A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Hatchling
Geometric shapes arrange themselves in hues of gold over the rock-solid form of this dragon. Her body’s solid strength is marked by curves that only add to the feeling of natural presence. Golden hues darken on one side of her frame, as though she’s forever partially standing in shadow. It’s not quite an even split — a dull tawny shade dominates over her head-knobs and skull, leaving the broad, squared planes of her face a pale citrine. Along the proud curve of her neck, the pattern reverses, with bright topaz dominating over her shoulders before receding to blocks of reddish and brownish-gold just past the wings. There’s one sweep in each of those shades, their sails a reversal that echoes the hues of the other. Her chest is shaded in tiger’s eye, a zigzag streak of ivory wandering through darker golden brown. The pale pattern travels down the length of her stomach until the mismatched hues of amber and sunstone along her sides come down and meet in the middle. A broad pelvis sweeps into wider hips, creating a stance that leaves her paws braced solidly against the ground and her powerful tail continues back to balance her body. Those matronly hips are wider than her shoulders, and so when she stands, her forepaws splay out to give her a solid base. Spiked with pale citrine, it reaches up from her talons like the points of a star — or the mirror of those same talons laid back across her paws.

Egg Name and Description

Mirth and Laughter Egg
Crystallized light and champagne hues are trapped and left to pool along the broad bottom of this larger egg. Gradually they fade to diluted wheat, nearly transparent, as they stretch upwards before abruptly fading away to nothing. Velvety, liquid burgundy swirls inwards on the opposite parallel side and as it settles downwards, it darkens to deep rich reds and further still to reddish-purple. Both light and dark are held suspended by an unseen force over the smooth shell and never touch, bowing and curving to each other as they draw near before being pulled away again. In the space left between, several shades of pastel creams and off-whites, paled amber and straw-colored, softened yellows, rest in various width-sized layers. Some take on a grainy texture, while others a softer and buttery look. Scattered among them are hints of spring greens, dustings of earth browns and — so minute to be almost hidden — pinpoints of berry reds and lavender. Hovering above all of this, almost lost in the background and despite being framed by the rest, is a small swath of bright and pure, clear blue summer sky.

Hatching Message

Another audible crack, followed by an echoing snap, heralds the end of the Mirth and Laughter Egg. The shell caves to the onslaught it faced from within and with one final great effort from the trapped occupant, it splits apart into two great halves.

Impression Message

Laughter drifts by, distant and not quite in focus but a recognizable echo of a memory. Could be your imagination? The heat of the sands could be getting to your head too. Just when it could be dismissed, it returns again and this time morphs into a soft hummed melody, the tune simple but memorable. It pulls at you, familiar and yet unfamiliar, trying to draw you forwards as the sands melt away to be replaced by cool blues and greens of some abstract land, stark black giving life to the illusion of trees. The moment is perfect… and then it abruptly snaps like the popping of a bubble as you’re rudely interrupted and crashed into by — a gold!? « Don’t hurt her! » A voice, clear as day, demands while simultaneously you feel your whole being wrapped in a protective grip as if to shield you from danger. « Don’t hurt… me? Don’t… hurt us. » Us. Two halves, now made whole and the surge of love that follows and the pure, joyful, laughter is almost strong enough to overwhelm more than the gold’s body colliding with you. « Oh, I’m sorry! There you are! I’m so glad to see you again, Calisi! Are you okay? Did I hurt you? » As she straightens out and begins to stand, she’ll offer her aid by leaning against you. Here, brace against her! « I’m Meirath! … why do I feel this way? » Hunger interrupts this time, while she patiently waits on you to answer and to lead onward.


'Cause I am a feeling
And I will never end.

I am made of love.

- Garnet, Stronger Than You

Meirath is, essentially, love crafted into a physical form. There is more to her that makes her uniquely her, of course, but at her core, her essence is purely that emotion. It’s the basis around which everything else revolves. Her whole being is built upon that structure, patterned out like a crystalline lattice. While there may be an odd inclusion now and again, no matter what particular personality quirk crops up, the root of it always comes back to one thing: love. From her caring and loving personality, to her motherly mannerisms - even to her pragmatic and straightforward approach to most situations - it all extends from that all-loving spirit.

From the moment she hatches, there will be no doubt on the key to her personality - it's the very heart of her being, and she'd wear it on her sleeve… if she had a sleeve. The true adventure will be in seeing just how it extends outwards from there. Meirath's love is not a small thing, nor a weak one. Love can shake the world - or change it, for the better.

Weyrlinghood will prove an exciting challenge right from the start, and one Meirath takes to like she was made for it. She's a born leader - not even a few months old, and her forward-thinking ways will have her tackling just about anything and everything the Weyrlingmasters throw at you. There's no better way to improve on something than to try it - and then try it again, a bit differently. Her maternal traits mean that this will expand to your fellow weyrlings as well, and from there to just about anyone in the Weyr.

She’ll have quite the independent streak, as well. Just because someone is older than her, that doesn't necessarily mean they're wiser - or that they can't use a bit of motherly care. You may find yourself left behind if you dawdle too much, and given a patient but firm reminder:

« Come on, Calisi! We’ve got work to do, if you’re ever going to get better this. »

Meirath will quickly show her ability and knack for high attention to details. Very little escapes her and if she feels that there could be more to a lesson or lecture? She’ll inform you and either insist you recommend the change(s) or perform them yourself. Better yet? Rope in some of your fellow weyrlings or other Weyr residents and do it all as a group! There may even be times where Meirath, with inspiration driving her, lead others into bringing one of her spur of the moment plans to life. Should they work? She will be delighted, often displaying it in a rare form of bragging:

« Look! I was right! My plan worked perfectly. »

… and if she spoke to soon? Well. Not every plan goes on without a few hiccups (and occasional disasters) or end up being entire flops. She’ll be quick to admit that her idea wasn’t the best, often with a sort-of apology given to all involved, should their attempt bring about any form of reprimand:

« Okay, I realize that was a bit of fiasco. »

While privately to you? You’ll get the cheeky implied grin and a soft spoken confession: « I blame the herdbeasts. »

“ I can show you how to be strong
In the real way
And I know that we can be strong
In the real way
And I want to inspire you….”
— Pearl, Strong in the Real Way

Her motherly personality will come into play - and rather strongly - during training. Her own enthusiasm knows no bounds, and she is constantly looking to inspire you to act to the best of your abilities. Meirath will prove to be very encouraging and this will be something she’ll carry on through into adulthood. She’ll go from taking full rein to being the first one to give you a chance to try out your ideas before her own and sometimes after giving you a little loving reminder in the form of a mental nudge to look at the situation from a different angle.

That doesn’t mean she’ll always listen to you and there will be times the two of you won’t see entirely eye to eye. Persist long enough and she’ll relent, as Meirath prefers to emphasize her trust in you and wants to applaud you when those ideas cause a breakthrough. Her idea may be better, but a plan doesn't have to be perfect, and she'd rather see you happy and flawed than perfect but unhappy. She knows you are strong enough to handle training and she will influence you to the best of her abilities. After all, nothing makes her happier than being the source of your inspiration. Together you will be strong, but she’s also bright enough to know that:

« You must learn to help yourself. That’s how you become stronger. »

From there, she’ll move on to trying to inspire others and encourage them as she does with you. There are no lines or limits with Meirath. If she feels someone is struggling or needs some advice - or even just a pleasant greeting - she’ll be the one to do it. And if she can’t? You’ll be the one to do it for her. For this reason, she’ll either be admired by her fellow weyrlings or (barely) tolerated for her behavior when she steps in, constantly, with a tidbit of advice or a patronizing comment for those who are always bickering or looking to start some conflict. She’ll have no troubles stepping in as mediator, either taking control of the situation herself or guiding you to do it. Her role is always like a mother stepping in to guide her children; loving each of them for the special person they are and wanting to help them be even better.

For all her display of confidence, she’s not without her faults. There will be moments where she is frustrated or overwhelmed, and other times when she’s confused or upset. These moments rarely affect her for long, and she’s quick to return to her usual carefree and loving mannerisms. If she’s ever asked about it?

« I have weaknesses too. But I choose not to let them consume me. I struggle to stay strong because I know the impact I have on everyone. »

And she’ll expect you to take some of that to heart as well. She’ll take each of her own failures in stride, never one to be truly disappointed for long and she will always, always, be ready to comfort and support you. No matter what, or where, or when, Meirath is always there to help you back to your feet or give you the advice or suggestions you seek to help another in need. Near the end of your time as weyrlings, Meirath will have developed into a more forward thinking and progressive dragon. As she displayed in her early months of life, she’ll want to change things, only now it will broaden and expand beyond lessons and training.

This is who we are.
This is who I am.
And if you think you can stop me
Then you need to think again.
— Garnet, ‘Stronger than You’

Outside of Weyrlinghood, Meirath will shine as a natural leader. She’ll be often seen and be sought after as the peacemaker and she’ll demand the utmost respect from others. There will be little hesitation from her to berate another should they refuse to follow and order.

« Alright, no more fighting! Let’s just have a civil conversation. »

It’ll never be in true anger, but more like a motherly scolding warning unless someone is truly foolish enough to push her buttons. Even then, her threats are almost humorous in nature, but still best not to be taken lightly.

« Okay. Let’s kick her butt. »

Luckily for all involved, at a single word from you, Meirath will pause long enough to consider your suggestion. She may play the role of leader, but she will almost always defer to you as she did while you were Weyrlings. As she continues to mature, Meirath will display more of an equable and mellow personality and capable of remaining composed in most situations. She can easily talk with openness, compassion and warmth with and to just about anyone, no matter how crass or rude they may be in return (though even she has her limits!).

It will be as if overnight she realizes just how fascinating the inhabitants of the Weyr are. Suddenly Meirath will want to protect them all, love them all, as if they were her own. It’s not even limited to humans and human children, but to other species as well. Her love knows no bounds and she’ll extend this maternal, motherly, behavior to animals and other dragons; even other weyrling dragons. Everything, everyone, is sacred to her and she will fiercely protect them all if she has to. Meirath sees the beauty in everything, no matter how different, her love strong enough that she treats everyone as equals. One might wonder if she didn’t pick up this ability to love all and everyone from you, but it’s certainly one of her strongest and most redeemable traits that will make her well loved in return by many.

“Stevonnie, listen to me. You are not two people and you are not one person. You, are an experience! Make sure that you’re a good experience. Now, Go. Have. FUN!” — Garnet


And it’s true, Meirath is very much aware of your capability to love everyone and much of that is why she adores you so. She’ll carefully nurture and support that part of you, a gentle and ever present voice in the back of your mind to guide you. When you begin to question yourself, be it the nature of your sexuality or whether or not you’ll regret something, Meirath will be swift with her reply:

« No more questions. Don’t ever question this. You already are the answer. »

The answer being an easy one, of course: love. She embodies love and she knows you are capable of the same and while she understands all of this, she will never allow you to go too far or to the extent that it becomes unhealthy for you or for you both. She does not see love as restricted to one sex or the other, but rather a fusion of two individuals on various levels and she would never deny anyone that experience. Even if the match is a poor one, there is something to take and learn from it.

If there is one thing that Meirath will NOT tolerate, it is the abuse of love and the sacred way she views in the fusing of relationships. Seeing or hearing anything forced or knowing some recklessly use it just for the sake of it will deeply trouble her. For a dragon so rooted in love, the opposite of it is such an alien and upsetting concept that she will often struggle to understand it. You’ll often have to talk her through it, as she’ll always come around to you, comforted at last.

In the end, she simply wants you to live your life as you would and in a way that would make you happy. Everything is an experience, even your relationships and so long as you’re having a good and fun experience? It’s warmly welcomed and approved, whole heartedly, by Meirath.

“Human man, you are so much fun. I hadn’t planned on finding you quite this…entertaining. I like your band and I like your song. I like the way, human beings play… I like playing along…” — Rose Quartz, What Can I Do For You?

Flights will be a time where Meirath undergoes a dramatic transformation (and you along with it). It will start innocently enough; she'll be playful and flirty with any male - and, really, anyone at all. This will be the first warning, one that could be overlooked at first until you become more in tune with her rhythm. That flirtiness will rapidly morph into something entirely different as proddiness takes hold. There is NO denying when Meirath is readying to fly. Bit by bit, her usual warm, loving personality shifts to her being more self absorbed. She’ll care for herself first and foremost. She’ll become impulsive and does not hesitate to use her power for personal gain. What started as flirty and fun becomes harsher, laced with biting sarcasm and barbed insults.

I can be brash, and you can be reckless, and we can both get carried away. — Garnet, Cry for Help

Headstrong and unwavering in nature, she’ll be everything everyone always warns about proddy dragons and ten-fold at that. Such as it affects her, so it’ll affect you as well. Sadly, you won’t be spared and both of you will share the same changes as warmth is replaced with ice. Meirath won’t be above playing others against one another either, taking considerable amusement out of it. Likewise you’ll be influenced to do the same among your peers and both of you as a pair make a terrible, frightening combination, proving to be quite efficient at it.

Aggressiveness and temperament aside, there will be other reasons that the Weyr will often cringe when it’s Meirath’s time to rise. The reason? Her flights are LOUD! Incredibly loud! And, to add further insult to injury, nearly impossible to ignore. Most will learn quick enough to find ANY excuse to leave when she begins to exhibit the early signs of her proddiness but for those unable to leave the Weyr (and a few unfortunate souls on the outskirts), they will have no choice but to brace themselves and wait for nature to run its course. Suspiciously, there will be a marked increase of births that can be traced back to the last time Meirath rose in flight.

“I forgot how great it feels to be ME!” — Sugilite

When she does finally rise? Meirath goes all out. She’ll be in her element, flush with her power to the point of being reckless, and she can easily get carried away in the heat of the moment. She’ll toy and taunt her suitors. She’ll lead them on a wild chase, pushing all to their limits as she displays her strength and power, laughing and mocking any who fail to keep up. She tests each and every male, seeing who dares to come even close to synchronizing with her. There will never be any obvious preference, and it’s difficult to say who will end up twining with her when her energy wanes and she falters. You may be able to influence her choice, but even then it’s an uncertain thing.

After the dust has settled and Meirath has been caught, she’ll promptly return to her former self and so will you, allowing everyone to breath a collective sigh of relief. Predictably, a clutch will result and Meirath will prove to be as excellent mother to her own offspring as she is with everyone else. She won’t be an overly broody queen, protective of her eggs but welcoming to the Candidates and anyone who comes by to view them from the Galleries. Kindness will even be shown to the clutch sire and he will be welcome too, should he choose to remain with her after the wildness of her flight. When the eggs Hatch and her offspring pair off to their riders - and even long after they’ve grown up and moved on - she’ll want to follow their progress, though that task may often be left to you.

“Steven, we can’t both exist. I’m going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you and loving being you. Because you’re going to be something extraordinary…” — Rose Quartz

Why did Meirath pick you, out of all the choices she had on the the Sands that fateful day? The answer is obvious: she was drawn to your capability to love. There were so many people who could love a gold dragon, but you were the one who could love her and all of them as well. You could love everyone, even when it hurt. That capability is something you both share and understand about each other. She believes that there is a vast potential inside you, and that your love will make you strong - and that you need someone to love you as well. You may never have children from your own body, but Meirath knows you'll love her children - and the children of the entire Weyr - as if they're your own. Perhaps through her clutches, you'll come to understand the difference - or just how little difference it actually makes to either of you. Meirath is a warm hearted, maternal and loving personality that is mirrored by your own, and together the two of you will become stronger than ever.

“If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love.
When I see the way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love
Like you.”
— Love Like You / Not Like You (End Credits, Steven Universe)



Meirath’s mind is a vast and infinite landscape. Pale pink light fills this never-ending room and an upward glance shows no ceiling to speak of but one thing is for certain; it’s no naturally occurring scenery. Instead of soft white clouds, the ones that float serenely along are tinged a pale peach in color. Here are where her thoughts manifest, whether it be something as simple as a glass of water or as ridiculous as the largest tunnelsnake imaginable — said object (or being) becomes tangible in this chamber. There are no rules or limitations in that strange colored and strangely lit room. Whatever she desires is born into existence and the possibilities are, in fact, limitless as she can pull from your thoughts and memories as well.

Despite her mind being a vast and open world, there is one secret, private, place she keeps tucked away. Only you and a select few will ever see this well crafted sanctuary — for that is what it is, a safe and quiet, personal space. Thick green brambles surge upwards from the ground around to create a graceful dome. A small opening above lets sunlight pour through into the area and no danger can hope to penetrate those walls. Beneath the halo of illumination rises a great fountain that stops just short of the refuge’s ceiling. What should be nothing more than a jagged protuberance of rose quartz has been carefully sculpted and polished. The unmistakable curves of a feminine form are obvious, but a combination of time and weather have worn down the figure’s features, rendering it unrecognizable. Floating along on the cool, crystal clear waters of the fountain are several pink roses in full bloom, always present and oddly comforting.


No matter what emotions batter her, Meirath’s sanctum will never fall. That isn’t to say it won’t be affected! On the occasions that she is angered, strong winds will carry a storm in her mind. Dark clouds and lightning will fill the skies and a glance through the skylight will make her emotions quite obvious. As her feelings change, so does the weather outside of her haven.

Meirath’s voice is deep and comforting. It carries none of that high-pitched excitement but instead hovers in those medium octaves that somehow always resonate with a sense of warmth. Her voice carries both the scent and taste of the sweetest Benden wine. There is no sharpness, just the full richness of a perfectly aged vintage. The sensations are nearly intoxicating. Never mind the words, her voice alone is often enough to assuage fears and apprehensions. In the most extreme cases? It may leave whoever she speaks with feeling just a bit tipsy.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Calisi! :D We’re so excited to have you and hope you’re excited and looking forwards to having much fun in the future as we are!

The theme this cycle for the clutch was ‘Things that Go Together’ and ‘Mirth and Laughter Egg’ was based on Wine and Cheese. For the mind touches, they played more on the senses and what is often paired with various aged wines, mixed with a dose of sharing the experience with family and friends. From there, a little of the maiden, mother, crone was thrown in. The name of the egg, along with the Mind Name come from popular wine sayings:

Your lovely Meirath is based off of a few things. Mainly, we tried to stick as close to the preferences you listed. What rounds her out though as the loving, maternal gold that she is, comes from a few of the characters (and songs!) from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe (! She’s namely a blend of the characters:

Garnet (, a fusion between two gems created through the bond of love. She’s the leader of the Crystal Gems in the absence of Rose Quartz. Much of Meirath’s outlooks on relationships (or in the case of the show — fusion) and her leadership qualities come from Garnet’s personality. In fact, the song ‘Stronger Than You’ (, which is Garnet’s ‘theme’ song, could very well be Meirath’s too. Even her Hatchling Name comes from a line of the song: “‘Cause I am a feeling / And I will Never end”.

Rose Quartz (, who’s ability to see the beauty in everything and love all further fleshed out Meirath, with a bit of Pearl ( dashed in for weyrlinghood and the fusion, Sugilite (, for Flights.

And what’s in a name? Whoo-boy, did we have fun hashing out ideas for hers and tried to stay as close to your preferences! In the end, Meirath’s name comes from the Irish Gaelic word ‘Mathaireil’, meaning ‘motherly’. While we’ve pronounced it ‘May-ra’-th, you’re welcomed to pronounce it any way you wish.

Her egg and the mind touches were written by Kiena. Meirath is the result of a collaborative effort from a few SCo members! Kiena is responsible for the RP Tips (with tweaks and edits by Soriana), Soriana came up with Meirath’s name and description and G’in is behind Meirath’s mind desc and voice.

In the end, we hope that Meirath was all you were looking for in a dragon for Calisi and that you will have fun with her! As always, the notes here are just a reference and she’s yours to play as you wish and see fit! :D

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Name Meirath
Dam Gold Luraoth
Sire Bronze Draukaith
Created By Kiena (Egg), Kiena, Soriana and G’in (Meirath)
Impressee Calisi (Calisiya)
Hatched July 8, 2016
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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