Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Maith

Aquatic green melts across the greens hide, joined by splashes of aqua-marine blue. The color flows smoothly over her hide, mixing along her muzzle and down her chest where it darkens ever so slightly as it shifts out of the sunlight. Short-stubby wings sprout from her back, almost too short to be called wings at all, the same hues spreading outwards like plants from the ocean floor. Water continues to rush down her spine, mixtures of green and blue, down her rather pudgy tail that sprouts behind her. Tiny and minuscule in figure, lithe and built for speed, her body is spotted with tiny bubbles of paler oceanic green, she is a dainty, sleek form.

Egg Name and Description


Moonlit Hold Egg
Midnight rules most of this shell, various shades of sapphire and navey blue scatter about the horizon. Yellow dots are seen crowning the horizon, their reflection shining down into the water below. In the distance under the starry night, lights shine brightly suggesting it's not too late at night for people to be asleep. The only two witnesses to the beautiful sight stand on a patch of land, just on the base of the egg, walking hand-in-hand.

Hatching Message

Moonlit Hold Egg bursts into shards as the hatchling insides gathers up a sudden burst of strength, causing a rather slimy-looking green still covered in shards to look blankly about, hello world, I'm here!

Impression Message

The sands vanish ever so slowly as the sounds of waves enter your mind, filling you completely as you slowly drift into the depths of the ocean. You float there in the void for a while until a voice speaks to you ever so softly «Sabriel…» The words drift off faintly as the ocean swirls around you, «I have found you, Sabriel. I am your Maith, and you are mine. Look at this dreadful place, it's so…boring, and bland, let's find somewhere more interesting…» The sands return to your sight, where a green dragon stares at you intently, waiting patiently. Your stomach rumbles ever so slightly. «But first, I am hungry Sabriel, can you change that?»



Maith is how can we say…unique. You'd be hard pressed to find a dragon as odd as your lifemate is. She has her own unique way of looking at the world, be it maybe the grass is pink, and the sky is green, and people have hands for heads. But that's only scratching the surface of her deep personality.

As a weyrling, she'll want to be out and see everything. Even if she can't, she'll try everything she can to go out and see the world. And once you assure her that the world will have to wait until she matures, she'll visualize instead of what it might be like. «Does the water go on forever, or does it just stop somewhere and fall off? Is the grass the same boring color in Ista as it is here? It's always green, why can't it be a nice shade of red instead? Now /that/ would be a sight to see!» She'll insist that what she envisions is correct until proven otherwise. Once you two are able to go between, she'll demand that she go everywhere so she can see everything for herself. Most of the time she might be disappointed in all the blandness, and will be quick to change it into something more interesting. «Look at that guy's head, it looks like a red fruit!». She's quick to make some witty comment about something silly that only you and she will ever have a clue about.

She'll also be a source of trouble for you during your weyrlinghood, being interested in everything /but/ boring, monotonous lessons. Even then, she tries to lighten up the experience with changing things, probably causing you to giggle at the worst of times and earning a glare from the weyrlingmaster, or even extra chores. She'll never really like the taste of meat, insisting that she would rather not harm a living thing, even something that will feed her. When she starts to feed herself, she'll do it quickly so as not to cause any harm to the beast.

One thing you'll notice about your lifemate instantly, is that she absolutely loves water. If there's water, she'll be there wallowing in it up to her head. She especially loves watching the fish under the water, and if there's any dolphins around, she's quick to play with the mysterious creatures. She'll spend so much time in the water, you might find you will never be dry again, as she'll be sure to drag you with her on her water adventures.

Maith's also fairly intelligent for a green dragon, she's able to figure things out fairly quickly, like that new boy you've been hanging around a lot. «Do you like him, Sabriel? You spend a lot of time with him now. Let's have some /us/ time!» She might get a little jealous of anyone you might like, preferring to spend time with you. Though, if you ever find your special someone, she'll certainly be happy for you, if only a little jealous.

As your Maith turns to adulthood, she won't change too much, she'll still be the fun-seeking dragon she is, still making remarks about people she thinks is funny, still making her own world just for you, but you'll discover something new to her: Flights. Oh, she's a different creature during flights all together, gone is the peaceful, gentle Maith you know and love. She's there to grab attention from the males, and she'll do it any way she can. She'll be very messy when shes blooding, often swooping down onto a herd beast and slashing it terribly, causing blood to seep everywhere. And if any male gets too close? She's quick to snap at them, bellowing a challenge. Males will learn not to get too close to Maith when she's broody. And when she takes to the skies, she will perform loops, dive at the ground, charge at the males, do anything to get them off of her tail, however, all the acrobatics tire her more, and only seal her fate.

All in all, you and Maith will share a private world, that only you and she have access to. Shell show you the world, because she loves you more than anything. And despite her faults, the two of you will stand together till the end of time.


Splashes of Rain
Rippling of waves splashes in the background while sapphire and sea-green fill your mind. Sometimes showing clear-brown sand beneath its depths, other times being murkey and cloudy. A salty taste may flow into your senses, and maybe onto your tongue occasionally as a waft of seabreeze flows through your mind. Though quick like a storm, the waters can turn dangerous, if a topic should go bad.



The egg's description is based off of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night Over Rhone". I got the inspiration, not from Van Gogh, but from Pablo Picasso's unique point of view on the world. I thought it would interesting to have a dragon view the world differently than most, and I also thought I'd associate her slightly with the sea. As it's always been a favorite place of mine to visit. Your dragon is also very slightly based off of mermaids, and her name is taken straight from the word mermaid. Her description is based on the clear beaches in Hawaii and the Bahamas, I thought it would be a really pretty idea for your dragon's color. I tried to incorporate what you wanted in a dragon, as well as my original idea for a rather strange dragon who's fairly opinionated. I hope you'll like her, and have fun with her :), I know I had fun thinking her up. -I'ven


Name Tropical Aquatic Forest Green Maith
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Created By I'ven
Impressee Sabriel
Hatched March 16, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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