Singing to Dawn's Light Gold Merkabath

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Dawn's first light has been captured in the fine, smooth, curves of her regal shaped head. Pale golden hues sweep up and over eyeridges and head knobs, shaded by honeyed gold that only seems to accentuate the kind and gentle looking facial features that she bares. She holds her head high and proud, the strong curve of her neck a dazzling array of faint burnished amber that curls and tumbles from the back of her head, down along golden ridges and to the milky pale gold of her throat and chest. Only along the sides of her slim and narrow frame do the golds begin to regain their vivid and bold nature. Like the rays of a rising sun, they stretch out in wispy fingers along the curves of shoulders and long, graceful limbs, across powerful haunches and up the middle of her ridged back. Wings hold true to the same pale golds of an early dawn light along the arms and fingers, although the sails are a marvel among themselves - a mingling of pure gold, yellowish gold and burnished amber, along with the faintest touch of pinks and oranges peeking through should the right light strike the translucent sails. As a final touch, her long tail is dipped in a darker gold which gradually melds itself into the other golden shades.

*Image by Tarish

Egg Name and Description

A Little Holiday Tradition Egg
A myriad of colors swirl, streak and spot this smaller egg on every inch of its smooth shell. Overall an off-white hue, faint creams and dulled sienna has been brushed lightly across the surface like soft shadows cast onto a wall. Muted greens huddle together to form the shape of a tree that is spotted and speckled with reds, blues, yellows and brighter greens in various shapes and sizes. Around this tree, more human like shapes of darker browns, grays and the occasional faint flicker of hidden blues, pinks and various other hues sit or stand near the base of the tree. Others are off to the sides, forever frozen in the action of dancing or simply sitting close to one another in silent conversation. And if one looked closely, each of these human like forms seem to almost appear curved and molded in a way to appear more feminine.

Hatching Message

A Little Holiday Tradition Egg gives one final shiver before going still - or at least it appears to be still. One side of the egg seems to dissolve entirely, bits and pieces of the shell crumbling outwards onto the sands. A pale golden body then makes short work of the rest as she pushes against the last bit of her confines while straightening herself out. As she straightens and rises up to her feet, she lifts her head up, creeling in a many toned call from low to high, before slowly falling silent.

Impression Message

Of all the sounds and sights on the sands, one suddenly slips in with a light, gentle touch at first, followed by soft laughter and ending with your vision blurred by the sudden bubbling presence of crystal and diluted yellow hues. But as it strengthens and the din of the sands is drowned out, it's apparent that the voice now in your head is not laughing, but almost singing. «Sharix.» A voice … her voice calls out in a tone that is warm, firm, gentle and so very loving. «Sharix, I have found you, at last. Now we can face this together, you and I, as it should be.» A pale golden head nudges your legs gently, almost in unison to the soft mental nudge she gives you. «I am Merkabath and I hunger. But we'll work together on that, won't we?»


Like most newly hatched dragons, Merkabath will be no different in her innocence and curiosity of the world around her. For the first few days that you two share together, she'll be all questions and you will be her answers. It's within these first few days of her youth that Merkabath will, more or less, guide you into indulging and nurturing her curiosity, as well as your own. But even in that short period of time, her own personality and quirks will begin to form and within a week or so she'll take on the strong-willed personality that forms the backbone of what makes her who she is. One little flaw when she is young is her sarcasm or at least her habit to be sarcastic with her sharp wit and mental tongue. This may bring you some trouble and both of you will have to work on having her tone it down. While she'll learn over time, she'll never fully loose this sarcastic nature of hers, no matter how old or mature she may become.

Merkabath will grow quickly, not only in the physical sense but mentally as well, possibly becoming a little more mature in mind before she's even fully grown - although she may not understand everything that interests her. So she'll always have a bit of a serious flare to her personality, well before she should, although this does nothing to affect the rest of her quirks. She'll always be a very caring and loving dragon, especially towards you. In fact, even in her younger months, she'll never let you forget the lessons of compassion and love, even if she herself may not fully understand the meaning behind the words. And it'll become quite clear during training sessions or chores that Merkabath will develop a bit of a stern and no-nonsense streak to her. She'll put her "foot down" if she believes you're being unfair to yourself or to others and will give you a sound piece of her mind. But she does it only because she cares and looks out for you.

She holds values such as truth, honesty, honor and courage in very high regard and you'll quickly learn that she's little patience to those (and again, including yourself) who constantly trod over them. Merkabath is, however, forgiving of the occasional slip up now and again. To her, errors and faults cannot be helped and happen, but they can be worked on. And she'll help you iron out any faults you may bare. As your dragon, she'll encourage you to set your goals high and take pride, as well as passion, in what you do, no matter what it may be at the time. But she'll also remind you of your limitations, for the both of you, should she feel the need to.

As she reaches maturity and she's no longer land-bound and permitted to fly, you'll discover that she loves to be soaring through the winds and sky, free from the restrictions she'd otherwise have on the ground. It's during these flights with your dragon that you'll discover a slightly untamed streak in her. While seriousness and a stern attitude are good, or as Merkabath may put it, sometimes reveling in a little freedom and fun can be just as healthy and rewarding. And while she cannot perform the same acrobatic twists and turns as a smaller green can, Merkabath is pleased enough to simply glide and dive to the currents themselves. She'll have a sudden deep respect for whom she'd consider her elders and will expect the same of you and you may often catch her speaking with another dragon many Turns older then herself rather then with the younger ones. And she'll often share what she's learned from them with you. She's not prone to gossiping, like some dragons, unless it will reveal some tidbit of knowledge or information.

As an adult dragon, she'll loose some of the constant curious and knowledge-seeking behaviors she once had. Instead her personality will become more focused on being serious, mature, stern but forgiving and caring. She'll often pity those she finds less fortunate in Pernese society - or as much as she can understand of it. It's here that she'll encourage you to respect the gifts of the natural world, never taking anything for granted and to cherish and look after yourself. And this is where her one flaw will work in - her dislike of lack of caring for one's body. She's not afraid of getting her claws dirty or working hard, but it's more focused to the lack of proper care of one's physical shape or body. If you don't sleep or skip a meal, Merkabath will scold you for it. Same goes for your health, if you feel sick, she'll insist you rest or seek medical advice rather then ignore it. Merkabath will constantly remind you to take charge of your life, in all aspects, but will never allow you to fall into the pit of entitlement.

When the time comes for flights, Merkabath will seek balance, space and solitude. While some proddy females have dangerous tempers or seductive and flirty attitudes about them, she'll be oddly calm and somewhat withdrawn, any conversations shared terse and to the point. It's when she's in the air that she sheds that calm, serious shell of hers and becomes as untamed and unrestricted as any being that isn't bound by any rules, laws or morals. She'll sing out her voice to the winds and it'll take much of your strength to keep her from overdoing it. When the flight is done, she'll calmly return to her old habits and ways as if nothing had changed. When it comes time to clutch, she'll be protective and very nurturing of her eggs. Unlike her dam, she won't be as broody or possessive, although she does watch those about her eggs with a cautious and weary eye.

What truly matters in the end, however, is that aside from your faults and her own, Merkabath loves you and cares for you and nothing you can do or say will ever change that, even if it seems like she scolds you or corrects your habits throughout the day.


Merkabath's voice is light and warm, strong and firm, gentle and caring. The tones and pitches she can wield seem everlasting and ever changing like the notes on a page of music - or laughter. Should her temper be riled or her patience tried, the firmness of her tone of voice will only deepen, as will the pitch. She'll take on a sour note, flouted by sarcasm and full of sharpness. Very rarely will she raise her voice in anger, but she knows just the right tone to set on those she feels should heed her advice. Colors that may accompany her mental voice are light and merry, bubbling up like a sweet liquid of crystal, diluted yellows and the occasional rosy or grey-tinged white, often times reflecting other colors or images of her fancy.



This egg was based on and inspired by the holiday tradition of Nollaig na mBean, or Little Christmas/Women's Christmas, in Ireland. It is the traditional end of the Christmas season and on this day, the men take over the women's household chores. In return, the women can choose to spend this day at parties or enjoying the company of their friends, sisters, mothers, etc. Children often buy gifts for their mothers and grandmothers during this time and it closely resembles Mother's Day in this respect.

Your dragon, Merkabath, was inspired by this very holiday and the music style of Loreena McKennitt and herself personally. Canadian singer/composer Loreena McKennitt is self-managed, self-produced, and the head of her own internationally successful record label, Quinlan Road. In a recording career spanning nearly two decades, McKennitt's "eclectic Celtic" music has won critical acclaim worldwide and gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards in fifteen countries across four continents. Born in the province of Manitoba, Canada, Loreena moved to Stratford, Ontario, Canada in 1981, where she still resides. She has acted and sung in, and composed music for, Stratford Festival of Canada productions ranging from The Tempest (1982) to The Merchant Of Venice (2001). Loreena continues to manage her career from her Stratford base. An active member of her community, she has founded and oversees important charitable undertakings in the fields of water safety and family/childhood support services. (Information taken from her website -

Your dragon's name comes from the preference that you gave in your application and I found that it fit her nicely. The egg from which she hatched was written by Anoryn and Merkabath herself was written by Anoryn, but with suggestions, tweaks and additions from Z'ac and Re're.

*Artwork by T'eo


Name Singing to Dawn's Light Gold Merkabath
Dam Gold Leibeth
Sire Bronze Honrith
Created By Anoryn, Z'ac, and Re're
Impressee Sharix
Hatched 18 December 2006
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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