Crown of Candles Gold Lusiath

Pale candle light flickers, casting yellow shadows upon this small gold's body, setting the soft creamy-gold hues of her hide alight as they flow over her shoulders and haunches, spiraling down her delicate tail and limbs. Her sails are set into shadow, untouched by the flickering glow that seems to radiate outwards from each of her rounded headknobs, wavering hints of near orange touching her elongated muzzle, and the first of her dainty ridges.

Egg Name and Description

Tabby Striped Egg
Amber and orange tabby stripes wind around this large egg, gold and cream intermingled in narrow bands, breaking up the brighter hues. Each band is a different width - some wide and some narrow - but each flowing into the next.

Hatching Message

The gold and orange, tabby-striped egg is shaking and wobbling. Rolling this way and that, its stripes seem to become wider with each passing moment, before the shell is falling apart, exposing its occupant to the world.

Impression Message

Crown of Candles Gold Hatchling is slowly approaching the white ring of candidates, crooning as she drops her head to push at the young Tessa, snorting a bit before she's moving on. Vivian is the recipient of a look, a long look, before she too is snorted at. Aradir is passed without even a glance, and she's moving on. While there's an interesting girl in that group there, there's a bit of movement and the gold's attention is caught. She's found the one she wants, and a young teen is on the receiving end of a nudge. You!

Keitari takes a moment to react when the gold nudges her, and the look that first passes over her face could well be classed as one of triumph. "Of course Lusiath. I knew you'd come for me, too." There're tears in her eyes as she heads over towards the weyrlingmasters, though she first throws a glance up to the galleries in search of her brother and sister.


Lusiath is a very calm dragon, preferring to watch from the sidelines rather than get directly involved. However, she has a very caring personality, and she is often the one comforting not only her own rider Kate, but the other weyrling riders and dragons after a particularly rough day.


The theme for these NPC eggs was 'Winter and Winter Holidays'. Lusiath is based of the idea of St. Lucia (St. Lucy) who in Scandinavian countries is honored on St. Lucia's Day. In celebration, a girl will wear a wreath of flowers and candles upon her head, bringing snacks and goodies into a dark room, setting it aglow with the lit candles on her head.


Name Crown of Candles Gold Lusiath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By Niva
Impressee Keitari (Kate)
Hatched December 10, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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