This Is My Name Bronze Laseoth

Pale shades of rusted copper swirl around this overly large bronze dragon, with patches of brighter polished bronze running along the spine. His face is broad, large just like the rest of him, with pale gold brushed along to accentuate his roundness. The rotund body is supported by thick pillar-like brazen legs that ends in large onyx talons. Speckled along his massive wing sails are the same bright bronze that traces the ridges, tops the headknobs, and highlights wingspars. This monstrous beast nearly always appears bloated by the belly that hangs around his middle and the shorter tail that follows behind him.

Egg Name and Description


Possibly Not Doing Something Egg
A flood of red, perhaps paint that's been thrown onto the wall that is the shell of the egg. Careless, almost, but there's no peek of the original color of the wall from behind the red. Deliberate in color, but purposely looking reckless. It fills the surface of the egg entirely, the background only. The foreground of the egg shows two figures, blurred from movement. They don't seem to be doing anything, but perhaps they're doing /something/. The image appears as if they're tilting, or, perhaps falling backwards, stumbling around. This still piture is along the surface of the egg, a sense of mischeif in the image.

Hatching Message

Possibly Not Doing Something Egg dances to its own beat with a shake and a quake that rumbles the whole egg for a moment and then… nothing. It slows down to barely a quiver, anxiously waiting for its debut.

Possibly Not Doing Something Egg's movements become more frantic, vibrant… explosive! The egg's forcibly cracked, nearly twirling itself apart. More lines tear down the shell, running across the egg away from the larger ones. Again it stops suddenly, taking a break before breaching the final barrier.

At last the constricting shell falls apart and there is nothing left to hold the occupant inside who bursts forth with a cry of triumph! Possibly Not Doing Something Egg is no more, and left in its wake is a tall hatchling that is ready to boogie its way across the sands.

Impression Message

This Is My Name Bronze Hatchling pauses mid-pose right out of his egg, making sure to strike his good side towards the galleries before swinging around to face the candidates. First things first, he needs to get himself a partner! This big bronze can move even with the round body, his tail flipping from one side to the other and his legs giving him a bit of a hop in his step as he sashays and slides towards his destined one. With one last spin his skids, sending sand spraying all around him to a stop right into Jollen. "Laseoth? No, I will /not/ be dancing on these sands for you, my feet are pretty much burnt off!" But with a joyous and a grin enough to split his face, J'len lays one arm around the bronze and starts to lead him away.


What's Your Name
Obtrusive beats fill the head, a voice coming forth that speaks in a feminen tone, with underlying masculine tones. It speaks softly, but it comes forth as a loud burst. Prodding the mind for a name, constantly seeking. What's it's name? Or what's yours? It knows not, seeking always. But seeming quite irritated with all the answers. No answer seems to be the /right/ one.

What's Your Name ventures forth, soft beats of the drums fill your mind at first. Scratching shortly follows before the voice come forth. Hey! Hey you, yeah.. What's your name? It speaks softly, almost a whisper, reserved.. It waits though, perhaps biting it's tongue in wait of the response.

What's Your Name seems to grow irritated at the response. Well then, what's my name? It ventures forth to ask. Colors of red and orange swirl forth, frantic as it grips your mind and urges you to speak. But, it's silent as it seems eager for an answer. Anxiety sweeps forth, a hold of the breath as the music in the background seems to fade in anticipation for the answer.

What's Your Name lets forth an explosion of red, almost a scream, but more of an anguished cry. That's not right. Try again, remember this time. It chides, but then pauses and ventures forth again. Tell me your name again, then tell me mine. The red dies down in the background, slowly fading and before replacing itself with calming greens to wrap around your mind. No more words as it waits, patient this time.

What's Your Name relents this time, happier shades flowing to wrap around your mind as the music continues. The colors dance about you, encouraging you to dance along with it. That one works, it is pleased. Sated, it retreats, and the music follows it into the depths. It leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction, or, the knowledge of a job well done.



Name This Is My Name Bronze Laseoth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Zevida, Ysa
Impressee J'len (Jollen)
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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