Courageous Fiery Blue Liraeth

Fantastic flames of white-blue heat ripple in an endless inferno over a slight, lanky form, his frame possessed of a rawly unfinished edge. Narrow shoulders slope to a smoothly curved back, his belly taut and slender while his tail is a whip of fire, 'ridges dusted with tiny stars that are echoed on his thin neck. His head is keenly chiseled, refined to the point of delicacy but imbued with a touch of gentle courage in the set of his eyes and the angle of his headknobs. Softly flowing wings are a wide mantle, sleek wingspars marked with pattern like concentric dapples while 'sails glow subtly as sheer sweeps of translucent sky. The only touch of deeper shades is a lingering hint of twilight's azure on tapering and sharp talons, the final touch on square paws and too-long limbs.

Egg Name and Description


Showy Sparkling Chandelier Egg
Sparks swirl restlessly through icy crystal and haughty rainbows, the full spectrum of wondrous colour shimmering over a colourless base. Patterns weave across the large shell, all hard lines and sharply precise angles forming scintillating prisms that twist and turn, refracting and reflecting in dizzying fashion. A soft luminescence seems to emanate from each tiny shape, combining into a blazing show of glitzy light, radiance divided and magnified a thousand times. It holds a harsh and distant beauty, too gaudy for most people's idea of good taste.

Hatching Message

Rainbows shift, prisms shatter one by one as crystal surrenders to the pressure. Sparkles fade, winking out as the shell upon which they rest crumbles and sifts downwards towards the sands. Slowly, tentatively, a pale headknob appears through the hole, then vanishes before an azure talon appears on the side. For a moment, all is still. Frozen. And then the loneliness all becomes too much to bear and the Showy Sparkling Chandelier Egg shatters into a million infinitesimally small fragments.

Impression Message

Light! So much light, blazing in your head so strong that everything else is whited out of existance. » Laelyn « The whisper is soft, cautious and your name echoes repeatedly through all that you are, all that you have ever been… and perhaps it even touches that which you will be? A peace steals into your pones, a moment of glorious tranquility, of a harmony so powerful you know that never again could you be complete without it. » I am Liraeth and I will never leave you. « With those words, the light fades and is replaced by a swirl of rainbow hues that will forever overlay your thoughts. A clean, sweet scent is like pine and each breathy word in your mind like the wind. » But I'm hungry, through and through. Food, if you please? So my stomach I can ease? «


Why Lyn? How could he not choose Laelyn? Liraeth needs her, needs her comfort, her stability, the security of knowing there is someone who will always fight for him. He needs a family, he needs to be cradled protectively in caring and this is what draws him to Laelyn… balanced by his wish for a Princess of his very own who he can spoil and flatter while sincerely meaning every word.


Rainbow Touched Winds


Name Courageous Fiery Blue Liraeth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Impressee Lyn
Hatched September 8, 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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