Thunderbolts of Bronze Kunaseth

Bright sparks of copper skip and dance along the broad back and stout neck of this bronze dragon, as though his very insides were writhing with electricity. Streaks of lightning zip along his chest and shoulders, radiating along his underside and turning his belly a lightened shade of butterscotch. Molten copper clings along the edges of his squared jaw-line and down the back of his neck in the form of sculpted ridges. Faint traces of aged brass crisscross along his spine, forming intricate stripes that are just barely visible against the bright shining bronze of his hide. While the majority of his visage is a picture of light, a dark shadow of deep bronze tarnish clings stubbornly to his thick limbs and the base of his tail, spreading the dull color as far as it can reach. Shockwaves of light break free of the darkness along the tip of his tail, charging the dull, faded brass at the base into a vivid combination of copper and bronze. Pulses of sparks radiate upwards across his expansive set of wings, sending bright arcs of gold shooting across his bronzed wing membranes.

Image coloured by Nicca, lineart by Kaljaia of DeviantArt.

Egg Name and Description


Gotta Catch Them All Egg
Perfectly spherical in shape, this egg is divided into two distinct hemispheres. The upper hemisphere is a solid cherry red that appears to have a bright sheen to its surface almost metallic in appearance. While one can look at it they'd note the lower hemisphere has a much duller texture of solid egg white in coloring. A thin band of black separates the upper and lower halves of this egg. The center of this band towards the front is a ring of black with an inner white almost button like circle almost begging to be pressed. Perhaps if one could push the button, would it open to reveal what's inside?

Hatching Message

A slight tremor goes through this egg then another almost as if it was struck by a surge of lightning. Gotta Catch Them All Egg suddenly goes still, a pause in the storm perhaps or just an over active imagination at work. Small tremors seem start going across the shell and a sound, very mute at first then slowly growing in volume seem to emanate from the egg then seconds later nothing.

Gotta Catch Them All Egg begins to vibrate slowly as if an internal power is building up to an explosive result. One hop, two hops, three hops and it almost launches itself out of the mound to land at its base. All movement stops, stillness complete as the egg comes to a rest till suddenly as cracks start to appear on its surface.

Shards of Gotta Catch Them All Egg explode upwards as if it had been struck by a lightning bolt causing shards of shells to rocket into the air obscuring the occupant of this egg for a moment till the shards settle to the ground. Rocking in the middle of the destruction Thunder Bolts of Bronze Hatchling struggles to free himself from the remains of the egg.

Impression Message

A rumble of thunder rolls in from what seems to be close by. An image of lightning bolts through your mind. Slowly flashes of yellow bright yet soothing flood your mind. «You're the one.» The voice is playful trying to get your attention. «You do know that right?» The mind seeming familiar to you even though the voice is new. «Z'kiel, you are the one. I am here. I will never leave you.» The excitement of this new mind mixed with yours is almost child-like in its playful nature. «I am your Kunaseth and I need some food, I am so hungry. Can we get food?»


Kunaseth is one of those dragons that take a little getting used to. From the first you will find that there are times, initially days, during which you feel you are banging your head on a brick wall trying to get him to listen to you. Thankfully as the bond grows stronger this time will lessen, friendship will grow, and you can both put his stubbornness to better uses.

While he may not be one to follow you around physically, you can be guaranteed you'll find times when he'll sneak a touch into your mind just to remind you he's there and to check you're behaving yourself - and if not why is he not with you? He is a great protector, of you and those you let closest to you, often dropping into your head to remind you of things that need done, or have been done for long enough for one day. Duty is important to him, but everyone needs that fun time as well.

Perhaps surprisingly, he doesn't enjoy travelling for fun. He has to have some sort of purpose for going somewhere - simply lying on a beach does not hold too much interest for him. Why lie there when you can explore and find things. You may well end up not only with a collection of stories to tell people, but with a collection of items collected from every place you visit. Kunaseth is not the best Search dragon there ever was, so during times when you might be flying out to look for candidates there may be something else you bring home instead.

When it comes to flights, you may find that he will be a little more resistant than some others. Sometimes he will steadfastly refuse to chase a friend or sibling, other times it will be a relief when the flight is over. He tends to get very excited during gold flights, energy building inside him so that he practically explodes into the air - not to mention the fact that you may well end up with a headache from the noise of his broadcasts. He does have a tendency to forget how loud he's being during times of stress.


Flash in the Darkness

Flash in the Darkness tends to be wary of newcomers, but will warm up to familiar minds with time. It is a resilient little mind, full of humor, spunk, and insight. Empathetic and understanding, it makes a very good listening ear even if it can't see what's on the other side of its prison. Playful and inventive, it is friendly, coaxing others to play on a whim. Flashes of bright yellow and lightning bolts color this one's mind. At times, it's a whisper in the distance, and with its anger, it can move towards a deep rumbling voice.



Kunaseth was taken from the Lithuanian (Baltic) God of Thunder, Perkunas. It felt like it fit very well both with the mind of your dragon but also the inspiration for your dragon as well. More information about Perkunas can be found here on Wikipedia doing a search under Perkunas. The Gotta Catch Them All Egg was inspired of course by a Pokemon Ball. Your Kunaseth's description is loosely based off of Raichu, an electric type pokemon while it's mind desc is that of a loosely-based version of Pikachu. Raichu is known for being more majestic and stronger than it's predecessor Pikachu. Remember the RP tips are a guideline and you're free to make him how you wish him to be. I hope you enjoy him. Egg Name & Desc, Hatchling Name, Mind Descs, Messages and Mind Touches by Ethne, RP Tips were done by R'sul, Hatchling Desc by Tylia (Jr. Weyrwoman at HRW) and Ethne.


Name Thunderbolts of Bronze Kunaseth
Dam Gold Mellonath
Sire Bronze Quiath
Created By Ethne, R'sul, and Tylia
Impressee Zekiel
Hatched August 1, 2007
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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