A tiny blue, what appears to be frothy foam is in fact his wings that seem to almost glow against the deep cerulean that splashes across his back all of which are a bright contrast to the darkness of the ocean blue along his sides and belly.

Egg Name and Description

Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg

Scattered across the surface are oblong shades of muted grey and faded blue that mingle with the slightly round-ish shapes of soft purples and striated tans. Watery tints of pale green shapes, resemble that of a small ball of dough that has been pinched and tossed together with speckled pinks and smudged reds. The occasional spotted orange square, squished and stretched, is tossed in there as well. Though muted, it is still a bright contrast to the rest of the colored shapes. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the jumbled colors, like stones upon a beach, they are mixed together and have become a whole - more than their separate parts.

Mind Touches

Waves of Foam crash across your mind, pulling you out from a nest of stones and tumbling you around in a swirl of sea-green and white. Where is up or where is down? Light surrounds you and fills you. Shadows are but a faint memory to the waters that seep into your mind, seeking out and flowing into those darkest places of your mind. Round and round you go, there is no up or down, there is only the swirl of water and light that surrounds you, fills you, wearing away at the rough edged shadows of your mind. In the deepest and darkest areas, it pools and swirls around as if it was doing more than just lighting the recesses of your mind, but also experiencing the pains and the traumas for itself. Why does this particular memory hurt so much? Why the anger? Why is it so much like a storm on the sea? Separate and yet part of the sea itself.

Waves of Foam slowly begin to recede, waters trickling away as it pours out of the dark recesses, almost in silent apology for intruding so deeply. The foamy waters curl around and flow past the softer memories as the tide ebbs, caressing and experiencing the joys and highlights of your life. Catching in the little nooks and crannies of your hopes and dreams, the light dances across the water, vibrant and alive and longing to know why this particular dream and experience that particular hope. Soon the waves themselves are distant, leaving you in a vibrant tidal pool surrounded by velvety-wet ripples that defy logic and converge inwards upon you. Almost as if they were hands that reach up to touch you. You, your very being even, is examined and probed. Seeking to find how your experiences have made you the way you are, so different than it and yet so much the same as well. Before too long, the ripples begin spreading outwards again, taking with it a sense of you.

Waves of Foam comes crashing in again, washing you out of the pool and carrying you out into an alien sea, tumbling you like a stone once more while the waters fill your mind. This time it’s not just the dark crannies, but all of it. Glowing sea-green light merged with hints of purple and blue sky illuminate the inner recesses for a brief second that lasts for hours before it’s gone. You’re left drifting in a quiet sea that holds you buoyant. The waters are warm and though there is a scent of the sea, there’s a tint of spices as well. Warm and pungent mingled with just a touch of sweetness. There’s a sense of curiosity to the holding waters as it centers upon one particular memory. Why is this one held apart from the rest? What makes it so special? What happened to have ingrained it so deeply inside?

Waves of Foam rush you back to shore once more, sending you tumbling and swirling back the way it had brought you. Crashing upon the shoreline, it washes you on the sandy beach. The grains of sand there are rough and invigorating both, before the waters land you gently onto a nest of sand surrounded by tumbled stones. The colors are both vibrant and faded as the waters share with you its own things, adding you to its collection of tumbled memories - or perhaps those are your memories. The waters ebb back out again, taking with it the little bits and pieces of each stone that have been worn off so that it may continue to experience.

Hatching Message

Tumbled Smooth Mosaic Egg shifts open the sands as if washed by some unseen wave that sends what seems akin to ripples across the surface, than tiny cracks appear across the stones before it crashes apart and sends a diminutive little blue stumbling out onto the sands looking for the one that is just for him. What appears to be frothy egg foam is in fact his wings that seem to almost glow against the deep cerulean foam that splashes across his back all of which are a bright contrast to the darkness of the ocean blue along his sides and belly.

Impression Message

Then, even as the tide draws against the shore, Neon Dreams of Night blue he draws near to the side of one small seaholder lass. Tatyani gives a gasp of surprise. "Oh yes! We shall discover the sea's together Marivath and I shall be your Ta'ni!" she exclaims even as the walk together off to sides of the sands.






Egg: Beach pebbles


Name Marivath
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By Keziah (egg)
Impressee Ta'ni
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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