Sunshine Sugary Sweet Gold Mellonath

Graceful flows of creamy honey gold, as though dripped straight from the comb, shape a petite figure for this regal queen. Near so to actually be called delicate, with slim legs and a slender torso that almost seem to make such a lofty dragon float, for her body is so lean it doesnt seem to carry the weight of her more substantial, imposing sisters in gold. Going so far as to be called pretty, the gentle curve of her neck is like the graceful sweep of a flowers stem, topped in a bloom of a smooth face lacking in any harsh angles, providing a gentle face to this queen with her jeweled, faceted eyes. Rarely do they show an angry hue, and more often than not are a springtime shade of green, sometimes punctuated by the brilliant splash of cerulean blue like a cloudless sky or tropical ocean. The tail of the queen is narrow and lengthy, tapering to a tiny tip where the forked end sits neatly curved upright, and it is this same care to small features and details that form the gentle rising and falling of each crest upon her neck and the subtle sweep of delicate headknobs. Her wings are perfectly formed and held as lightly as a feather, with even a suggestive brushing of white veins along the transparent, tender membranes to make it look like a faint, ghostly pelage.

*Image by Tarish

Egg Name and Description


Ooey Gooey Golden Egg
Rich caramel melts in creamy patch over this shell, the largest amongst those on the Sands, unique in its golden sheen. Melted gold drips, darker areas overlapping the lighter ones, like butterscotch drops sliding down the sides of the shell to a lower gathering point.

Hatching Message

The Ooey Gooey Golden Egg begins a slow, steady wobbling. Methodical, it rocks itself back and forth, back and forth, the tapping of claws on the inside of a hardened shell testament to the unborn life inside, working with absolute patience to free itself from the dark enclosure of its shell, just as though outside have waited in kind for the arrival of this special hatchling.

The Ooey Gooey Golden Egg, after an agonizing time spent chipping away bit by bit, finally gives way to the glimmering promise of a single curved claw, rising up out of a hole in the shell, translucent and pearlescent. This tantalizing hint slips back inside, and the egg is renewed with this first trickle of outside air into a more frantic rocking. Finally, the tension in the egg gives, and in glittering shards like broken glass it rushes away to pool on the sands, leaving a wet hatchling to slowly uncurl herself from the remains. The Sunshine Sugary Sweet Gold Hatchling raises up her petite face to turn it towards the gathered candidates, and with a little pump of wrinkled wings, pulls herself upwards to approach and begin her inspections with bright, curious eyes.

Impression Message

« Oh, /there/ you are! » Comes a bright, delighted voice in your mind, like a rush of sugar that sends your nerves to tingle and your pulse to skip a beat. It is a simple, but decisive statement, like a child who had finally found their long lost favorite toy and rejoiced in finally discovering where it had disappeared to for all this time. « I was worried I would never find you, Ethne, but here you are, and here am I. I am your Mellonath, I am so glad I finally found you! Come on, lets go find something to eat. I want to hurry, in case the others need my help getting out of their eggs. »



Mellona, a latin-derived name meaning honey. It is this, and the candy-themed selection of Honeycomb Candy, that inspired this sunshine sweet queen. Never has there probably been a more amiable Gold on Pern, and it is this adoring trait that is sure to endear her in the hearts of man and dragon. Mellonath, like the honeycomb, is a very stable creature. While she may seem delicate and fragile, the tightly bound chambers of her will, her loyalty, and her heart are as strong as steel itself. From her earliest days, Mellonath will be the perpetual philanthropist, putting the well-being of her fellow hatchlings and their weyrlings far before herself, selflessly spending all her time willing to assist with lessons, work-outs, and even chores regardless if its not her punishment. Never will she be the type to go against the rules, unless she feels they are needlessly harming another, or putting anyone at senseless risk which is bound sometimes to get confused when a young dragon doesnt understand all those backbreaking practices are meant to strengthen, not harm. However, do not think she is weak-hearted! While she wilts at seeing pain and suffering, she will fight her hardest to set right the wrongs and will not rest until she sees it done. Woe until you if you do not assist her in this goal, for while she is a forgiving creature, she will never forget. You, above all, are her chosen, her lifemate. If you will not stand beside her, who will?

Age will bring maturity, and understanding, and shell come to see that pain is sometimes required to grow. As an adult, Mellonath will be sure to keep her nose in all of the weyr business, always alert in case something needs her nurturing attention. New weyrlings will always be a joy, and she will not be happy unless shes done her part to help the next generation succeed. She would make a fine senior queen someday, as her patience never wanes, and her devotion to duty is absolute. This is a queen who always speaks softly, but will not hesitate to action when it is in the best interest for her weyr or rider.

With flights will come a change. Proddyness brings distraction and irritability, as well as an unusual self-centeredness as she preens, primps, and flaunts to the males to show how beautiful she is. Pent up frustration and wildness will drive her flights, and they are always sure to be a event worthy of song as this honey-queen shows her sting. The moment the flight is done, however, the clutch will take up all of her attention. They will be everything-, and her maternal nurturing will be increased a hundred-fold. Never will they be in the right position, or the right temperature, never will the candidates be quite right; a fickle mother indeed! But once they are hatched and seen off into the world, she will be back to her lovable old self, once more ready to be the sweet queen bee making sure all is well with the world.


Songs of Honey
This is a dragon who always speaks softly, though never hesitant or meek. She just sees no reason in raising her voice. Always gentle, always nurturing, she will be quick to pick up on any distress and respond in soothing thoughts and tones. Anger will never be met well, and she will be reluctant to respond favorably to it.


The theme of this clutch was candy, and the chosen candy was a Honeycomb Candy. Super sweet, crisp, and delicious! This dragon was designed by Saisri, and while I hope you enjoy her and the challenges she will present, dont be afraid to make her your own! Life changes anyone, and in your hands, I hope she will have a great life and carry you to great and memorable days. Enjoy!


Name Sunshine Sugary Sweet Gold Mellonath
Dam Gold Daeslynth
Sire Bronze Irilanth
Created By Saisri
Impressee Ethne
Hatched June 26, 2006
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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