Shipwrecked Princess Green Marisalath

The rich, dark green of dried seaweed coats this young dragon, giving her colouring a murky base that only makes highlights more noticeable. Her head is delicate, perhaps even a little on the small side for her body, but held with grace and precision. Her headknobs are perfectly formed and flecked with light sea foam, which also ripples down her neck to pool brightly between her wings before washing up over her great, arching wingspars. Her legs are long, almost as if she needed time to yet grow into them, and her right foreleg has a ring of rough hide around the ankle that looks rather like barnacles. Her talons are a bright, sandy brown, a colour mirrored on the very tip of her elegant tail and speckled over her wings. The wingsails themselves are her oddest feature — even from hatching they appear damaged, tattered along the edges. Unlike the rest of her, they are a startlingly bright, algae green.

Egg Name and Description

Simple Symmetry Egg

Colour literally blossoms over the shell of this egg - reds and greens forming into rosettes of colour, each simple flower highlighted with a core of yellow. This simple pattern is repeated over and over, covering nearly the entire shell in brightness, though here and there little spaces can be seen and these are filled with black. Towards the bottom the shapes become a little twisted, almost as if whatever has caused this repetition of colour has a slight flaw somewhere - one tiny piece out of synch with the others, mostly hidden by the sand.

Hatching Message

Simple Symmetry Egg sways, buffetted against the sands by some unseen wave. It settles back into its hollow slowly, only the indentation on the sand beside it to show that it ever moved at all.

Simple Symmetry Egg moves again, rocking harder this time and in serious danger of rolling away from its allotted place completely.

Simple Symmetry Egg cannot resist the movements that rock it and it topples from its home, its built up momentum sending it rolling across the sands till it breaks with a loud crack. Slowly - carefully - a sandy claw breaks through the shell, and a damp and shocked green hatchling pulls herself from the wreckage.

Impression Message

It starts a mere second before contact is made, the briefest hint of a wish you were not supposed to hear « Oh please don't let me make a mess of this. » Then comes the blow, a strike to the legs that sends both body and mine reeling. The world seems to go black, but somehow you can still hear everything around you. « Oh Loeashia, I am so sorry. Are you hurt? Oh dear, this was not how it was supposed to be. Um… » There's a pause, the voice fading as the sights of the sands return. After a moment the voice returns, and there can be no doubt that it comes from the little green hatchling that fell into you as she curtsied. « Loeashia. My name is Marisalath. »


Marisalath is first and foremost a lady - she has standards, and if she can't think of a standard that fits she'll invent one and then set about maintaining it. While it may seem like an odd thing to do, it gives her a sort of confidence in herself and her abilities that cushions her from the realities of life. In many ways she'll always be rather childlike, innocent, gullible even. In her mind everything can be special if you just give it enough time.

Manners are important to her, almost to the point of being an obsession. She doesn't approve of swearing, and no matter whether she understands the words or not she understands the meaning behind them. Really it's the words she doesn't understand that worry her more, and she understands a surprising amount, and though she may not tell people off there's a very clear disapproval in her behaviour and choice of wording. If anything she becomes more polite, more formal, rarely angry. She'll always thank others for gifts or kind words, even if they're just being sarcastic or it's a joke at her expense. It never hurts to be nice.

The ring around her ankle is both a delight and a horror to her. Some days she'll stare at it, twisting the leg so that she can admire her bracelet in the sun. Other days she'll do her best to hide it from everyone, ashamed at such a deformity - and you can bet that on those days it will be driving her crazy with itching, it's the one spot that seem to be the main focus of all her itches. You may well end up trying many difference mixtures of oil and herbs in an attempt at making that patch as smooth and supple as the rest of her hide, it will be a futile effort, however.

No matter how old she gets she always loves being with others. She won't talk much to other humans, if ever, but will on occasion resort to baby talk or drawings scratched into the ground if she thinks others don't understand her. You may well find yourself working out some sort of writing table, or even buying her ink just so she can tell people things better. Or even to invite them to your weyr for tea or to look at the stars. She loves the stars, and will want to learn the names of all the constellations. You may well end up making up your own names for the ones you don't know, but be prepared to be caught out.

Despite all her common sense she is rather easily scared by new things. She won't entirely back away from a challenge, but there is a fear present in case she makes a mess of things. Thankfully she has the intelligence to learn and eventually become good at the things she needs to do, but failure may well be greeted with upset that's slightly more exaggerated than you would expect.

When proddy you'll find she reverts even more into her childlike state, looking to play and have fun until such time as her nerves overflow. Flights terrify her. What if she does something wrong? What if she chooses badly? What if someone gets hurt!?! You'll have to spend a lot of time calming her down, and even afterwards she'll look to you for approval. After her first flight there'll be a memory of, 'I can do this I can', but you'll need to keep reminding her that the last flight went well so that she doesn't panic and eat.

There's only one real guarantee with your childlike Lady, life will never be dull. You may find yourself spending a lot of time playing catch up, but you will always be assured of her love and unending devotion. Now if you could just oil her ankle again. Please?


Ocean's Tranquility brushes against your mind almost apologetically. Hesitating for a moment on the edge of thought, waiting to be invited in properly.

Ocean's Tranquility floods your mind with thanks at the openness, skipping from thought to thought and chasing some of the brighter ones around your mind like a child. One particular memory, a little on the dark side, causes it to pause and pull back a touch. You can almost feel the shock. The disappointment?

Ocean's Tranquility is a little more careful where it treads this time, choosing only the happiest memories as if the others no longer exist. As it fades away there's a feeling of happiness, and just before it vanishes completely there's a bright, and unmistakeable, thank you for your time.

Marisalath's mind is childlike, yet sometimes she seems aged beyond her turns by her common sense and precise choice of words. Her words are threaded with sunshine, accompanying images bright and clear, with just a hint of salty sea air to keep things clean. Fear causes the waves of her mind to quicken, thoughts coming in a barrage with a rushing wind sounding in the background. Anger, though thankfully a rare thing, causes her to be even more precise, even more careful with her chosen words, but there's a hint of gunpowder that overlays the senses, a little fire behind the calm.


Egg Inspiration - A kaleidoscope is a tube of mirrors containing loose colored beads, pebbles or other small colored objects. The viewer looks in one end and light enters the other end, reflecting off the mirrors. Typically there are two rectangular lengthwise mirrors. Setting of the mirrors at 45 creates eight duplicate images of the objects, six at 60, and four at 90. As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the colored objects presents the viewer with varying colors and patterns. Any arbitrary pattern of objects shows up as a beautiful symmetric pattern because of the reflections in the mirrors. (

Dragon Inspiration - You asked for a lady, but someone not from a TV show or a real person. A fun challenge indeed. Marisalath is based, and rather loosely I must admit, on the character of Daphne/Ermintrude from Terry Pratchett's 'Nation'. If you don't mind spoilers then you can read the summary here (, though personally I recommend reading it, it's a wonderful book. Her name comes from another character in the book, Mrs Gurgle - or as her name really is Mar-isgala-egisaga-gol. You can see why I shortened it slightly.

As with all dragons on the game, the details in this inspiration are as malleable as clay, and can be moulded into any form you find pleasing. I hope she goes at least a little way towards what you wished in a lifemate for Loeashia.




From Crystath and Khirsath's clutch came 7 hatchlings:

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Gold Quirinth Impressed to Asher
From the Murky Depths Bronze Gensoth Impressed to K'win (Korwain)
Pillar of Stability Bronze Tesnath Impressed to P'ton (Payton)
Bouncing Ball of Brown Tirigeth Impressed to P'nce (Ponce)
Buche de Noel Brown Chenolth Impressed to R'san (Rysan)
Separated Sea and Sky Blue Risanth Impressed to Abigail
Shipwrecked Princess Green Marisalath Impressed to Loeashia

From Amberth and Finbarith's clutch came 3 hatchlings:

Transformed by Love Gold Elinath Impressed to Ameera
At War with the Wind Bronze Eukrocenth Impressed to R'eos (Zareos)
Daredevil Diver Blue Siebith Impressed to D'had (Donnchadh)


Name Shipwrecked Princess Green Marisalath
Dam Gold Crystath
Sire Bronze Khirsath
Created By Cai
Impressee Loeashia
Hatched October 28, 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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