Wistful Ocean Blue Mazunth

Navy blue covers nearly the entirety of this blue dragon, stretching from his rounded short muzzle to the short thick rudder-like tail. Moonlit speckles are gently and sparsely scattered around the ridges and knobs, outlining the eyes and moving down in a faint dusty trail to the tip of the tail. His build is all sinewy and stretched out, rippling with teal and silver streaks of calming waves all along his body. With the build of a swimmer, his streamlined wings arching from his back are of a frothy flotsam and jetsam, a whirlpool of color and capped with sterling claws that match the talons at the end of his powerful limbs; each leg lightening from navy darkness to a more dawning pale blue.

Egg Name and Description


Ocean See Sky Egg
The top of this egg starts off an inky black and continues in a band about a third of the way down as such. There are only tiny speckles of white upsetting the darkness here, like stars on a moonless night. Then the darkness fades gradually, first into dark navy blues, then lighter sea blues and even whites. The blues make up a wave like pattern as they roll down the egg, almost giving it a textured appearance. The very top of this egg, amongst the deep black there is an eye-shaped splotch outlined in blue. A circular swirl in the inside of the eye makes up its pupil, colors ranging from brown to blue to white. Straight up into the heavens it seems to be looking, or maybe up at its clutchmother.

Hatching Message

One of the younger male candidates seems to have developed a permanent itch inside of his right nostril from the dry heat of the sands. Either that or his finger has become stuck while he was trying to scratch the inside of his eyeball. He's itching and itching and ignoring everyone around him who is making faces. Finally he jumps a bit as the Ocean See Sky Egg topples over a bit, sending a spray of sand onto his feet.

The eye of the Ocean See Sky Egg is looking right toward the row of candidates, judging them even before the hatchling inside has time to emerge. The sides of the shell move in and out in rapid vibrations, finally working into a resonating frequency and creating tiny cracks at either end. The eye now looks angered, bloodshot with black blood vessels.

Ocean See Sky Egg suddenly tips back over to the way it was at the start of all this thrashing. It's taking a break for now. Why should it hatch right this second, anyway? Then it tips back over, and the weakened top gives way. The beast within rolls out onto the sands, stopping on its back and looks… dead? Then its limbs start to wriggle as it rights itself.

Impression Message

Wistful Ocean Blue Hatchling has finally made it to the row of candidates, though it doesn't seem to be actively searching for a lifemate. He's looking sluggish and seems more concerned about his feet than anything else at this stage in his life. Finally he makes eye contact with one of the younger male candidates. Surely if anyone could understand his plight, it was this one! He trudges over to none other than Delgin, lover of all things living. E'gin smiles at the blue as the two go trudging off the sands. "I suppose I'll be okay eating meat with you, Mazunth."


Waves of a Solar Sea
This mind is shrouded constantly by sadness. No amount of consolation or comfort will entirely remove its gloomy overcast. How deep the depression runs can be affected though, but this pessimistic mind insists that for every string of good things that happen, a string of sad ones is sure to follow. Along with the sadness comes a jaded and cynical outlook that always sees both sides of every coin. This mind is consistently full of nights and sunsets. Deep rich reds, velvety purples and hunter green are the colors that are usually expressed. The deeper the depression the closer the colors border black. Only in anger are there lighter more violent shades of red and green, often clashing unceremoniously in rapid succession.

Waves of a Solar Sea seem to be asleep when you first approach it. But then it seeps into your mind like a quiet sunrise, its rays falling gently on the calm waters of your conscious thoughts. This mind is slightly timid, unsure of what might be in store for it. It has its own dreams and wishes. What were yours?

Waves of a Solar Sea surround your mind, finding a deep and painful memory of yours. It engulfs this memory, and in turn lets itself be engulfed by it. It doesn't want to leave this sadness behind, it's comfortable resonating its sorrow with your own. The grief envelopes all your thoughts, the rising sun slowly sinking into seemingly everlasting darkness.

Waves of a Solar Sea want this night to last forever, but in the darkest hours is when the tiniest light shines brightest. The lifetime of darkness lifts as a tiny speck of hope and light expands to fill your mind as the sun rises once again. Before you realize it, the sea has dried up and the sun is fading. You are alone once again.



Name Wistful Ocean Blue Mazunth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By R'miel
Impressee E'gin (Delgin)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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