When the Snows Fall Bronze Hatchling
This is not a bronze for idleness - though he moves with careful steps, it is but a ruse. He's bold, he's powerful, and he's here to get things done. While not as large as some of his fellow brethren, he is still formidable, with broad shoulders and strong, chiseled features. His form is stocky, muscular, and well-built, the angular body of a born warrior. Everything about him speaks of a quiet strength, from the antiqued bronze that flows smoothly over the majority of his supple hide to the pale flickers of valyrian steel that turn claws and 'ridges into blades. Aged metal darkens along his wide chest and athletic limbs in a leathery brownish-black, seeming to shift like armor with his every move. A deeper, loamier shade of umber creeps up his toes, spinning like gnarled roots for his wrists, dark inklings of things to come. This isn't the only hint towards a wild, ancient history this bronze possesses. Flecks of darkened bronze and sepia arch over his proud forehead and down his spine before coursing over large, balanced wings. The pattern is oddly reminiscent of a canid's pelt, light and dark in turns without distracting from his overall glory. It acts as a shield, perhaps, or a cloak to surround himself with, for the night is dark and full of terrors, and winter is decidedly coming.

Egg Name and Description

Hope is a Mistake Egg
Odd that this egg appears to be made of sand but it is just that. Reddish brown in hue, it seems to be primarily made of this hard, sun baked substance, a barren wasteland and desert where little survives. Curving across the broad point of the egg’s shell is a startling bright band of clear blue sky with a few faint wispy clouds that do little to blot out the harsh sunlight boring down on the land below. Near the base appears to be a cliffedge, formed from the same sun blasted rock and sand. Below it stretches more sand and empty land… all save for the faint impression of an age-worn black hued road.

Hatching Message

Hope is a Mistake moves at a fervent pace now, back and forth, as those cracks widen and begin to splinter the shell apart until at last it breaks away, allowing the dark bronze to shake free with one final push as he struggles to his feet, wings flared out for balance as he gathers himself.

Impression Message

Heat and chaos surround you but is it just you or does everything seem to be slowing down to a dream-sluggish state? The temperature drops. Not to freezing but significantly cooler, comfortable compared to what you were experiencing moments before. In fact, are those snowflakes on your arms and drifting below to your feet? Just as you begin to wonder how it is even possible, you feel it — or rather you feel him. Stoic calm washes over you and just as sudden there is a bronze standing there, quietly waiting on you to make eye contact with him. « So we finally meet. » He says in a voice that is firm and low but strangely gentle. Fatherly, with a sense of deep love and loyalty. You’re the one he was looking for! No doubt about it. « I am known as Kivshiralth and I am glad to have found you, Is’ac. » Hunger gnaws and the bronze tilts his head in an expectant manner. « Come with me? We’ll speak more after we have feasted. »


Bran is a sweet and thoughtful boy, well-loved by everyone at Winterfell…

Kivshiralth is as any young dragon should be: energetic, sweet and engaging. He wants to know all and be involved in everything. It’s a whole big, new world out there for him to explore and very little ceases to amaze him. Essentially, he is like a child. Because of his nature, it won’t be difficult for Kivshiralth to easily gain friends among the other weyrlings or slip into favor with others. He’ll always want to join his siblings if they’re up to something, though he’ll never mean to cause trouble on purpose. Sometimes he just gets swept up in the moment and all the excitement.

Idleness is not in his vocabulary and you may find yourself woken up at all hours should Kivshiralth wake before you do. There will come a time when that will end and at first you may feel relief, until you realize that he’s not waking you up but goes about exploring on his own (never far, mind you — not at first).

It’s not that he means to give you a fright when you wake up to an empty couch beside you in the barracks! Truly he’s quite thoughtful behind his actions.

« You were sleeping and needed it. I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t going to go far, I swear! I didn’t go out to the bowls. Well, I didn’t mean to. I was down by the weyrling beach, only they turned towards the meadow. It was still dark and there wasn’t much to see by, so I had to follow…»

And it will keep going on like that until you reassure him, Is'ac, that no harm was done. You can make him promise not to do it again and he will give his word but as draconic memories aren’t meant to last, well… in a few days time he will be back to it, showing that he possesses a rather independent streak. Know that he’ll always come back to you, unscathed. Who else does he so wholly trust to share his discoveries with?

He has a fascination with climbing and exploring along the walls and ramparts of the castle. Lady Catelyn once jested that Bran could "climb before he could walk", however, his climbing often distresses her….

Just when you think his independent streak was his only youthful quirk, Kivshiralth will surprise you again. Aside from his taste in exploring, he also has a great love for climbing. A day may not go by where he won’t be found scaling something if he’s left to his own devices for too long. He may join his green sibling Mairesaeth in climbing trees and it will be a challenge to ever convince him to stop, regardless of the dangers such activities pose. In the end, you may have to compromise and while he’ll promise, again… in time he may forget. Patience works best for Kivshiralth.

Like his siblings, (Bran) is also dutiful and tough-minded, as well as possessing a propensity for adventure and excitement…

He is dutiful even in his youth and enjoys the lessons that Weyrlinghood will bring, which will make your progress through training a little easier than some. He will pay close attention to the instructions or lecture given, even going so far as pulling you back to focusing should he feel you’re distracted! Despite this, he is not perfect (and he’ll not be ashamed to admit it, unlike his sibling Qhynnveslacth!) and he will still have a taste for adventure and excitement. If something comes along to tempt him away, he likely will go for it. Just as boys will be boys, so will young dragons be, well… young dragons!

Of course if he’s ever caught in any mischief (intentional or otherwise), he’ll always have a story to weave or an explanation behind his actions just as before. All of his actions as a youth are often innocent as he is not a mean or malicious dragon and should any of his escapades result in hurt feelings (or even injuries), he will be properly apologetic and accepting of any form of punishment with quiet understanding. Doubly so if any of his actions or lack of foresight lead to landing you into serious trouble, Is'ac.

Bran dreams of becoming a knight and has asked to hear their stories over and over until their names have become "like music to him"…

Kivshiralth loves to hear stories of past heroic deeds or just stories with goodness and justice to them. It doesn’t matter how often he’s heard a particular tale, he will want to hear it again until he can all but repeat it himself word for word.

« Old stories are like old friends, Is'ac. You have to visit them from time to time. »

For awhile he may even believe Qhynnveslocth’s tales of bravado and heroism until he realizes the bronze is mostly hot air but he will most often ask you, Is'ac, for stories. Past or present, personal or not, he will always seek out a new one from you when the mood strikes. He may not remember the names and maybe all the details over time due, again, to draconic memory but in the moment he will enjoy them greatly and strive to be just like those brave men and women and likewise instill the same desires in you.

Bran: What are you doing to me?
Three-eyed crow: Teaching you to fly.
Bran: I can't fly!
Three-eyed crow: You're flying right now.
Bran: I'm falling!
Three-eyed crow: Every flight begins with a fall.

From the time he hatched and through most of his days through weyrlinghood, Kivshiralth rarely hesitates or shows any fear. His love for climbing is evidence enough of that. Yet when the faithful day comes for him to stretch his wings for the first time, he may balk at the idea. It’s true you’ve both been preparing. He’s done the exercises, he’s been examined and cleared for progress and yet he finds himself wary. Not outrightly fearful, but there is a definite sense of pause and uncertainty. With climbing, he feels secure. Leaping into the open skies is something entirely different!

« What if I fall? »

Which he won’t… at least not in the sense that he’s asking. He will seek reassurance from you, Is'ac because he trusts and loves you the most. To the others he’ll try to put on a brave facade and not let them see his “weakness” as it were (not that it is). Again, patience works best here and so does telling him the truth. He may not wholly believe you if you spin too wild of an answer.

Bran: Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?
Eddard: That is the only time a man can be brave.

Over the course of weyrlinghood as Kivshiralth grows he will, in a sense, mature in personality. He will steadily become serious and contemplative, shedding that boyish, youthful side of himself. Never will he truly lose his love for adventure and exploration — that will be forever a part of him. Now he’s just that little bit more cautious before charging headlong into something new. While before he could be lead away by his curiosity, now he holds himself in check unless it’s absolutely necessary that he go an investigate.

Eddard is known for his unwavering sense of honor and justice and his family finds him kind, although some consider his reserved personality a sign of coldness and disdain…

Kivshiralth has a strong sense of honor and justice and at times he comes off as cold because of his reserved personality which is a contrast to the young dragon he once was. You know him best, Is'ac and know that below that he is kind hearted. He is not unfriendly, not in the slightest but, but he does prefer to keep his enthusiasm and excitement to a minimum, except for privately to you, Is'ac. Those that linger long enough in his presence will discover just the same and just as it was when he was young, he will easily draw a few close loyal friends to his side and may begin to see the side of him that you already know so well.

Know the men who follow you and let them know you. Don't ask your men to die for a stranger… - Ned Stark to Robb

He may come off as reserved himself but in you, Is'ac, he will always strive for you to keep and forge good relations among any that you meet and likewise does the same himself. Even in his budding adulthood, he has the makings of a leader though he will never outwardly boast as such or try to claim a position of rank. It’s the opposite when it comes to you though. Are you considering a position of rank down the road? Be it the desire to be the best Wingrider in your wing (serve loyally), to being Wingsecond (who else but to serve faithfully alongside a trusted and valued Wingleader?), to being Wingleader and, perhaps, even Weyrsecond or Weyrleader someday… Kivshiralth has just a few words.

« You do what you think is right, Is'ac. You have my trust, as always. »

“He had found over the years that silence sometimes yielded more than questions. And so it was this time.” — Ned Stark

In any confrontation, he will always do his best to uphold his honor and dispose what he believes is honest justice. Don’t be surprised if he often approaches these situations with silence. Others may view it as him being cold and reserved when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Kivshiralth is only quietly contemplating the scenario and also waiting to see if more surfaces in that time. If there’s one thing he knows well is that silence and patience often yields its own rewards. He will try to instill these same traits into you Is'ac though even if you should never quite grasp it, he will not lose his patience with you.

Of course, his honor can be considered his strongest virtuous trait but it is also his flaw. He can sometimes be so blinded by it and not realize of the ‘danger’ lurking as he sticks to his decisions. You’ll discover that Kivshiralth views the world in a very black and white manner with very little grey. It is either one or the other and it will be up to you Is'ac to step in times where his judgement does not quite fit. He does trust you, unendingly, but to change his views will have him stubbornly digging in his claws. It may take a lot of patience and careful debate to finally have him agree (even grudgingly).

« I… I still do not believe that it’s the right decision but if you say it is and will lead to no harm to either cause, then I support you Is'ac. Know this. You have my word. »

Eddard is neither as large nor as handsome as his older brother Brandon was, according to Catelyn Stark; however, she states that this was no matter to her once she "found that good sweet heart beneath his solemn face"…

Kivshiralth is neither as large or as ‘handsome’ as some of his bronze brethren could be considered. When it comes to females, be they green or gold, he is always proper and polite in their presence. He does not flirt, but neither is he so cold that he won’t give a few compliments if the mood and moment is right.

That all changes in a moment when he joins in a mating flight and the lucky female will find that he has a good, sweet heart beneath the solemn mask he usually wears. He’ll will shower her with compliments and kindness, no matter how feisty she may be. Never will he push too much as to irritate her, he’s content to stand back and let her have her space. Ever the gentleman, his manner is close to chivalrous. For his competitors… he will observe them with distant wariness. Few does he trust and should any be too bold or forwards or dare upset the lady he intends to chase, Kivshiralth will sternly put that male back into his place (or make the best attempt at it).

The flight itself he will put all he has into it. No matter how wild or fast, he will pursue that female until the very end. Defeat will be met with disappointment but not brooded over. Should he win, he will stay by the female’s side until she tires of his devoted attentions. Should he ever win a gold, he will be fiercely protective both of her and the clutch-to-be. Once the eggs are laid, it will take much to draw him far from the Sands. Candidates may find themselves very carefully watched by the bronze be it from the sands or from a nearby ledge until the eggs Hatch and, satisfied that they’ve all been well paired, he will resume his normal routines and behaviors.

No, my lord, when the swords come out in earnest, you will be the only true friend Robert Baratheon will have.
— Varys to Eddard

Kivshiralth will be known for his loyalty, for his unending honesty. He instills trust in others, forming faithful bonds without really trying. Others are drawn to him and likewise may be to you as well. He will never crave power or rank, satisfied in his role in life no matter which path you choose. Xanadu is his home and he will protect it with every fibre of his being, as he will do for you and those you call friends and should it ever come to be, your family as well.

If you should ever find yourself unsure, afraid or worried, Is'ac, Kivshiralth will be right there with you to guide you and support you. He trusts you and in turn knows you trust him. So you will face any challenge ahead in your lives and through many adventures and experiences through your many, many Turns together.


Kivshiralth’s mindscape is often held within the grounds of a huge castle and complex that spans several acres of land. The stone of the two massive walls, the many buildings and keeps have an ancient air to them and despite most being in good repair, some areas show sign of age and wear. It has the feel of something that was built and withstood thousands of Turns but for him this is ‘home’. This is the home he loves, that he protects, that he honors. It’s to these walls and the many rooms within that he constantly returns, the most comfortable and willing to entertain any ‘guests’. This is what he shows the rest of the world, as well as a glimpse of the lands surrounding this formidable castle.

Rolling green hills, moors and forests as far as the eye can see spread out in every direction from the castle. Northern lands are these, wild and harsh and unlike any native lands to Xanadu. The sky is often overcast or filled with mist and fog but it only reflects Kivshiralth’s often contemplative and thoughtful mind. In times of joy or great happiness, the sun will shine through and lend warmth. Storms will rage should his temper be piqued, sometimes with rain and sometimes with snow. Though there is always the implied feeling that these lands are cool and cold, Kivshiralth’s voice is warm, despite the firmness and reserved nature he often carries.

There is a special place, however, just for you and himself. A private place, where few are permitted to follow (and if they are, it’s a sign of his trust in them). Within the stone walls is a small wooded area, secluded and shielded. Old trees grow here, their leaves all but blocking out the sunlight in places. Still pools of clean water can be found and it’s at the bank of one of these that a bone-white, smooth barked tree grows tall and ancient, red leaves a bright contrast against all the green. A heart tree, Kivshiralth’s true heart. He brings you here when he is in need of counsel or comfort or vice versa should you ever be needing the same. Strangely enough, the tree has a face carved into the trunk and at times it changes expression to mirror what Kivshiralth himself may be feeling at the time. So sacred and private is this place that it’s almost impossible to lie or be untruthful in front of the tree. Not even Kivshiralth himself can.


Congratulations and welcome to Weyrlinghood in Xanadu, Is'ac! :D

The theme for this clutch was Distopias! Kivshiralth’s egg was based off of Mad Max: Fury Road, a post-apocalyptic world set in a future desert wasteland where gasoline and water are scarce commodities. It follows Max Rockatansky, who joins forces with Imperator Furiosa to flee from cult leader Immortan Joe and his army in an armoured tanker truck, which leads to a lengthy road battle.

Kivshiralth is based off of a few characters from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, or as it’s more popularly known: Game of Thrones. The youthful Kivshiralth has Bran Stark as influence, with a dash of Arya thrown in there. Adult Kivshiralth is all, 100%% pure, Eddard Stark. When I saw you list him in your preferences, I just could not resist writing a Ned Stark bronze!

Kivshiralth’s name comes from the very Dothraki language from within the series itself. I tried to look up some of the other languages from Game of Thrones but the only one with an in depth dictionary was Dothraki. His name is a splice between the words ‘chomokh’ for honor, ‘valshek’ for northerner and ‘ver’ for wolf and ‘akkelenak’ for leader, all reflecting to Ned Stark in one way or another. I tweaked the vowels a bit to give it a little more flow and thus Kivshiralth was born!

His mind name and description all reflect on the Stark family. The original mind name was Fire and Blood which, ironically, is the House Targaryen’s motto. So I tweaked it, but didn’t want to go with the obvious ‘Winter is Coming’. Enduring Winter comes from a quote from Eddard Stark to Robert Baratheon: “The winters are hard, but the Starks will endure. We always have.” The mind description is based on Winterfell itself, the northern lands surrounding it and the godswood within it.

As always, Kivshiralth is yours to play as you see fit! :) His RP Tips are just a guideline.

His egg was written by Kiena, as was Kivshiralth himself with help from Esiae for his description! We hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed writing him!


Name Kivshiralth
Dam Gold Kairoikyriath
Sire Bronze Saburath
Created By Kiena, Esiae
Impressee Is'ac
Hatched July 26, 2015
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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