EveryBody Lies! Brown Lakareth

Chocolate brown melts all along the athletic build of this lean dragonet, softening his long bones and angles with delicious earthen hues. Warm mocha flows smoothly across his stubby snout before lightening as it glides up and over his eyeridges before it falls down the curve of his neck. He's all business, built for flight and favor, with a dedicated flash of responsibility bright in his faceted gaze. His wings are all autumn hues and flavors: smoke and amber, red leaves, brown mud, tawny fields of reeds and grass. Rearlegs to strong that each move ripples his muscles make up for one foreleg that's just a bit thinner then the other. Softer loamy hues run over those lengthy limbs, almost but not totally disguising his one slight flaw. The rest of him is that dreamy mocha brown that that lightens only along the whip like lenght of his tail.

Egg Name and Description

Layers of Sweet Egg
A mix-matched collage of tans, browns, and near golds are gathered on this shell. Creamy milk-chocolate, coats the shell, while paler tan, like crispy cookie stripes the shell, and a near golden caramel oozes over the crispiness.

Hatching Message

After falling so still after it's last bout of struggles, Layers of Sweet Egg sets to moving again with more chunks of shell falling away. As a lull takes over the sands, a loud *snap* is heard as Layers of Sweet Egg breaks in two revealing a rather unique brown who looks around the sands with a judgemental expression on his newborn face. Rising up on his unsteady rearlegs he gives what should be a mighty bugle but ends up being nothing more then a hoarse creel before his unsteadiness has him toppling forward again.

Impression Message

Crisp crackles invade your mind, pushing away the heat of the sands « Everybody Lies, everybody but you Leona. » Comes a gruff voice that seems to know all about you before you can even place a finger on where it comes from. Looking down you see that the slow moving brown is staring up at you with an unreadable expression on his face. « Lakareth and Leona has a pleasant enough ring to it don't you think? It's of no matter either way since you now are mine and we are Lakareth and Leona. » With a warble he nudges your belly his snout « You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking. Now It's time for food, I'm hungrey. »


Lakareth is a very different type of dragon, very unique to say the least. You complete him, you are Watson to his Holmes, his sidekick, his otherhalf. You will of course buttheads more then once, or twice or even three times since well he knows everything there is about anything and you can't tell him he's wrong…very often.

He's very often sarcastic and a bit bitter when it comes to somethings that you both will encounter, such as your relationships with others. The one thing that will become very clear early on is that this brown your lifemate is a born mentor, though he'll only chose one or two at the most to pay attention to and only one will he be tough on. When asked why is simple reply is that he's trying to get him or her ready for the hardnesses of life ahead. Secretly he's proud of each and every milestone his chosen make, though only you will know this. What will start early with him are his clashes with those of higher ranks then him, sometimes what he says will get him in trouble other times he will catch himself before saying to much.

Brilliant right from the start is this dragon your lifemate, though he tends to be rather cranky when his weaker foreleg becomes over tired or strained. As the turns go by he may very well become dependant on numbweed to ease the aches and pains, though never once will become addicted to it. Lakareth never seems to miss a chance to excersise his cunning wit. He'll constantly surprise you during weyrling drills and more, knowing the answers to many thing even when he's not seeming to pay attention to anything that's being told to him or spokan about. To top all this off he tends to view most people and dragons alike as fools.

When it comes to talk of flights and female dragons, you may find that he only chases a chosen few and those are the ones that really get him. It's those that really understand him that he will turn to and cultivate their attentions.


His mind voice is a bit gruff, but a rich gruff at that. Think Baritone in tone when he speaks, a deep tone that draws attention when he imparts his all knowing knowledge to those around him. When he speaks the sounds of rustling leaves comes with it, those crisp leaves that blow everywhere in the Autumn. Rich loamy browns with hints of sandlewood and cinnamon often accompany his thoughts, though when upset the darker the brown becomes and those scents become almost overpowering in their richness.


Name - Lakar means Healer so we thought that since your Lakareth is based on both Dr. Gregory House from House as well as Dr. Cox from Scrubs. He's desc started out to go with his eggs Inspiration but slowly is changed from chocolate's to what you see today. Your lifemates egg is based on a Twix Candy Bar, with it's smooth chocolate outside along with it's cookie and caramel inside.

Tay wrote up the desc and personality with help from Ari who wrote up the eggs desc and named it.


Name EveryBody Lies! Brown Lakareth
Dam Gold Daeslynth
Sire Bronze Irilanth
Created By Tay
Impressee Leona
Hatched 26 June 2006
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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