only with you - never will he depend upon another being for life or love. Even with you, however, he will be quiet, communicating more in a blaze of yellow and white emotion then in actual words. You will always be first on his list of prioties, though, and he will always want to know precisely where you are and what you are doing, down to the finest detail. While he may be silent, he will expect you to keep up a running commentary on what is going on, storing each crucial detail or incriminating fact in his limited memory, and he will pull it from you later when he decides to use it.

Weyrlinghood will be awkward for your Mesekteth as he learns his place in the circle of life. He will sneer and avoid his brothers and sisters, dragging his heels all the way to class and being the first one up and gone. When it comes to flying and betweening, however, he will long to prove himself, and he will undoubtably argue with the Weyrlingmaster's dragon, asserting all of the reason that *he*, the best and brightest bronze of the clutch, should be the first off the ground and allowed between. It is here that his obvious love of pranking will come out, and he will pull each prank in his own sly and unpredictable way, often draging you in on it and getting you into heaps of trouble you don't need to be in. «Let's go dump oil in Valirstvith's couch! Won't she be in for a surprise when she climbs in her bed tonight!» «Go put that tunnelsnake I found in Embree's room. Won't it be fun when she starts shrieking?» He never really considers the consequences of his actions, and if caught and chastized he will seem to be appropriately contrite, all the while planning his next sneak attack.

Flights are when your Mesekteth will shimmer and shine. He will blood early, if at all, and be well done by the time the other males start. Gold or green, the object of his passion will not matter at all. He will chase the female with the same interest that he follows a tunnelsnake or small bug. Possesiveness will play a large part in his chasing, and he will use the same scare tactics on the other males that a tunnelsnake might use when cornered. «You are mine, sweet one, you just don't know it yet. Back off, you smokeless weyrling! She's *mine!*» He will hiss and snarl, flashing teeth and claws while all the while using sly, quick movements to woo the object of his obsession. A loss will hurt him deeply, and he will whine, mope and sulk for a few days, until the next goes up. With a win, he will be a diligent attendant and possessive for a day or two, then return to his stoic aloofness. Should he win a gold flight, he will whine and complain and need to be forced onto the Sands to clutchsit, all the while brooding unhappily about being caged to a female and a bunch of worthless eggs. He will sit through the Hatching, watching with detached interest as each of his children break shell and putter to their lifemates. «How interesting. They are like trundlebugs - mindless little things.» He will comment to you. His desire to know the intricate details of life will be especially predominant while he is chained to the Sands with that pesky gold - but any mention of leaving the Sands will be vehemently dismissed. «You wanted me here. I'm staying.» No matter how fed up the gold might get with him. He will let little of his actual pride or protectiveness over 'his' gold and 'his' clutch shine through, except for rare moments when he may actually feel fatherly (and the gold is deeply asleep with no possible chance of hearing him).


Ancient God of Hallowed Fathers
Dominating and majestic, the mind touch of this bronze is likely to be overwhelming until one gets used to it. For each mind he enters, bold yellows, whites, and greys seems to form the shadowy figure of a bearded man. His voice is low, a deep resounding baritone that speaks authority and intelligence with each and every word. Your Mesekteth seems to know all and see all, regardless of truth or actuality. Each and every emotion is streaked with a different shade of his basic mindcolors, which deepen and darken in color with negative emotions and with strength of feeling. A temper tantrum, while rare, is likely to leave you half blind and half deaf from him roaring in your head.



Your Mesekteth is based off the Egytptian god Ra, god of the sun. Mesekteth comes directly from the name the Egyptians used for the boat that Ra cruised through the Underworld in during the night time, when the sun was not in the sky. His fascination and likeness to a tunnelsnake comes directly from you.


Name Strolling Through the Day Bronze Mesekteth
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Tyfth
Created By Casiella
Impressee L'ter
Hatched October 9, 2005
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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