Titan of the Elder World Blue Lonarith

Bruised nightshade, midnight's dusky cloak, enshrouds the lithe form of this sleekly-muscled blue dragon, casting the leathered hide in astral shadow. Moonless twilight, lent infinity's depth by the distance of veiled stars' iridescence, sweeps across narrow muzzle and down supple neck. The heavens mantle his broad chest and shoulders in dark indigo, trailing afar off galaxies across his flanks and haunches. The eclipsed fire of a dying sun touches the tip of each neckridge with carnelian, bleeding down to the tip of his long, slender tail. Upon his parchment wingsails a jade aurora shimmers with cyan, lending lucent warmth to the pallor upon the thin membranes stretched between stark wingbones of sapphire. Underbelly and corded sinews of his fore and hind legs deepen to cobalt tipped with ebon coralline claws - elegant, yet clothed in powerful grace.

Egg Name and Description

Beyond the Taboo Egg
Stoic and resolute, the shadowed eyes that gaze from the pebbly surface of this dark egg behold a timeless sea - ever seeking but never finding. Carved from a shell of black basalt, a protruding forehead, long nose and flat lips form an expressionless face retaining secrets that are as yet unrevealed.

Hatching Message

Beyond the Taboo Egg quivers in rhythmic vibrations and then, as a ship might ride the gentle swells of an outgoing tide, it sways to and fro upon the sands, marking its passage from somnolence to awareness before settling into inactivity one again.

Beyond the Taboo Egg grows restless, shuddering until the stone-faced shell crackles, a myriad webbed pattern of spreading vines that encircle it. The egg appears to breathe as an unseen force from within pushes at the boundaries of its confinement.

Beyond the Taboo Egg stirs once again as from within whisperings and mutterings of sound herald the advent of something that will wait no longer. The shell dissolves in a shower of shards that lie on the sands in a heap of jumbled scree finally revealing the one who seeks, the one who thirsts.

Impression Message

For you, and only you all sound fades. The low-pitched vocal murmuring from the observation level, the excited babble from nearby candidates, the noises coming from the wandering hatchlings - your ears are quite deaf to them all. Yet at the same time you're seeing everything with an unaccustomed clarity. Into this void of silence there is a resounding call, filling your mind like an enormous peal that resonates to the full extent of your consciousness, ringing with a confidence that would dominate if you allow, « R'shed, I am your Lonarith. I am here! » As if by announcing it the young man should know the significance of that. « And you are mine! » The tone changes from its initial impulse, striving to convey some understanding of infinite import and value, before fading to become a confusion of troubled mutterings and colossal whisperings. Almost inaudibly, « Together we will find the answers we need. » Slowly he withdraws until with a mere whimper of wrath and as equally seductive whispers of delight, a ghost of sound that loses both menace and promise to become plaintive, « I am so hungry, can you help me? »


Lonarith has an innate sense of fair play. Besides his all-encompassing love for you, this is, perhaps his most central characteristic. He is ethics itself and contract to him, whether it is his given word or something more formal is of utmost importance to him.

He is all consideration and gentleness with you and others. His manners, for the most part are polished and thankfully he's of patient temperament. Waiting for something is not a problem for him at all. His self confidence is such that he never doubts himself, almost bordering on conceit. Though you try to at least get him to consider the possibility of falling short, he'll just brush that off and continue towards his goal. His assurance will help you too, for he'll never doubt you, such is his great love for you. « We'll solve this one together R'shed. Nobody else will do for this task. They've chosen the right person for it!»

He is frank to the point of being blunt, but it is without sarcasm; he'll say it as he thinks it is, without seeming regard for your feelings or those of others. This is, perhaps his one blind spot and stems from being honest to a fault. There's no malice or rudeness intended - it's just that he feels compelled to share things as he sees them.

However, if there's something he doesn't wish to share, you will have a very hard time pulling it from him. Your questions may be deflected with an unsought answer to an unvoiced and unrelated query or a subject change. Oft times he is implacably stubborn and unmovable. Bribes may not work, but you may certainly try. Surely you will find a way to win with him, using cunning of your own to get to his heart - and his love for you.

He is shrewd, well able to see through bluffs and dissembling, arguing his point with adept ease that will, more often than not, bring you over to his point of view if you are not prepared with sound reasoning to support yours.

Lonarith is one given to attention to detail, whether it be to the drills the Weyrlingstaff put the two of you through or some self-appointed task such as learning how to pull a tighter turn when flying or directing flame just so. He puts 110 percent effort and concentration into everything he does with an artistic precision and this will be evident when he finally takes to the skies. While other dragons may be content to dive or swoop, Lonarith will perform fancy arabesques and swallow-like darts, often cutting things too close just to see how many inches from something he can pass by. To him, flying is an art.

Lonarith is a determined personality, but even so, he isn't so driven that he'll not take the time to relax and play. You'll often find him chattering to other dragons, for he is always open to tell a story, or listen to one. He loves gossip and will often try to involve you in it. For this reason, he will find that so conveniently-pinned notice to the tavern door fascinating and will be after you to read it to him.

Solemn more often than not, although he can find humor, his is more a dry wit rather than a clownish or ribald nature. He's a friendly dragon, but not an overly-cheerful one. He'll chase greens without hesitation, striving his best to catch, but he's not overly flirty with them when they are not glowing; rather he's considerate and polite, viewing them as equals intellectually, but certainly warm and willing to cuddle if they so wish.

Lonarith chose you, R'shed, because your wish to know a deeper purpose and your desire to know that what you do matters called to his introspective nature. His love of pondering profound things will help you sort through all this. He is, by nature, inquisitive. He wants to know not only the whys, but the what ifs. And because he is so inquisitive, he'll be pulling you into adventures you might ordinarily not dare to go yourself. Life with your Lonarith will never be the same.


Lonarith's voice is a summons, compelling, demanding and urgent. Sometimes it is an enormous peal that resonates to the full extent of your consciousness, ringing with a confidence that would dominate, while other times a quiet, contemplative tone that contains the speech and wisdom of the stars speaks. Often the timbre is challenging in such profound volume that it seems intended for ears beyond the confines your mind, the clamor surely enough to be heard by others. The quality ranges from sonorous as thunder to mellow as a golden bell, thin and sweet as a thrummed taut cord of silver while other times it is whimpered in deadly whispers of wrath, sharp with protest, twanging goldenly, rising higher and sinking deeper simultaneously containing the two extremes of the registry. Sometimes it is seductive whispers of delight, striving to convey some cosmic secret, some understanding of infinite import and value to you and you alone and in those times it dwindles to a ghost of sound pulsing with vast, meltingly sweet love for you, the tone shimmeringly sibilant; mellow as the piping of an elfin horn.


The theme for this clutch was 'Past vs Future' and with this in mind, the Beyond the Taboo Egg is inspired by the heads of Easter Island, created in antiquity by an unknown people for an unknown purpose.

Lonarith is based off of a short story - Jack London's 'The Red One' in which Bassett, a naturalist landed on the south pacific island of Ringmanu to collect samples. While there he heard a mysterious resonant sound that drew him inexorably to its source. He begins a deadly journey into the island's interior where he finally finds an otherworldly sphere.

Lonarith's description is based off of the sphere and it's mysterious origin with elements of Ngurn's shrunken heads thrown in. The mindvoice is based off of the mysterious sphere's tonal ring and if you read the story, you will recognize that many of the phrases therein were used for Lonarith's mindvoice. Lonarith's personality is drawn from Ngurn, the village witch doctor, using some of the elements of the sphere as well. Finally Lonarith's name is drawn from the Polynesian Lono, god of agriculture - the name literally means 'Voice of Thunder' and combined with the schooner Nari, which bore Bassett to Ringmaru - and his fate.

For research: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moai

To read the story: http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext97/tred110.txt


Name Blue Lonarith
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Thea
Impressee R'shed (Rished)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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