Seeking the Snake and Powerful Plissken Green Leikoirath

A vibrant prism seems to dance just beneath this verdant lady's hide, subtly complimenting her malachite hues. Mother of pearl gleams from the tips of her headknobs and liberally dusted along pronounced cheekbones and, giving the green a permanent blush. An opalesque streak, like a glittery ribbon, starts between her faceted gaze and rolls haphazardly along the middle of her snout til it curls off to the left, vanishing into a dimple by the muzzle. A lithe neck and tail balance her athletic but shapely body perfectly. Darker malachite drapes along her back and limbs, then lightens to a pale hue under throat and soft underbelly. Wings are longer but thinner than most greens her compact size, and protrude well past her flanks when they rest along her back. The outer sails appear to have been sprinkled with sapphire dribbles, as does her chest and belly. Obsidian talons curl threateningly from paws that seem crusted with sapphire dust, as does both sides of her spaded tail

David 14's Irremediable Crash Egg

If perfection was part of this world, this egg would have been the ultimate masterpiece. Its oblong pale form, nestled in that sandy frame, absorbs the surrounding light effortlessly without any refraction, allowing hours of bewitched staring. Because, yes, this egg attracts more than the light, it craves for attention. It is made to be noticed. From apex to bottom, it is uniformly covered in a deep matte orange shade that emphasizes its soft silky surface, making it even more flawless. But every gem, as perfect as they seem, has a bit of ugliness. Just like the hidden side of the moon, a rippling flame of black smoke seems to devour the back of it, carrying ashes to the top.

Hatching Message

David 14's Irremediable Crash Egg shifts ever so slightly, then stills, as if not wanting anyone to notice it what it may be doing. Nothing to see here folks. That's right, keep moving! When time passes and attention has moved on, the egg wobbles as the hatchling within struggles for freedom. It's safe inside this little pod, but even so, it must escape or die trying. Another sudden but brief struggle and the egg rocks, rolling onto its side. Stillness once more as the hatchling within gathers strength to break free.

David 14's Irremediable Crash Egg seems to wait til all eyes are focused elsewhere before shimmying back and forth. The efforts causes a vein of a crack to begin and start branching across the shell at random intervals. One spot bulges outward, as if something is trying to punch through the thin wall. A moment of rest and a flurry of back and forth motions make the small crack expand, streaking to the top of the egg with an audible /crack/ that echos across the sands. Ooops! Be still! Someone might have heard that!

David 14's Irremediable Crash Egg can't wait much longer, there's a mission that needs finishing and only a little more time to accomplish a goal it. So in one last flurry of motion, the egg twitches and jerks this way and that. Cracks web across, expanding til a goo covered snout peeks then recedes. It won't be long now. A few seconds of…nothing, as if something is taking a running charge. Then a sudden explosion of shell bits, goo-flinging shards fly everywhere and a young hatchling spills into the sands.

Impression Message

It takes a moment but you begin to realize that you're not alone. A subtle little whisper in your mind, a faint stirring that becomes stronger and comforting in the midst of the raging chaos. The presence seems hesitant at first, unsure of it's welcome, but with just the flicker of encouragement that changes. «My Jaya!» Suddenly you're mind fills with curious wonder and bubbling curiosity. «I'm here!» You sense a mental snuffling, round and round at an almost dizzying pace before the sensation stills. «I'm hungry Jaya.» A soft desperate whine rings through your thoughts. You can almost feel the hunger pains yourself as you look into a swirling faceted gaze. «Fix it Jaya? I'm hungry…» Thoughts of food and a belly rub drift though your mind.


When Leikoiroth isn't sleeping, you'll be very busy keeping up with her. At first, she won't be very coordinated, but it won't take her long to get the paws and legs working properly, and then she'll be off. There are many adventures, and misadventures, in store for you both. Each fresh day will bring the thrill of learning new and exciting things. She'll trust you in everything and will always want to be near you. Some nights may have you waking up to Leikoiroth trying to crawl onto your cot like a faithful companion. This could be disasterous as she grows, collapsing your cot into kindling in a very loud 'WAKE UP EVERYONE!!' fashion, like an overgrown great dane who is convinced she's still a tiny lap decoration. She never means any harm, she's just an overgrown snuggler.

She won't be the largest dragonette among her clutchmates, but that has no bearing on the amount of damage her accidents may cause. Even bath time might not be all that safe. When Leikoiroth first visits the beach, she may not be all that thrilled with the water. It will probably take a bit of coaxing just to get all four of her paws in the water, at the same time. And just when you do, she learns that there are things swimming around in the water with her and there's goes the bucket and scrub brushes, wiped out by a rogue tail swipe. That is if she doesn't crush the bucket altogether in her mad dash to either get out as fast as she can or to chase down whatever just touched her foot or tail.

As she grows, so will her confidance, and bath time will be one of her favorite things. Because that means she'll be able to dig up some new treasure. Items long ago lost will turn up from time to time. You'll never know when Leikoiroth's new trench, and yes, she will dig many during her first couple of turns, because digging is «Great fun!» And it might not just be the sandy beach she digs up. Who knows what great stuff is buried in the meadow, or the midst of the main clearing. Anything could be out there. Hopefully, it won't be the water or techcraft pipes. She may even decide to look under the cracked stone that's in the middle of the barracks, and then the one beside it and so on.

As your weyrling training progresses, her awkwardness when movie along the ground will settle into a smooth loping gait. During your training runs, she may try to keep pace with you at first, but as the feel of talons digging into the sand or grassy soil, her pace will begin to increase. It will take you a moment to realize that a gap is starting to open up between you and for you to get her slowed back down. Slow down she will, and wait for you to catchup, but soon her pace will increase again. But all this is just preparation. When you both take to the skies, it will seem that nothing can stop the two of you. Afterall, the sky is the limit, anything is possible for a WWII flying ace and her physics defying doghouse.

As Leikoirath's size increases, she begin to roam further from the barracks to explore. What's a young dragonette to do when her ridermaster is in lessons all day? Even if it's only been a few minutes that you've been away, those minutes will drag by for your dragonmate and seem like endless candlemarks from her perspective. Your return may be met with an over enthusiastic greeting of pent up energy. A few rounds of having her 'fetch' a favorite piece of found driftwood will syphin off some of the bounding energy that she stored up. From time to time, she may even upgrade during her hunt. You may fling out one thing for her to go find, only to have her return and return with something else completely differant. Send her out after some driftwood, she might drop a wagonwheel at your feet. The wagon may or may not still be attached to said wheel at the time

Leikoiroth is brave enough to go into the haunted weyr, but she may need some incentive. The greater the incentive, the braver she will be when charging into the midst of the cranky ole Wherhandler's creepy lair.

"Will ya do it for one herdbeast Leikoirath?"

«Nuh uh.»

"Will ya do it for two herdbeasts Leikoirath?"

«Umm, no. Nuh uh»

"Three headbeast?

«Oh, okay. Sure! Yea, yea, yea!»

She's a smart one, taking at least half her bribe in advance before braving the perils. When she's charged up you'd best grab hold of the straps and duck annd while Leikoirath boasts ** Let's teach'm a lesson Jaya! and Let me at'em Jaya! DRAGGY POWER!!!!!!!

Leikoirath won't really be interested in the flight talk. She'll listen and absorb it all, but once everything is explained, what more is there to say? Things are what they are. Live for the moment and enjoy each and every one as best you can. There will be days when you struggle just to get through the next few candlemarks in one piece as your training gets more intense, during those times it'll be Leikoirath that reminds you that it'll get better. Tomorrow's a bright and shiny new day, full of new places to see and people to meet. Each with their own stories of adventure to share.

In general, Leikoirath is well muscled but gently curved like she enjoys a strenuous workout before showing a plump herdbeast or two who's boss. Her longer and narrower wings are similar to a dragonfly's, and give her a little extra zip to quick turns and acrobatic stunts. She's a small green with a very lovable and happy personality. Always looking at the bright side of things.


Engulfed Cathedral

Leikoirath's mind is like a crowded kennel of excitable little yips that proceed a boundless swirl of ever curious energy. Gentle little scratchings tug at your awareness, trying to burrow deeper as if offering a mental hug. But soon the hug passes and her thoughts dart quickly, like some flicker of movement has caught her attention and the race is on. You'll need to be quick, cause Leikoirath won't hesitate to give chase. But never fear, no matter how quick she is to dart off, she'll be just as quick to return and share her prize treasure. She's completely devoted to you and will always bring you her newest find. Sometimes her thoughts are calm, like a sleeping pup, restless little snuffles brush over your mind reassuringly. Other times her thoughts will be too fast and chaotic to follow, her usually soft mental touch will have more of a growly bite, the better to latch on and no way to shake her loose.


You mentioned wolves and wanted a puppy feel to your dragon, so I gathered inspiration from an assortment of childhood memories and a few recent ones. Scooby and Scrappy Doo, Marmeduke, Snoopy, and antics from my own dogs. There were soooo many ideas that didn't make it into her actual persona, but I hope I covered enough to give you a starting base to expand on. I wonder how long before she flops over and demands a belly scratch! I tried to add a touch of the lovable and carefree Kaylee in regards to flights and life in general. Feel free to corner Kera if there are any questions you have about Leikoirath.


Name Leikoirath
Dam Kairoikyriath
Sire Saburath
Created By Egg by E'tan, Dragon by Kera
Impressee Jaya
Hatched July 26, 2015
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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