From the Canopy Green Kuarith

Thick and solid is this larger green, the color of a jungle's groundcover marking her trunk-like legs, leaving her talons to a muddy centaur color. Just as limbs fade to a barrel of a body, the jungle's ground blends into the colorations of a canopy. Fresh pine and old vine dapple the wide expanse of her back, covering even the thick and short tail, as well as her thick and short neck. A deep hazel wood green hides beneath the pine and vine, covering where the dappling does not, from her underbelly to the tip of her tail, and her solid triangular head. The light color of a winter's hedge is sponged over her thick muzzle and solid eye ridges and head knobs, leaving the impression of sun breaking through the canopy. Her wings are just as solid as the rest of her, the membranes of that hazel wood clouded by drifts of Athenian green.

Egg Name and Description


Death From Above Egg
Plumage covers this egg from apex to base, feather after feather, wrapping completely around the egg. Some of the feathers appear to be bleached white, with a faint barring of a grayed-blue, while other feathers range from the pitch black sheen of a raven's to a brown wing-feather with black barring, giving the shell a mottled effect as the feathers start to blur together, white, brown, black, all together. The only thing that seems off about this feather-smothered egg is the set of 'talons' that rest over the apex, like a bird of prey was perching upon it, guarding it.

Hatching Message

Wobbling back and forth, back and fourth, Death from Above Egg keeps impacting its already cracked shell against the wall, as cracks start to appear on the other side as well from the force of the hatchling within. In a few moments a muzzle pops out of the shell, before the bottom gives way and deposits the hatchling on the sands with a loud - surprised - squawk.

Impression Message

Brown feathers with a black barring waft into your mind, trailing a cool breeze behind it, bring along a scent of a grassy field which eases the heat of the Hatching Sands. The feather retain their usual down-softness, tickling the edges of your mind with a familiar brush. « Kieryn mine? » Comes the faint whisper of a wind, echoing in your mind. « Kieryn mine! » Is her next realization that breezes in, the growing sense of joy and elation making her feathers a little rougher to the mental touch. « Kuarith Kieryn's! » The joy of the realization of what she found in you, and what you have in her makes the feathers swirl in a frenzy, though they never gain the razor touch of agitation. « Kieryn feed Kuarith? Kuarith share feed with Kieryn? »


During your time as a Weyrling, Kuarith will be at her most excitable, Kieryn. Everything is new to her, and while she may be curious, she won't be overtly so and continuously get you into trouble, oh no. Even at this young of an age, she'll support you from every single angle, and will be nothing but generosity itself for you. In the aspect of other dragons she'll be less like most greens, and more like a very small brown. After all, it's the browns that are known for their rock solidity and calm nature. Sometimes she'll go as far as to prod you into talking and enjoying yourself with other Weyrlings, and maybe even to making actual friends and some sort of bond. She will try and nudge you out of your no-commitment shell, since after all, you have HER now, and if that isn't commitment, what is? Concerning other dragons, she won't exert herself, but she won't withdraw either. She's the happy middle, willing to put some opinions forth, but she'll drop as soon as it comes to an argument. She'll enjoy the company of other dragons, but she'll also enjoy solo time with you. As far as Kuarith is concerned, all her life consists of now is to cherish and protect you. So of course, if any insults come your way, and Kuarith is awake, the little green just might flip her lid. Just as the talons would sneak from the feathers, Kuarith won't mind taking on a bronze (though golds are questionable..) in the most physical sense. Her 'low intelligence' won't make her very witty for insults or anything else, but her sturdy body will support any of her physical activities. When she learns of flight, she'll be nearly as anxious as you (probably) to get into the skies. She'll find that while she's not the best of the acrobatic fliers, flying is still what comes naturally to her, and she'll be better at long distances than others. After all, with sturdiness comes endurance and stamina.

As she reaches maturity, that rock solidity, generosity, cherishing, and protection won't vanish. Instead, it'll amplify, and she'll be devoted to making you making in any way she can. « Go? Sure! Where? .. Igen? Sure! » Even during Weyrlinghood, if you feel like flying/going somewhere for a bit, she'll indulge you. Though always, when the trip is over, she'll return you to Xanadu's safey. After all, even those 'independent' riders need a Weyr to call home, should anything horrible ever happen. Something that also goes along with Kuarith's solidity is her lack of fear. The talk of ancient thread excites her, the talk of facing felines riles her blood. The exclusive protectiveness that she feels towards you, will also be generalized in Xanadu's direction. If Xanadu is threatened, she'll be there to protect it. Really, Kuarith can be described in a few words: Cherish, Devotion, Protection, Generosity. And for all of her basic ways, communicating, emotions, etc, she'll be remarkably easy to please. A knob-ridge rub here or there, keeping well oiled, and clean, and being with you, making you happy.

On an entirely different note then, lucky you, Kuarith will eventually go proddy several thousand times in her life, and yours. During the time that leads up to her flight, her solidity will slowly diminish. When she's as hissy as a viper, you'll know that her flight is eminent. Solidity will give way to instinct, and from the bird of prey she's modeled after instinct can be quite frightening. She'll wake up from the slumber-before-flight with a killing rage in her, and it will be hard to keep the green from doing more than just blooding her kill. During flight, she'll almost react more like Kieranth than any other dragon. The enjoyment of seeing blood spill, knowing it was from her own talons, the thrill of her blood boiling in draconic veins, driving her to fly higher, faster, and farther than when on a pleasure cruise. The one way she won't represent Kieranth is in her color, and her lack of commenting. If her speaking capabilities were basic before, she's gone beyond basic and into simpleton mode. She'll be for giving the males a good run, and try to exhaust them with clever flying before they have a chance. What this will do to you as a human, is up for you to decide, Kieryn.

Why Kieryn? Well, for one she liked all of the pretty pictures that you showed her. Secondly, you're one of the two people that stayed around to talk, and not think her a boring lump. She adores you for that, but you see, she also picked up on the note of your insecurity, or your commitment complex. She's here to show you that commitment isn't always a horrible thing, and to maybe draw you out of your shell a little bit. Mostly, she's here to be your crutch to lean upon.


Gentle Feathers of Doom
Kuarith would be the rock that someone might grab onto to keep themselves steady. Because she seems so dense and communicates on an emotional base (instead of logical like some) she'll be the sort that'll get carried away when pushed too far, but otherwise she'll be the rock that's hard to budge or rile up. Her mind is solid, just like her body. She'll be a rock for you, to hang onto, and she'll protect and spoil you when she's able. Kuarith has already decided in the shell how she'll speak with others as well. The combination of feathers and wind. Her actual voice will echo that of the winds. Her normal voice not being much above a whispery breeze. When she's angry or riled up, her voice will be as sharp and loud as a cyclone or tornado. The feathers are a part of her by now, and for the most part, they have settled on the colorations of an owl. Browns, with black or dark brown barring, or just plain brown feathers. Though, as she grows up, with time will come the speckling - and then take over (in the elder years) - of pure white feathers. On the good days, a smell of a grass field will accompany her voice, and on the bad, there will be a rancid stench, like milk gone bad or a manure pile.


Kuarith is inspired in all ways and form from the Owl Trilogy of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series. Kuari is the bondbird owl that Darian receives at the end of the first book, more or less as a present from Hurr and Hweel, Kuari's parents. Kuari starts off as a very simple-minded nestling as to be expected, but still a very generous one as he offers to share a meal of mice with his new Bondmate. He - like most animals - is also very easy to please in the physical sense. With a few scratches here, and scritches there, you would have a very content bird on your hands. As Kuari grows older with Darian the pair becomes more functional together as a team, instead of one individual making up for the lacks of the other. Kuari will hunt for Darian, while Darian does things that a bird cannot. Kuari is as much of the team as any other human, and nearly just as intelligent in a bird's sense. Though owls are usually calm and sedate, it doesn't mean that they don't have the urges of every other bird of prey as well. If pushed far enough Kuari would go into a rage that would scare anyone out of their right wits, since a large powerful beak, and sharp talons are not something anyone wants to get on the wrong side of.
The egg, Death from Above, is merely a collage of all the different sorts of feathers you would find in the Hawkbrother community. From mischevious ravens and blackwinged crows, to bondbirds that have been bleached white from the magic usages of their partners.
The making of this egg and dragon should be credited to Lahela.
Colors can be found at
Colors to look up are: Groundcover, Fresh Pine, Old Vine, Winter Hedge, Athenian Green, Hazel Woods, Centaur.


Name From the Canopy Green Kuarith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Lahela
Impressee Kieryn
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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