Phantom in a Clockwork Form Green Kinujinth

Brilliant electric green courses over the form of this diminutive green dragon. Unusual touches of mint show prominently on her pointed muzzle, flowing down along the thin curve of her chest and belly. Compact, every part of this lady seems carefully built with no excess of muscle or sinew beyond the minimum of what is needed. Spots and lines of lime highlight the webbing between her wing spars, forming interconnected patterns against her bright hide.

Egg Name and Description

Patterns in Parchment Egg
Splotched and speckled, blackened points seem to form patterns against the backdrop of beige that makes up vast majority of this egg's rounded shell. Stains and worn spots seem to tint the shell like well used sheets of record hide. Darker lines of ash-tinted brown frame these strips of interconnected spots, crossing them at odd angles and disjointed places. Where the egg widens at the bottom, strands in a myriad of colors are bunched and bound together, seeming to cross each other in intricate patterns like those laid out by a careful hand.

Hatching Message

Patterns in Parchment Egg shudders against the sands, leaving a small impression around the shell as it wiggles about. A scraping sound comes dully from within as life tries to find a way through.

Patterns in Parchment Egg moves abruptly, tipping over onto one side and rolling for a few feet before finally getting caught against the remains of an already hatched egg. The movement and sudden stop seems enough to cause a rift in the shell, the life within straining to be free.

Patterns in Parchment Egg seems to warp as pressure forces the shell in odd directions. Finally, one good push is all it seems to need before the tangled strands at the bottom of the egg give way. Pushing her way through the last remains of the dotted prison, a brilliant colored hatchling shakes herself free of lingering egg-goo.

Impression Message

Phantom in a Clockwork Shell Green Hatchling seems to hesitate, as if she were overwhelmed by the influx of sight and sound. Too much information. Whirling eyes look every-which-way as if trying to find some refuge in the tumult. As her head sweeps through the line of white-robed figures, she stops abruptly and seems to lock eyes even at a distance with a boy. Wait, why was he looking away from her? The green dragon doesn't seem to accept this silent dismissal, moving intently across the sands until she's right in front of Doravan. A single nudge to his legs is all that's needed. In one moment, he becomes D'rvan, and a hand comes down on to the green hatchling's head. "Oh. I wasn't ignoring you, Kinujinth. I just thought… Never mind. Let's get you something to eat."


Strands of Interwoven Light
Kinujinth's mind is a stark contrast of darkness, color, feeling and sound. Omnipresent black forms a backdrop that lingers just at the edge of consciousness. Layered over the top of this barren plain are strands of bright, brilliant greens and blues that seem to pulse as if their heartbeat were keeping time with your own. Weaving in and out, each filament seems to carry with it a thought, a message, an idea, although not all of them are expressed in words. Excitement brings an ecstatic, electric feeling, while sadness becomes a dull thrum like the sound of some distant machine churning away. There is a lingering feeling of being /connected/ - faint pressure on the back of the neck, hands, and temples tingling with an echo that seems intertwined with everything you feel. When she speaks, it sounds as if your own voice were layered over her own, creating a strange duality of your mingled minds. Low, nearly inaudible ticks and beeps make up the quiet times between thoughts.


The theme for this clutch was 'past and future'.

My first thoughts immediately went towards technology and more-so, computers. We all use computers as part of our everyday lives, and if it weren't for computers, we wouldn't be here interacting with one another. So what brought about the development of computers?

The Past: Did you know that the first precursors to computers were actually looms? The first mechanical loom was developed in 1801. It used punchcards with instructions of dots and spaces which laid out the pattern for the machine to weave. The 'Patterns in Parchment Egg' was based off one of these early mechanical looms and the punchcards used to program it. Later, in the early 1900s, this same principal was used for mechanical organs and player pianos where the holes corresponded to notes to be played by the instrument. Punchcards became one of the earliest forms of programming used in the start of the modern computer era, but are now largely obsolete.

The Future: So where do computers go from here? Science fiction has provided us plenty of answers in the forms of cybernetics and artificially intelligent beings. Film and literature have brought quite a number of interesting artificial beings, and the idea of this dragon is taken from a number of sources: David from "AI", Andrew from "Bicentennial Man", the Puppet Master from "Ghost in the Shell" and Jane from Orson Scott Card's "Ender" novels.



Name Green Kinujinth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By R'owan
Impressee D'rvan (Doravan)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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