Creature of the Deep Green Lesirauth

Murky green flows in an even spread over the soft, curving lines of this elegant green hatchling, wrapping her in a dark envelope of rich color. Slight ripples extend over the wide planes of her classical muzzle, gently blurring the contrast between light and dark along the smoothed ridges that line her curving jawline. Kelp green drips and drizzles down the entire length of her tall, almost overly long neck, encircling it around the base and pooling across her chest and underside. A seemingly neverending line of blue-green takes hold between her muscular shoulderblades, sneaking easily down between the wing joints and tracing the line of her back down to the very tip of her spaded tailtip. Mottled shadows of faded verdance and grey-blue clash and war for dominance along her wide haunches, looking almost like light dappling through deep water to brand itself in a pattern of beauty on her hide. A miracle of bright color covers the expanse of her translucent wingsails, creating a shocking mosaic of foggy silver-green swirls that seem to almost disappear near the leading edge into a perfect grassy hue. Despite her regal bearing, her odd proportions make her look almost awkward whenever she moves.

Egg Name and Description


Mist Shrouded Waters Egg
Calming ripples of deep moss green flow evenly across the expansive yet round surface of this egg, gently touching at the base with hints of the depeest black that hides things unknown from the world. Lingering bits of lighter blue and sprinkles of yellow-green litter the mirror-smooth surface of the coloration, causing a beautiful mottling of tones that appears to almost be a reflection of something unseen. Rolling swirls of mist skim along the apex, curling and coiling into random mysterious shapes as they advance across the tranquil scene. Hidden objects remain shrouded in the distance, looming up from the depths of the plateau of matte green hues, swathed from view by the choking fog. Rising out of the gloom and doom of the distance like a sentinal over all is a long curving shadowy black protrusion, snaking from its lair of verdant color in an almost regal manner and commanding the most attention due mainly to its size in relation to everything else. No amount of scrutiny can discern what any of the strange blurry objects are that appear to be cavorting tantalizingly amongst the pool of blue-green colors just out of sight.

Hatching Message

There's a tiny shiver across the shell of the Mist Shrouded Waters Egg, almost like a slight ripple over its smooth surface. For a moment it seems to vibrate, sending sand skittering from its base before settling back down to silence again. It's not time yet, apparently.

A slow crack forms along the middle of Mist Shrouded Waters Egg, causing a fine line to wind its way through the eddies of fog covering the surface of the shell. Little pieces of the ovoid begin to slowly break free, revealing more and more of the creature inside. There are several tantalizing glints of the struggling hatchling within, but none are visible enough to determine a color. Before any further damage is made to the prison, the movements all cease, leaving the mystery within to stew for a few moments longer.

Mist Shrouded Waters Egg splits neatly in half, the mysterious foggy cloak falling away neatly in showers of misty shell. What's left behind is a curled green hatchling, looking long, regal and majestic in her dainty pile of egg shards rather than scared, confused or unsure. No longer a mystery, her confidence is finally unleashed upon the world.


Ripples in the Water


Lesirauth's name is a motley combination/scrambling of the word plesiosaur, which is what the Loch Ness Monster is thought to be. The egg is a combo of a mist covered loch with some possible pictures of the creature from the past. The description is merely watery based with some kelpie likely thrown in there as well. Lesirauth is pronounced Lehss-eh-roth.


Name Creature of the Deep Green Lesirauth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Brown Saenkarith
Created By Tylia
Impressee T'eri Setari
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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