Observant Little Blue Maxanth

Gigantic Bulging eyes blink triple-lids owlishly from their setting in a tiny, fine boned, needle nosed head. Looking emaciated, his lanky body uncurls from the confines of what's left of his egg, and spindly little legs shake as they support the even slighter body. A dark blanket of midnight blue rests heavy on his bones that jut through the thick hide. A light dusting of silver speckles over the protrusions, almost like he tried to wiggle through a freshly painted tube, and it stuck to every part of him that it could reach. Tiny spots speckle his ridges, and swirls of silvery blue spin about on the transluscent sails that drip of egg ichor. Ivory talons grip at the sand beneath his feet and the odd little alien hatchling creels…

Egg Name and Description

Uncharted Galaxy Egg
Black sheets wraps around an ovoid of undetermined size. A dark mass interspersed with pinpoints of light looking to be many millions of miles away. A lighter, pinkish globe stands prominately to the slimmer end of the egg, little rays of blue and yellow dust particles fanning out from it, freckled with dots of different color and size. And to the side of this nebula is a darker spot, blacker than even the rest of the ovoid, the absense of light or matter, reaching greedily for the rest of the eggs, pulling with a magnetism all its own. A spot of turmoil, a bit of wrong on an otherwise perfect masterpiece. The black hole only adds to the enthrallment the egg casts like a net upon the cavern.

Hatching Message

Uncharted Galaxy Egg begins a slow spin, rocking back and forth, from one end to the other. The rocking becomes frantic until suddenly the egg cracks straight down the center and a hatchling tumbles out.


Name Observant Little Blue Maxanth
Dam Gold Everenth
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By Tristjen
Impressee J'ran (Joran)
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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