And In Darkness Bound Bronze Malphath
And In Darkness Bound Bronze Malphath
A flicker of torchlight seems to play across the deeply burnished hide of this broad-shouldered bronze dragon. Near-black tips his muzzle, almost as if dipped in a bottle of ink, and fades away along his cheeks and down his neck, the pattern echoing the subtle shapes of long-forgotten, sinister runes melting into rich, polished bronze. Built for both power more than speed, his sizeable frame nevertheless boasts a certain solid elegance and he moves with the cadences of a large jungle-cat, belying any impression that large size makes one awkward. His wings are neatly proportioned to balance his mass as is his tail, tapering to a fine point, lightly brushed with the brightness of a flame shining through the darkness. Talons are hued in the fathomless depths of ebony, seemingly polished to a super glossy sheen, and always deadly sharp. Eerily, any onlooker may note, that this beast's eyes never waver from their sinister blood-red color other than to lighten with ripples in hues of carmine, magenta and rose.

Mysteries In The Dark Egg

Darkness shrouds this egg, though its surface shows signs of texture, like the natural roughness of stone walls, so much so that touching the shell might yield surprise at its smoothness. The warm glow of torchlight flickers along its curve, gradually illuminating hidden mysteries in the form of strange abstract shapes and the splash of vivid ochre and red edged with black, before all fades out into quiet, blackness once more.

Echoes of Hollow Earth glimmers distantly, like the flicker of torches along rough stone walls, far beneath the earth. The sense of rolling over, waking slowly from deep sleep touches your mind along with the taste of metallic water and a hint of salt.

Echoes of Hollow Earth grows brighter, light tracing strange contours traced on stone walls and far off the drip of water splashes down into some endlessly vast pool, deep and resounding. What tales do these long-forgotten and hidden walls hold?

Echoes of Hollow Earth flares bright for a moment, beauty and wonder to be found far beneath the surface, a trickle of water wetly gleaming along the curve of an undying, red and black spiral. Light fades, is slowly extinguished leaving warmth and the sleepy sense of turning over and going back to sleep.

Hatching Message

Mysteries In The Dark Egg shifts and shivers, giving the impression of torchlight flickering all across the surface of the shell before going still once more, grains of sand trickling away from dark sides.

Mysteries In The Dark Egg gives another shudder that causes it to slowly lean over and roll out of its cradle of sand, coming to rest a few feet away from its original position. Sparks seem to dance along the egg's sides and suddenly die out right before one side of the egg simply caves in, vanishing into the dark interior.

Mysteries In The Dark Egg crumbles further along the gaping wound in its side and a bronzen leg pushes outward, the claws of a large paw flexing against the hot air of the hatching ground. A moment later, that paw shoves at the rest of the shell and a big bronze dragonet emerges from the depths of the egg's remains.

Impression Message

Everything goes quiet and dark and the scent of water welling up through the depths of the earth fills your nostrils along with the distinct metallic tang of minerals. The flicker of torchlight fills your mind and washes through you, licking at the edges of your thoughts as if it might be tempted to burn clean through and away, reinvent you in ways only it understands. The low grind of rock on rock and the drip of water into a deep pool echoes lowly and sends vibrations through the soles of your feet and subsides, leaving behind only a voice, precise in its diction, deep but clear, with the mellifluous tones of a well-trained harper or one of Pern's fine lords. « P'rel. You are mine now. Let us go. We have things to attend to. »


As if forged in the fires of hell, deep beneath the crust of the earth, Malphath is a study in contrasts, sophisticated and thoughtful of mind, but possessed of deep passions, often hidden beneath a veneer of polished politesse. He reads as far more mature than your average dragonet, more inclined to observing and figuring things out before he acts. This should serve you both well as you grow together, because Malphath pays attention to how other dragons behave, how other people react and he might help you to make some headway with figuring out a thing or two about others around you.

Loyal to a fault, Malphath is devoted to you and there's nothing he wouldn't do to support you and make sure that you get ahead in life. This could be as innocent as protecting you from life's hard knocks or as devious as setting someone else up for a fall so that your own position and best interests (as he sees them) are advanced in some way. As a young dragon, he may stumble in his efforts at manipulation and persuasion, but he'll learn quickly and his mistakes will dwindle as he matures which could leave you with a lifemate whose Machiavellian brain is always on the move, but rarely gives away the game that's going on in his head. You may also have some problems with him going overboard in the protection department when he's younger. Malphath doesn't hesitate to throw himself between you and any perceived threat, though he may also just as promptly feign lack of interest in you and /your/ interests once he's made sure you're okay.

Malphath excels at strategic flying and is definitely a contender for a leadership position on the dragon side of things. He may also decide that this is the path for you both and push you to go beyond your personal boundaries and limits to work actively toward advancement. He'll be especially drawn to the diplomacy wing - the push and pull of politics interests him even if he forgets the details of what's going on within a few days of hearing about it. While he's aware of all the facets of a given situation, he offers interesting and intelligent analysis if you opt to bring him up to speed.

In flights, Malphath is a determined chaser once he decides to get up there. He'll be a bit of a late riser, but once he gets hooked, he's a canny, trickster of a chaser who doesn't mind shouldering others aside to get at the prize. Once the flight is done though, especially with greens, he's pretty much out of there and back to you as soon as possible.

For all his ability to figure things out, Malphath definitely considers himself to above the average and can come off as conceited or distant in his interactions with others when he's not minding his manners. He demands the best of everything, for himself and for you. This extends to his couch or wallow which must be kept very clean and your living spaces, which he wants to see well-appointed, tidy and pleasant so that you're always ready to welcome the best of company.

It doesn't happen often, but when Malphath loses his temper or becomes truly angry, his passions come to the fore and especially as a young dragonet, you may have to learn to exercise a lot of will-power to dial him down if you get into some sticky situations. Things to watch out for especially are any times when he feels you've been treated unfairly or if he feels that another person or dragon is honing in too much on your time with him. This jealous streak will fade somewhat as he matures, but he'll always react badly when he perceives that you're being treated poorly.

It might take some by surprise, but he has a strange affinity for cats and will be very happy should you happen to bring home a kitten or two over time, to add to the household. You could very well wind up with the amusing scene of a cat asleep curled up in his paws while he watches the critter doze.

Malphath may seem confusing to many on the outside, but his idiosyncrasies add up to a fairly well-balanced personality whose inclinations and ambitions balance your own surliness and difficulties with handling social interactions. Malphath is your staunchest supporter, even when it may not seem like it. He's got your back, always.


The drip, drip of water echoes somewhere in the distance and a sense of hushed expectation. Glimmers of torchlight flicker along rough-hewn stone walls catching on mysterious flashes of brightness and shadow, strange figures etched in the dark. Slow-moving thoughts carry the metallic tang of minerals captured in rock and the hollow echoes of ages past.


Malphath was written by D'son. Inspirations include Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler and the continued theme of 'coming from beneath the earth' from his egg, inspired by the Lascaux cave paintings.

Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler
Lascaux Cave Painting


Name And In Darkness Bound Bronze Malphath
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Inimeth
Created By D'son
Impressee P'rel (Pyriel)
Hatched June 5th 2011
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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