Corrupted Sands Brown Mayikooth

Dusty, drab khaki clings like an unwelcome cloak to the hide of this brown while grey-tinted sands spiral around his large body, casting a speckled pattern of tans along his back, silt piles gathered along the curves of his limbs. Each long wing is coated with the same pale hue, the spars like stretching beaches between dunes of dying brown. Neither his tail nor his muscled neck are able to escape the swirling sand storm, and even his headknobs and muzzle are scoured by the whirlwind, leaving him nearly peach in tone along his nose. Each ridge along his back is a slightly darker, shadowed khaki, as they move steadfast down his back despite the storm raging upon his hide, only each paw remaining a darker brown, gripping to the world.

Image coloured by Nicca, lineart by Kaljaia of DeviantArt.

Egg Name and Description


Shifting Sands of Time Egg
Rather unremarkable tans and khakis are speckled together like a pile of sand over the surface of this egg, the outcome being a rather solid lump upon the Sands of the arena. While hues of grey are speckled throughout, adding some contrast, the golden browns dominate the shell. Yet, with enough attention, thin tendrils of a pale blue are wrapped around, like a net holding the contents all together.

Hatching Message

The sandy hues of the Shifting Sands of Time Egg have hardened during their time on Xanadu's Sands, and now a hardpacked lump sits amongst its brethren. But, it seems that whatever has been piled beneath the shell is tired of being trapped, for it rocks back and forth, before pausing to rethink its strategy.

Shifting Sands of Time Egg begins to wobble again, and now the constant movement has started to disrupt the smooth shell of the egg, cracks appearing and widening along the carefully shaped surface.

Shifting Sands of Time fall prey to time itself, as finally the grains of sand upon its surface can withstand the motion no more, and dissolve onto the sands, leaving a pile to be sweep away later, and in its midst, a large, sandy hued hatchling.

Impression Message

Desert winds blow through your mind, carrying with them the dusty hues of sandy dunes, and for a long moment blocking out the sun with the resultant storm of joy. And then, finally, as quickly as it started it subsides, leaving a rippled landscape and a deep baritone voice. « Oh. You were on /these/ sands. I thought you meant the Sands clear the other side of the Arena. » A mental snort, and a bit of wind picks up once more. « Raelin. R'in. I won't leave you. I am your Mayikooth. » And quick burst of wind and a flash of orange, and then there's a rather sheepish admittance, for all his earlier sarcasm. « Perhaps now we could find food? »


"She said my love… I know she did. I didn't dream it… at least I think I didn't… It's quite natural really, her Kingdoms conquered, she has nothing, no one to protect her. She needs me! I can see it in the way she looks at me. All I'd have to do is…Reach out and, take her hand…And she'd be mine! Why am I talking to myself?!"

Mayikooth is sure, steadfast, and courageous to a fault - no challenge is too great, and no reward too small. From the very beginning, he'll be pushing himself, and thus you, to new heights, new achievements, and new feats. While the other weyrlings are out in the lake, or enjoying the sun, he'll be content to sit in the grounds, practicing his wing exercises, determined that every little bit is going to be to his advantage later on. He'll be the first to volunteer for new lessons, and rarely will he have any issues with whatever he is told to do.

He'll often charge into new tasks without any hesitation, or any caution. The first time you are allowed to bath at the beach, he'll likely be in the water before he's even given the okay, only to find that it's nothing like getting a bath in the barracks. Instead there are fish, and plants, and /things/ in the water with him. « R'in! What is it?! » But cry as he might to you, no one else will know for he'll just stay put as if nothing is wrong.

Mayikooth has somewhat of an ego, which can be rather problematic in the long run. He's easy to goad into a risky attempt - whether it's seeing who can pull up from a dive later, or who can bring down the bigger herdbeast as weyrlings. « Pamanth thinks that he's better at hunting. I'll show him. » Try as you may you won't have too much like dissuading him from these challenges even as he grows older. While sometimes its harmless fun, sometimes he'll be convinced to participate in pranks of many sorts.

Yet, not even Mayikooth is perfect. Now and again, he will make a mistake, sometimes even a huge mistake. But, he'll never run from it, instead he'll enlist your help to set it right. Though, sometimes it's better to convince him out of whatever action he has planned to make up for it. « Ailath and I were hunting, and I got in her way. I should take her a beast to make up for it. » But, no matter what, he'll take responsibility for his actions and never let the blame fall on someone else.

As he gets older, the thought of being the great hero will often occupy him. As the larger dragons in your clutch are taught how to catch smaller, falling clutchmates, he'll ensure that he's included in those lessons, and have you pay special care that everything is done correctly. He may even suggest that you join those studying to be a dragonhealer - you after all may never know when such skills could come in useful. He'll do his best to steer you to the Search and Rescue wing - after all that is where the real action is, and where he can show his strength.

Why Raelin? Raelin is the calming influence that Mayikooth needs - the tie to the ground and to others that will cause him to hesitate just for a second before doing anything too dangerous. Raelin is to Mayikooth, as Farah was to the Prince, a true friend and so much more. While alone they can accomplish much, together they can accomplish so much more as they join their talents, and compliment each others strengths and weaknesses.


Swirling Sandbursts
Mayikooth's mind is made up of the colors of the desert - sandy tans and peaches, faded khakis and golden dunes. Yet, rarely is his mind a single one of these colors, instead its a speckled pattern, each making up grains of sand piled atop each other haphazardly. His colors change very slightly with his mood, while a bit of sage may sprout with happiness or a tinge of blazing orange may beat down with anger, generally the unchanging expanses of the desert rule his thoughts. The power of the desert, however, is clearly evident with anger or frustration, as the sands are thrown here and there in his mind, a building sandstorm that very few could escape, golds deep peaches becoming more prevalent then. His mind itself is a rather quiet one, in the background - short of the howls of the gusting wind and the sound of settling sand, he has only the deep baritone that is his mind voice.



The theme for Xanadu's clutch this cycle was 'Video games' and the Shifting Sands of Time Egg was based on the Prince of Persia title by a similar name 'Sands of Time'. The game opens when the Prince and his father, on their way to Azad, defeating the Maharajah of India who was betrayed by his power-hungry vizier. Included in the spoils are a large hourglass, a dagger, and the princess, Farah. When the vizier is denied both the dagger and the hourglass - the two items he sought to possess after betraying the Maharajah, he tricked the prince into opening the hourglass and releasing the Sands. As a result, the kingdom is ruined and all living creatures are turned into sand monsters, with the exception of the Prince, Farah, and the Vizier, each saved by the artifacts that they possess. During the quest to return the Sands to the Hourglass, a relationship is formed between Farah and the Prince, which further drives the storyline. The conclusion (should you not know it and wish to) can be found at

Mayikooth himself is based on the title character - the Prince of Persia. The Prince can be rather fool-hardy - rushing into dangerous situations without stopping to consider the consequences, and allowing his desires to get the best of him. Yet, at the same time, he is responsible, and takes responsibility for his actions. Realizing the horrors caused by his actions, he takes steps to right it, putting his own life on the line. Despite his courageousness and his need to set things right, he does have a rather caring side. And, with R'in as his Farah, it can show.

At one point in the story, Farah tells the Prince a story that her mother told her, about a fairy tale hero named Kakolookiyam. Because the timeline is changed, this revelation never happened, and the Prince tells her that it is his name, leaving her baffled. This is what your Mayikooth's name is derived from. I've been saying it Ma-hee-kooth (like you say Mahi-Mahi) but you are more than welcome to pronounce it however you'd like.

As always, this is only an idea for how to play your Mayikooth - He's yours and yours alone to make into what you want. I hope you enjoy him!


Name Corrupted Sands Brown Mayikooth
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By Niva
Impressee Raelin
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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