The Bright Snowlion Bronze Leoth

Crystalline ridges sparkle with light dustings of silver and gold, like frost growing on the majestic brow of a gilded statue. Heavy, they hang broodingly over the slowly whirling eyes of this calculating being, separate by a single river of icy frost that leads down between two hot, bronze nostrils and drips off his chin. His long neck is heavily muscled, despite his youth, and the corded meat beneath his dusky hued hide ripples when he turns his head to look with interest at those who have decided to show interest in him. Broad shoulders cradle strong arms that shimmer with an iridescence that is not uncommon amongst the color of dragon that he is, but sparkles in such a way that makes him appear as though he were plucked from the stars themselves. A sure back leads to narrow hips with massive thighs and strong flanks, heavy with muscle that gives its strength to the long tail that does not sweep, but merely twitches. Grand wings are folded against his hide, unfurling just long enough to display a speckling of spots, so faint that were a person not looking specifically for them, they could easily go unseen.

Egg Name and Description


Blizzard's Break Egg
It is easy to overlook this plain, dull-grey egg, set slightly apart from the rest of the clutch. There are others more eyecatching, or more dazzling, or flashier than this lonely looking egg. Upon closer inspection, though, there seems to be a quality of barely suppressed energy in the blizzard-like riot of snow-flake shaped ridges dotting the surface of the egg. The pure, brilliant white designs become more intricate the closer you look.

Hatching Message

A haphazard wind seems to sweep through the caverns, the world stopping for a moment as the breeze chills Blizzard's Break Egg to perfection. From inside, something taps, and the frozen egg breaks neatly into the sands before melting into millions of snowflake-sized fragments. A little rumble permeates the chill and the stillness stops, spinning back into the heat and chaos of the Hatching as a hatchling makes its way into the world.

Impression Message

A dozen sweeps of frost and chill, bringing your mind into a sleepy state of realization. A cold wind rushes through your mind, back and forth, and all at once you feel like your heart cant move, your lungs can't draw air, as ice creeps through your body. Its almost like youve been encased in glass. And then, you realize. There are words to that winds howling. A whispered undertone. « J'vry.. I am your Leoth. At last we can be together. » and the feeling disappears, leaving you with a clear view of rainbow eyes looking with love into yours.


Silence… Silence, mixed with thoughtfulness, tinged with comprehension, laden with intellegence. That is Leoth. Leoth is a realist, and while sometimes what he says may be hurtful to you, as the truth does hurt, he never means to scar you. He is an observor. He will sit for hours it seems, watching people, dragons, animals and leaves flutter by, as though he's calculating their speed and how long it would take him to catch them and bring them down. He always sees a story from all sides, and will not be satisfied hearing only one version, as he hates to be caught off guard. When he comes up with a plan, he makes sure he has a contingency plan as well. He can not, and -will- not be left holding the ball when things come falling down around him. And he will not let you be left holding the ball either. He will be your greatest defender, but also the one who can cut you down in a moment's notice if he feels you are getting too hauty, or are becoming a danger to yourself. « No. I am afraid that you must not do that. » And why? « Have I ever lied or led you wrong before? » Well… no… « Then do not ask why, but simply say yes. » That is Leoth.

This quiet, calm bronze is a vision of splendor. From the light dustings of silver and gold that seem like frost sprinkled on his headknobs and muzzle, to his strong, heavily muscled neck. From the broad shoulders to his powerful forearms, both shimmering with an amazing irridescence. A sure, sturdy back that leads to narrow hips with massive thighs and a long and graceful tail. His grand wings, if you look closely, display a sprinkling of spots, just a shade lighter than the rest. This patient young dragon is power in every gorgeous line of him. Usually sitting very still, light filters down to catch and shimmer on his hide, like gilding on a statue.

WHY: Jeffry struck me as the kind of person who I could look to and depend on. Hes enthusiastic, and I know he'd be everything I needed. He's sympathetic, and kind, and sweet. Sometimes I wonder myself why I chose him though. Perhaps it is a mystery I need to think longer on. For now, Im glad I chose him. He's all I need, all I want, all I could ever wish to find.


Every thought that sits in your mind is frozen by a wintery chill that blows briskly through your head, lingering for a moment just long enough to freeze your breath in your chest and give you those pangs that one experiences just before a major brain freeze. A creaking voice grates, tinged with the tinkling of icicles like little winter bells, and remains frozen in your memory, even if you do not at first understand what is said.


This entire clutch of Biancath's was inspired by Jennifer Roberson's Tiger and Del series of books (the first of which is Sword-Dancer). Blizzard's Break egg has its origins in the books Northern lands. A land of lush greenery in summer and smothering snowfalls in winter. There's a period during some blizzards where things just abruptly calms, either temporarily or permanently, and that's this egg. The hatchling was patterned after the Northern cat, the Snowlion. The snowlion is a cautious hunter. He will endure endless stillness, and make his kill in a sudden burst of energy, speed and agility.


Name The Bright Snowlion Bronze Leoth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Gauth
Created By Darianya
Impressee J'vry (Jeffry)
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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