Keep On Flying Green Kyasinth

Pale clouds drift in layers against interstellar depths whose jade and midnight emerald is only ever glimpsed beneath a veil of nebulae and stars. There’s no constancy to her patterning, no place for the eye to rest as celadon shades to spring leaves and the delicate green-gold of steeping tea. Yet even the void is not wholly trackless, and green-dappled hide is etched with traceries paler yet, new-leaf green tinged to webs of palest citrine. Etchings cascade in loose profusion along her neck, while around her shoulders they curve together as if all following a well-worn route before they once against scatter along her flanks to trace their own intermittent, chaotic paths through the freedom of her vastness. She’s solidly built, large beneath the effacing starcloud softness of her skin, with a form that’s neither slender nor wide but contoured with muscle to seek both power and agility. Her shoulders are wider than her hips, the better to anchor a pair of wide wings whose sails, stretched between sturdy spars, are etched with branching patterns of leaf-vein lightning crackling with the same eager desire to fly that makes their leading edges arch forward toward the skies.


Egg Name and Description

Mollusk Magnetism Egg
Some might say its oddly oblong arc is too big for its shell, but if this egg could talk through the small, almond-shaped shadow hugged by lines of white roughly centered on one side, it might just say, COMPARED TO WHAT? The disturbingly bulbous eyelike orb of white on a narrow field of green with its perfect circle pupil of black, set at the farthest extreme of the squat egg probably doesn't grant this egg the ability to see the more traditionally shaped eggs to which it might be compared, but that won't stop some viewers from feeling watched. Fortunately, the taupe and cream spread across nearly the entirety of one side and most of the other, interrupted only by subtle striations of an equally benign tan, makes this rather tiny egg anything but daunting. Between the fine raised spirals texturing the shell, the close observer with a dedicated search might pick out a patch of taupe, ribbed and rounded, or a fragment of ebony that gleams iridescent indigo in the right light. The diligent eye might even catch on a sparkle of abalone, a pebble of hazy blue or opaque green, partially subsumed by all the bland. If nothing else has captured curiosity within this uneggspetedly enchanting, one-of-a-kind, trash-or-treasure egg, the linked crescents of striking pink joined with daubs of white peeking out from its cockeyed sprawl on the sands might be the bit of whimsy that tips the scales.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Mollusk Magnetism Egg teeters and it totters although with its rather bulbous markings it can be a bit hard to tell just how much movement is actually happening and how much might be an optical illusion.

Crack Message
Mollusk Magnetism Egg shudders as a giant thunderclap booms overhead, the sound vibrating through the hatching arena. While it might be safer in the egg, staying in there forever surely isn't an option.

Hatch Message
Mollusk Magnetism Egg has spent enough time wobbling and now it's time to get down to business. There's one more massive jiggle before the talon of a little green's back foot emerges and then another. Beep. Beep. Beep. Soon, the rest of the hatchling escapes as well, plunking down right onto her rear.

Sands Pose #1
Keep On Flying Green Hatchling cranes her head to take this all in, meeting each and every sight with eye-whirling enthusiasm. The young dragon trills with delight at each new sight. The shard of her egg stuck to her toe-claw! The looming (but encouraging) shadows of her parents! The crowd! Her siblings! Isn't it all amazing? All so… shiny! But there's gotta be someone that's the most shiniest of them all and off she goes, seemingly set to inspect everything and everyone on her way to wherever her lifemate might be waiting.

Sands Pose #2
Keep On Flying Green Hatchling bounces through the sands. Sure, there might be a slip here or there, but that doesn't stop this energetic hatchling. When she ends up face first in the sand, it's only a second later before she scrambles back to her feet trying to shake off the muck as she's back on the hunt, trilling happily all the way.

Impression Message

Public Message
Keep On Flying Green Hatchling stumbles a bit as the rain pelts at her face. Just when she's beginning to give a rather hopeless croon as if she was losing hope, suddenly she puts on a burst of speed and practically hurls herself into the knees of the blonde haired computercrafter that is now her chosen. Nothing in the 'verse can stop her now that they're together!

Private Message
Okay… who turned out the lights? Because where there had been the glare of the arena lights overhead, suddenly you find yourself in a void with just the pinpricks of distant stars surrounding you. All alone, but you're not alone because there's the rumbles of an engine as a ship roars up right beside you. « V'orn! V'orn! V'orn!!! » That one repeated word erupts in a kaleidoscope of colors as you're welcomed into the safety of the cargo bay. « I'm your Kyasinth, V'orn! And I'm so happy to meet you! We're gonna go to so many places and do so many things and everything's just going to be all shiny from here on out… » It sounded as if she might continue gushing for forever until there's a much smaller rumble not of thunder but a hungry baby dragon belly. « But first, could we get some food? »


Kyasinth is not stupid. In fact, she can be very insightful and observant. She’s just especially good at seeing the positive and good things. They’re the ones she tends to notice, they’re the parts she tends to remember, and so that’s what shapes her expectations to make her such a happy, bubbly, positive creature.


She’s also very honest by nature, which can mean she doesn’t always pick up on the subtler signals that someone else might be trying to deceive. It’s not that she doesn’t understand the concept of lying - or even that she won’t do it herself - it’s just that, while she might say something she knows isn’t true, her intonations and body language give the game away.

« I, uh, definitely didn’t eat that herdbeast. »
“Kyasinth, why aren’t you meeting my eyes?”
« Oh…. no reason! I just, uhm, I really like… this bird! »

That’s okay, though, because Kyasinth doesn’t particularly like lying. She might do it to try to get out of trouble, she’d definitely do it to try to keep a friend out of trouble, but most of the time, she’s perfectly happy sharing the truth about anything and everything… even when you’d rather she didn’t.

Most dragonlings go through a period of oversharing, but while Kyasinth will certainly learn to modulate her mental volume, she may never quite understand that there are things you’d prefer she didn’t talk about. After all, she knows you’re very happy with your new lover - and she is too! - so… why shouldn’t she tell the wingleader that’s why you’re running late for drills? Surely they’ll also be happy for you!

She doesn’t like being alone, and she doesn’t think you should be alone either. Everyone needs friends and found family, and she wants to see yours grow and become strong. Make a new friend in Fort that you don't get to see often being halfway across the planet? Don't worry! She's got wings and is more than willing to come up with reasons for why the two of you should go visit. It'll just be a jiffy and maintaining your relationships is important. She can sometimes cause some unintentional trouble when she assumes that all her friends will get along. After all, she likes and enjoys each one of them, so why wouldn’t they get along with each other?

Fights between her friends make her sad, and while she wants to help them fix things… she’s kind of hopeless at actually doing it. « You should make up! » and other such earnest exhortations only go so far.

If she thinks one or the other party in an argument is to blame, she may try to get them to admit their wrongdoing and apologize… but even there, she has a very hard time being stern or unyielding about it. She might manage a disappointed look, but that’s about it.

The thing is, though? She’s just so likable and sweet that those unhappy looks sometimes work better than you might expect. Making Kyasinth sad is like kicking a puppy into an engine turbine, and anyone with half a heart is likely to think twice before doing something they know will make her pout.

Even when she’s upset with someone, Kyasinth still loves them. Sometimes good people do bad things… and in her worldview, pretty much everyone is, deep down inside, a good person. Some of them, it’s just very, very, very deep… but in her heart of hearts, Kyasinth still believes it’s there.

If someone does manage to deeply upset Kyasinth, she’s likely to run away. She doesn’t like it when people are mean, and she doesn’t want to be mean to anyone else, either. If she can’t hold onto her love for someone while seeing what they’re doing, if it goes beyond her being disappointed and wanting them to do better… she’ll flee the situation and hide herself away until her emotions can return to an even keel.

Even then, she’s unlikely to hold a grudge. Once her mood has calmed (and, perhaps, a bit of draconic forgetfulness has happened)… well, she’s not unaware of people’s past failures, but those are in the past, and they probably had reasons. Maybe they had a hard day, maybe they didn’t mean it that way, maybe it was just a mistake, but whatever the reason, she knows they can do better.

Zoë: Captain will come up with a plan.
Kaylee: That's good. Right?
Zoë: Possibly you're not recalling some of his previous plans.

Sometimes, this can make her seem trusting well past the point of foolishness, but Kyasinth isn’t actually oblivious. She just believes in people, and she can see so easily how they could be shiny and wonderful that it’s hard for her to understand that maybe, sometimes, some people won’t turn out as good as she hopes for them.

No matter what the world throws at her, Kyasinth will remain an eternal optimist. She’s a happy-go-lucky dragon, as lovable as she is loving, and will bring her upbeat joy and seemingly-endless enthusiasm to whatever course the two of you plot through Pern’s skies.


A Rose Colored Cargo Bay

Eternal optimist and lover of most things, it should probably come as no surprise that Kyasinth's mindvoice has a little bit of everything in it, just like Pern's largest junk drawer taking over the sleek metal halls of the Yokohama.

But the space shuttle circling above Pern is a little boring, isn't it? All steel and grey… that just won't do in Kyasinth's world. She seems to see things through rose colored glasses often (or lavender or periwinkle or lemon yellow…) and sometimes those colors are quite literal. This is no ordinary space craft, her mind. The interior is bright and cheery with decorations often changing with whatever she might be thinking about. Sometimes posters or maybe stickers or even children's finger paintings. Whatever happens to fit the thought that might be crossing her head.

Her love of things might get the best of her sometimes as her mindspace has a tendency to get… cluttered. A nest of spare parts and countless wires that would be a labyrinth to anybody else is her safe spot. When she needs to retreat from high stressed scenarios, this rickety looking little hidey hole is where she'll retreat to, but it'll also be where she rummages when she needs to think Serious Thoughts and maybe, just maybe she'll find some lost nugget of wisdom attached to a spare part you both had forgotten about!



Kyasinth’s earnest charm extends beyond her personality to infuse her appearance. She’s not quite traditionally beautiful; too solidly built, not refined enough… but she’s undeniably pretty, and attractive in a wholesome way that’s as much because of who she is as how she looks.

She’s definitely not the sort to sit around and wait to be admired, though. As much as Kyasinth enjoys it when you make her up pretty - and she absolutely loves being bathed and groomed with floral oils until she gleams - she’s an active, vivacious green who will frequently find herself absolutely covered in dirt.

As much fun as it is to romp and wrestle in the mud or squeeze into the caverns, though, her true love is the skies. They offer a freedom that she revels in, and she loves to feel the wind against her wings as the ground falls away. She’s a natural acrobat as well, and she’ll love to push her limits until she can spin on a tenth mark and race the wind. Kyasinth is truly a skilled flyer, with all the agility you might expect of a green (and more!) mixed with a surprising amount of stamina for her color.

When Kyasinth puts her mind to something, there’s no power in the ‘verse that can stop her. It may seem like pure enthusiasm is enough to carry her soaring through the air in blithe disregard for physics and biology… but while she may sometimes manage to outlast even dragons of larger colors, Kyasinth’s energy is not actually infinite. She just puts her whole heart behind things, and she’ll burn her reserves to keep going when another dragon might give up.

When she pushes herself too far - and she will, especially when she’s first introduced to the skies she loves so much - it will be followed by an exhausted collapse and deep slumber, followed by ravenous hunger as she restores those spent reserves. Afterward? She’ll be just as eager as ever, still willing to push herself to - and past - her limits just for the joy of it. If she’s ever going to learn moderation in that regard, it’ll have to come from you.


Your Kyasinth is a bit conflicted about flights. Not that she doesn’t want them, mind you! Rather the opposite, in fact. It’s just… she’s sort of got two ideas about how it might go, and she wants them both.

She wants to find a special male, someone she can love and cherish. Someone who can be a partner even outside of flight-times - ideally, someone whose human can be a partner and lover for you, as well. Admittedly, she doesn’t think of that part as much of a challenge; she’s a perfect dragonbond match for you, so obviously the human partner of her perfect romantic match would be just as ideally suited to you!

The problem is, when she finds someone that appeals to her, that is attractive in just the right ways to set her hearts a-flutter… Kyasinth gets awkward. Really awkward, can’t-finish-her-sentences awkward. Your usually forward, over-sharing dragon becomes tongue-tied and embarrassed when it comes to talking to the male to whom she’s attracted, and if anyone tries to tease her on the subject, she’ll probably run away and hide for at least a week.

The other side of Kyasinth’s desire is… well, desire. She’s horny, and she loves to fly, and so - as far as she’s concerned - having a romp through the air is at least twelve kinds of wonderful. Even when she’s not glowing herself, you may find Kyasinth taking a sensual interest in your own lovers. It’s not as good, of course - like the difference between a real live partner and something that runs on batteries - but she still takes vicarious joy and pleasure in the experience.

So, when the time comes for her hormones to rise and her hide to glow, Kyasinth throws herself whole-heartedly into the experience. She wants you to help her be pretty, scrubbing and polishing her hide with scented oils and dressing her in her finest straps. She wants to look at sexy males, and while she may turn awkward around the ones she really truly likes, she has no compunctions at all about eyeing some man-candy.

When those urges get too strong to resist and Kyasinth rises, it’s an exuberant, joyous time. She’ll fly high and hard, dancing in aerobatics and twists as her enthusiasm seems to carry her far longer than whatever sparse blooding she managed. There’ll likely be more than a few drop-outs, exhausted or left behind by her cavorting through the sky, before she joins her wingbeats to her chosen lover… who will generally be whichever male flew best, whatever romantic thoughts she might be nurturing flown right out of her head by aerobatics and lust.


Howdy, V’orn! The year is 2021, the place is Xanadu, and you - yes you! - are a Weyrling. We hope you find your place here and keep flying with us, but you are always free to make whatever tracks you choose through the skies.

The eggs for this clutch had a Summery, Beachy sort of theme, and the Mollusk Magnetism Egg was based on the one, the only, the frenetic stream of consciousness with appeal for anyone who has a heart, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. (And, of course, some various beachside treasures, all lovingly gathered and written by F’yr.)

Your Kyasinth herself is inspired by the engine grease and pink ruffles of Kaywinnet Lee Frye, from Firefly, and we’re glad to see such a sweet and adorable soul (as well as such a bright mind and sensual woman!) join us.

For her name, we took the ‘K’ from Kaylee and a bit of machinery from a ‘synthetic’ source and mixed it together to follow the sound-pattern of hyacinth to grow us a lovely name that’s like a beautiful flower but is distinctive to the green who bears it.

She’s yours now, and we hope you take good care of her and make her your own in whatever way you see fit.


Name Kyasinth
Dam Inasyth
Sire Garouth
Created By D'lei and Rhodelia
Impressee V'orn
Hatched August 13, 2021
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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