'X' Marks the Spot Blue Loraenth

After the rays of sunlight, which turn his hide rainbow looking, pass over this small dragon, a deep royal blue coloring appears. The royal blue appears on his hide with glimmering bits of forget-me-not-blue speckled all over his back and stomach. The speckles fade into a picturesque view of the sky; light blue starts at the bottom and becomes a darker sky blue as it moves across his chest. Large splotches of crystallized hide, which looks to have been sugar coated creating a light baby blue color; the splotches resemble clouds in the sky. Azure vines twist and twine about his neck, leading up to his eye ridges. Large oval orbs stare out curiously, the colors of the rainbow swirl together in pure happiness. The nape of his neck is of a teal shade with navy blue glittered upon it; the glittered navy blue continues on down to the tip of his tail. Each of his legs is composed of a mosaic of all different shades of blue such as: azure, navy, baby, royal and sky. The blue continues on down to his large talons, mixed together with a bit of silver and gold to create a unique coloring.

Line Art by: R'owan
Colored by: D'had

Egg Name and Description

Foxy Music Egg


This egg is incredibly noticeable, not just because of it's obscure position of being lop-sided in the sand, but compared to the other eggs, it's compiled with some very bold colors. A nice, gingery-red covers the majority of Foxy Music. The north pole of this egg has oyster white painted atop; the white continues to cascade down offering an allusion to the tip of a fox's tail. Dark maroon swirls out from an ebony black oval that appears towards the center of this egg, similar to blood squirting out from a bullet hole wound. The opposite pole consists of black whirls of what appears to be confusion, unsure of exactly what it symbolizes, but the fact that one may not be able to tell what it is could mean it is some sort of weapon. A thin light gray layer of swishes and swirls shows what Foxy Music's shell is symbolic of: confusion.

Hatching Message

After a long wait Foxy Music Egg begins to twitch, twirls, and tip back and forth. A wiggle to the left can just barely be noticed and a wiggle to the right. Administering another three-sixty before finally a tiny crack appears at the top of the shell. The crack widens until there is enough force to burst through. Within seconds a goo-covered dragonet pops out..

Impression Message

Something twists and pulls into your mind and with only a few seconds there is a fireworks show of wild, adventurous red sparks. A faint buzzing can be heard, something almost irritating, but it really isn't. The buzzing metamorphizies into a rich brassy tone. The brassy tone is of course from that blue Loraenth, right there, him! « Me! Come on an adventure with Loraenth! Please! You can show me everything around here that you haven't already shared with me! » The loving red sparks flow continuously into a fountain. « Well… Once you feed me! I'm really /really/ hungry! Then we, you and Loraenth, we go on a huge adventure together! Just us two! Loraenth and you! » From now on it'll be these two who create the most chaos, fun chaos that is, all about the Weyrling caverns. Just another pair of crazy dragon and his rider to add to the Eastern batch!


Within the Foxy Music Egg is one of the most unique creatures one could ever find. From the look of it's shell anyone could make an inference that this little creature is dangerous or filled with wrath; all wrong. It's personality is a cross between several different traits pulled here and there from it's dam, greatdams, sires, greatsires, and many generations before. The most profound characteristic of this hatchling is it's spontaneity. Having the impulse to get up and go off for an adventure is one example of what could happen while in the middle of a flying lesson or while visiting a different area outside of the weyr and vice versa in several other situations. A bit naive at times, somewhat stubborn, a bit innocent, and a tad of arrogance are several other traits that have been twisted together to form this hatchling's personality. Obviously this hatchling will easily surprise anyone around with it's thoughts, opinions, and actions taken.

Just seconds after toppling out of his egg, Loraenth immediatly went on an adventure to find his lifemate. That obviously didn't take long to do, but with his lifemate he still continues to grow and learn through his journey of life. His first adventure will start off with the basics while a young Weyrling; suffering from the "I-don't-wanna-go-to-Weyrling classsyndrome" and "I'm-bored, let's-do-something syndrome" it will be extremely hard to keep him under one's eye. For it's just a known fact that if not always with, Loraenth will scuttle off to go exploring.

By the time you and Loraenth have made it through Weyrlinghood, or the majority of it, you'll probably have found yourself getting into tons of trouble with your fellow Weyrlings and several of the riders. Who knows, Loraenth will have the tendency to somehow pop into the Caverns while still young and have the Aunties and Uncles bickering at him for sevendays.

So by the time he has fully grown and bonded even more closely with his rider, Loraenth will have gone to the pitts and back. Flightwise, he'll probably be a bit iffy at first. First impressions probably from the greens around Eastern will be a few minuses on his part, but when he takes to the sky for his first time his aerodynamic skills, soothing words, and mindvoice will overcome all, and thus, make "the ladies swoon."

Why L'ae? While sitting patiently - for some time that is - in his egg and then one day a pair of hands touched the Foxy Music Egg surrounding Loraenth. Though this mind was something totally different than expected, almost a bit of a grouch. But he found that deep down, way in the back of Laise's mind, there was some sparks waiting to ignite, filled with adventure, curiousity, and something to make up the foil of himself. It seemed like all the others that touch the egg were scared away by the creature within the egg, as the mind ventured in to find something interesting, random, and just plain unique; but they were all of the norm. So when the time came for Foxy Music Egg to hatch, there were tons of twirls and twitches, for the creature only wanted to find the boy who wanted to go on an adventure with him.


Wild Adventurous Red Sparks
Though rather small on the outside his voice is incredibly deep and brassy, one of the most unique mind voices ever. His voice overpowers nearly everything and everyone, thus it's quite easy to make himself heard when need be, or if lost on an adventure he'll be easy to communicate with over other noises! Though brassy most of the time in "public" his voice will hardly soften when communicating privately into a gentle, soothing voice. The wild red sparks come from the crazy excitement that takes over his mind when in the best of moods, which is usually all the time. Red is usually thought of two things, one being blood and second being love. Love is what overcomes everything, the love for this lifemate, love for being around in his most enjoyed areas. While flying over the seas, zipping through /between/ to end up in another unexplored area, going through the horrible, but yet grateful Weyrlinghood, and always being wanted will cause such an eruption of sparks.

Ginger Swirls of Confusion and Chaos meander cautiously towards the next mind; slow…slow…and then such swirls burst into a huge transformation and turn into gold showers of sparks buzzing with energy. Slithering about to the left, what's that? Oh and then to the right, scuttling over to take in more thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Once again another hyperactive splurge erupts, immediately the golden glitter swarms about. Ooh! How fun! Really? You can do /that/? I want to learn! Slowly the excitement comes to halt, and soon enough ginger swirls reappear peeking out from different directions offering a shy side of it.


Okay, I must admit, this is probably the hardest dragon I've ever done; that's a good thing though, I love the challenges, and thus Loraenth is super special! Mainly Loraenth is inspired by someone, or something, that is incredibly adventurous, wild, spontaneous, shy, opinionated, and many other similar characteristics. I truly can't give you an exact object of what he is inspiried by. I assure you that the best thing to do would take different bits and pieces of everything to get Loraenth. He should be thought of by Laise (hopefully) in the future as a Titan, a Titan being greater than the gods in mythology. He'll think of the same vice versa.


Name 'X' Marks the Spot Blue Loraenth
Dam Gold Kazarenth
Sire Bronze Angelesth
Created By Zaria
Impressee L'ae (Laise)
Hatched Jun 26, 2002
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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