From the Shadowy Depths Brown Loyauth

A compact, sturdily built dragon, his hide is a deep rich brown, the faintest flush of sepia beneath a burnished topcoat. But even this shade is clearly discernable as brown in comparison to the nearly black that shadows the arch of his muscular neck and cobwebs between his eyeridges. His muzzle too, strong with a pinch of character, darkens to woody charcoal around his nostrils. Head knobs are tipped in darkness, a matching stripe dribbling down the point of each neckridge, down his spine to tail's tip. Stocky haunches and forelimbs are dappled up the inside with wafts of mahogany smoke, the bars especially noticeable at his joints. In a rare show of pure raven, his talons are glossy black, giving notable counterpoint to his midnight browns. Proportionally broad to suit his brawny frame, his wingsails begin at rustic spars to lighten to a soft shade of dun, speckles of redder sepia skirting his trailing edges.

Egg Name and Description


San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg
An egg of average size, and appropriately ovoidal is a lively bit of color against the Xanadu sands. Brilliant, fiery oranges dapple across a backdrop of sinister indigo. It's as if a great celestial fire has broken out behind a trembling, craggy skyline of black, to seep across the equator of this egg. This warm outbreak of color furthers itself by blending apex-wards into a muted yellow, and finally, a fringe of forest to separate the darkness from the light. On the reverse a shadowed, half-hearted attempt at a mirror image is vaguely distorted, as if riding the crests of sedately choppy, murky waters.

Hatching Message

The surreal colors and soothing ambience of the San Giorgio Maggiore at Twilight Egg can no longer hold up to the scrutiny of foreign eyes. The egg disintegrates into dust and goo, leaving behind it's once concealed treasure for all to see.

Impression Message

A calming whisper creeps into the back of your mind, hardly perceptible at first, like a slow tide on the rise. «Lorena. Lorena, my darlin',» The silky drawl of a cad and a sweet talker, «Don't you think it's time to enjoy a fine meal with your Loyauth?» Wrapping you in a mental embrace that absolves your every uncertainty, reflecting his complete confidence and definitive surety in his choice.



In trying to find the right framework for the personality you wanted in a dragon (avoidant of work, adventurous without being a daredevil and a smooth talker) I happened upon an idea: Captain Augustus 'Gus' McCrae (played by Robert Duvall) in the 1989 miniseries Lonesome Dove.

A man of principle. Of solid moral structure. Honest. Forthright. A good man. Who happens to enjoy his whiskey, a good card game, deftly talking his way around too much work, and the company of beautiful women. He's full of humor and wit, a rake and a rambler. When he has his mind set on what's just or maybe just on an idea, he'll follow through to the absolute end. His loyalty is unfaltering as is his lust for life and thirst for adventure.

Loyauth is these things and more. He'll be content to stay where life is sweet, the greens are pretty and work is easily danced around, but periodically he'll crave the wild. To see frontiers unsettled. To feel like a 'real dragon'. Though his definition of real dragon seems to fluctuate depending on his mood. It could mean sunning himself on a balmy afternoon at the beach. It could mean finding himself in the center of a ring of greens and blues talking up a storm, giving a detailed and animated recounting of his latest adventure. Or it could be talking a long slow flight in the middle of the night, just you and he, skimming the waves until sunrise. He finds the beautiful in the mundane and the great quest in simple tasks. He's never lacking for a sassy joke and will encourage you to be the same.

Why Lorena? Not overly feminine with a flair for making her place in a 'man's' craft. You have a life in you, a strong spirit and a will worth admiration. These things drew Loyauth to you. And these things will be tested throughout your life together.

He has all the sweet words anyone could muster to engender the adoration of a pretty green. (Without getting too attached of course. «There's always another flight to be had.») And even though he'll always be there even in your darkest of times to embrace you and tell you that «It'll all be alright, Lorena darlin'.» He's not overly flowery, still a man's dragon at heart not fully able to tap into the emotional pretty things that a feminine creature needs to hear. It's a good thing you're not some dainty blossom eh?

He's a prideful dragon to some extent. He likes to look his best and will fuss over himself if he feels he needs to be especially oiled for some occasion or another. But it's not something he'll ever make mention of, more just a feeling of subtle smugness when he catches his reflection in the water. Special events for you will also draw some focus. He doesn't want you in a dress necessarily but he wants you to really draw some eyes when you enter a room. There are many ways to catch envious glances and being the belle of the ball isn't necessarily it. Loyauth understands and appreciates this. «Every female creature has a beauty about her, no matter what the circumstance.»

As far as flights are concerned, he'll love to chase. But if he's busy doing something else, «We have to make good first, Lorena. Those greens will all be there tomorrow.» He won't be overly concerned. He can take his take his time. He can play the waiting game. Once he's in the air however, no matter what his state of physical exertion or however crazy the day might have been, he'll give his all. And he'll be overconfident about his ability and performance all the way.

You may feel the need to try and soothe these mildly macho flight tendencies and he'll try to please to you… to an extent. «A dragon can't change his dapples. But Faranth help me Lorena, for you I'll try.»

I hope you like him. And remember if I'm just off my game, he's yours to play as you like. I just tried to give a little flesh to him. ~P'aolo~


Cool Dark Waters
Cool Dark Waters is most akin to a stranger met in a foreign city, sitting alone at a cafe and sipping wine. They invite you to sit and enjoy the evening with light music in the background and pleasant conversation. No pressures. No expectations. Just a nice evening without any names or any constraints. Where two entities can be as they are and share a few relaxed moments before breaking off into their lives again, a dream-like diversion.



The egg, dragon and all the details therein were created by P'aolo.

Namewise: Pengyau is the Cantonese term for "friend", which is used by some foreigners in Hong Kong to address strangers.
Although the term "friend" is sometimes used by speakers of Mandarin and other Chinese spoken variants to address strangers, it is not used for such a purpose by the locals in Hong Kong. Instead, Hongkongers usually use "Sir", "Miss" and "Madam" to address strangers, though some men may use the term loyau ( lit. old pal, or buddy) to address other men. Loyau being the base for Loyauth's name (LOH-Yauth). I chose this because of your interest in terms relating to Hong Kong as well as Lorena's tomboyish nature. (I thought old pal to be rather fitting).

The Egg was of course based off the painting by the same name by Claude Monet.


Name From the Shadowy Depths Brown Loyauth
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Impressee Lorena
Created by P'aolo
Hatched March 14, 2006
Xanadu Weyr, PernWorld MUSH

Drawings of Loyauth by Lorena


*Art by N'kor

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