Screams Amidst The Mountain Sky Blue Kranith

Iridescent turquoise dominates the palest tint of emerald across wetly gleaming dragonhide — a sort of greenish-blue that envelopes the hatchling from a short muzzle to rather pointed headknobs and down a long lean neck to bulky shoulders and a deep keel-like breastbone. Somewhat short in limb, there is a leanness to the young body, of staying power and distance, blue though he might be. Striking perhaps, is the pattern of darker blue across the lower part of his neck, shoulders, back and wings - a hennaed pattern of streaks and marks that add a dynamic and exotic facade to a unearthly form.

Egg Name and Description

Inscribed in Stone Egg
Rugged sandstone casts a weathered facade over the shell of this medium-sized egg. Rough brown shadows dominate over the surface; skeins of glittery silver-mica and splatters of mossy green and grey lichen intermingled with black cracks and streaks that appear across the shell. In a relatively smooth and unmarred area of the egg, right there in plain view, figures in off-white and grey appear to have been painted on — there, a stick dragon, its rider on its back, spews streaks at curly tendrils that fall from the upper portion of the egg. And in another corner, uppermost, a burst of white can be seen — vaguely round, but with squiggly lines radiating from it, like an explosion. And there, along the base of the egg, a small handprint-shaped splotch can be seen — an artist's mark, perhaps.

Hatching Message

Inscribed in Stone Egg gives a sudden little shake and a quiver, the pale markings upon the shell seeming to dance in motion — the wings of the stick dragon almost seems to flutter in the heat of the sands. And then as quickly as it moved, the egg lies still, content to wait and rest.

Inscribed in Stone Egg jolts into movement once more, the weathered rocky surface shuddering with motion before streaks appear, like fault lines in stone. There's another shudder, dark jagged lines intercepting each other now. Not even stone can last forever after all.

Inscribed in Stone Egg is a rock no longer — already, shards of sandstone brown have flaked away, and larger pieces lie forgotten upon the sands beneath the egg. Indeed, the egg itself seems to crumble away beneath the onslaught of determined hatchling, the exotically marked blue flopping free with a creel of surprise soon followed by a hiss of hunger.

Impression Message

Screams Amidst The Mountain Sky Blue Hatchling lets out another loud hiss, the sound nearly a scream of desperation and hunger, before he's swiveling his long neck towards the Candidates, and with a lurching croak, he shuffles towards them, tail lashing the air behind and wings half furled. Hunger drives him onwards, and he sniffs at the hem of one white robe before snorting and shuffling on. That lengthy tail lashes again, catching the shins of a young Weyrbrat from Ista. With a yelp, the boy nearly falls, almost — but not quite — atop the hatchling who hisses sharply at him. But then, the hisses turn to croons as the gazes of the boy and dragonet lock, and scrambling to right himself, Jammar reaches out to touch the blue-green nose of the young dragon. "Yes, Kranith." says he, "we shall get you fed, and someday, we shall fly together you and I."


Ruins of A Desert Empire
Ancient, timeless, eternal — there is teaching to be found within the unyielding stony facade of this mind — enduring even the same as the most ancient rocks and hills; a skirl of images across granite thoughts. Here and there — scents of desert sage can be found, wafting mists of gentle incense to tickle and tease one's thoughts.


The theme for the eggs was Past, and the inspiration for Inscribed in Stone Egg was the petroglyphs of Chaco Canyon ( )
The theme for the hatchlings was Future and Kranith was inspired by the Mountain Banshee creature from Avatar. His name comes from Ikran which was the Na'vi name for the creature.


Name Blue Kranith
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Iawen
Impressee J'mar (Jammar)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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