Lumbering Giantess Gold Kilaueth

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No dainty elfin queen is she, but a giant among the others of her kind, a queen unlike any before her. A creature of fire, she seems born from the forge of a mastersmith, a work of art wrought by the clang of a hammer. Contemplative soot shadows are piled in dark stains along her humongous paws, tipped by razor-sharp talons of iron ore. The shadows sweep upward into the wide expanse of her underbelly, mingling with the molten antique gold that gilds her broad shoulders and rounded flanks before dribbling down the length of her tail, its tip glimmering with seething ember's fire. Scarlet flames dance around her elongated muzzle, framing jeweled eyes before licking down her neck to set ablaze overly large wings brushed with velveteen light, drinking deeply of the near gold of her hide. Ashes born into the air by the fire's heat coat her translucent sails and spars, dusting them with sharply contrasting black.

*Kilaueth's drawing by the wonderful Arienell!

Egg Name and Description


Racy Waltz Egg
Across a base of ancient, lacy ivory, bright canary promenades with creamy butter in a spinning play over the shell of this large egg. One would be hard pressed to find the beginning or the end of either strand; there seems to be no stop to the fluid motion of the colors, which are constantly changing direction, reversing, doubling back and then rolling to the side in a step-step-close motion. However, the light, bright pair is not alone; other pairs of strands join the weaving, gliding dance. Aureate topaz and fiery citrine counter promenade, constantly shadowing and switching with the other pairs - rich vermillion with golden brass prominent near the zenith, soft amber with pale peach prominent near the base. The final pair of powdery ginger and shimmering champagne moves across the shell in a wicked attempt to steal the spotlight from the pairs of more graceful, accented movements. In a final touch, gilded splashes sparkle here and there among the waltzing pairs, like light flashing off jeweled fire.

Hatching Message

A rupture. A shimmy. A shake. And in a second the Racy Waltz Egg is spilling its contents onto the sands. The colors in the shell now nothing more than flecks of infinitesimal color amid the hatching sands. On shaky limbs the hatchling rises and wobbles out of the puddle egg goo. Its true colors revealed as the last of the egg remains drips from its hide.

Impression Message

Silence descends, and before you have a chance to savor it, a thunderous whisper fills your mind, rolling against you as it approaches rapidly from afar to break over you in a wave of blue skies. «Niva?» Like a summer surf, it swirls within your mind, crashing into you with the smell of the earth. «I am sure we shall cause our own small.. *snickers* amount of trouble in the future, but for now, I am hungry. Very hungry.» As her large mental bulk insinuates itself within your thoughts, she suddenly remembers one more thing: «Oh yes, I am Kilaueth.»



While Kilaueth is a Giantess, she's not a traditional Giantess, and thus while she has some of the qualities one might expect, she certainly doesn't display them all. She can be a little antisocial at times, solitary, preferring only your company. This will particularly be the case if she's avoiding someone she's unhappy or frustrated with, a habit she shares with you. That said, though, there's more than a little of Aerin or Angharad in your Kilaueth. Whatever situation she finds herself in, she'll adapt, communicating and bonding with those around her if this is required - she'll even make friends with strangers, settle in and enjoy herself wherever she goes - her wish to be alone does not define her, but is simply one part of her personality. In keeping with this, Kilaueth can be confrontational should the need arise, or should she perceive (correctly or not) that you are being criticized. Every inch the Giantess, she'll be capable of drawing herself up to an impressive height and unleashing a mental and physical rumble that will leave ears ringing. She's a problem solver, preferring generally to get things over and done with, rather than having them hanging over her head, and she'll try and convince you that this is the best approach, often broaching a subject for you, dobbing you in, then leaving you to deal with the aftermath and work out the problem.

She's often amused by what she finds around her, and it will take her some time to learn that it's not always wise to share one's amusement with its source. « I'm sorry, but with your head in that bucket trying to get the last bit of meat, you just looked hilarious! Your butt was waggling all over the place! What…? There's no need to be like that about it… » Despite the connection some people might make between being large and lumbering and being a little slow off the mental mark, Kilaueth is confident, she's smart, and she's a good leader. She's strong-willed, and once she learns that amusing observations are best kept between the two of you (which means that she'll have you bursting into inappropriate giggles at inappropriate times), she'll be a strong leader. Similarly, she has enormous confidence in you. She won't be one to offer many reassurances - she almost won't understand why it is that you don't believe in yourself, in your moments of doubt. Your self-questioning will be brushed aside impatiently, with a « Hmph! Of course you're fine! Stop being silly! »


When it comes to flights, Kilaueth goes B-I-G. She goes high, she goes far, she goes in style. Her flights mightn't be long, and they mightn't be acrobatic, since she's too large to manage it, but they'll be very high speed, with long, sweeping turns and very deep, steep, fast dives.
When it comes to motherhood, Kilaueth's not quite a natural, but she's absolutely determined to do it right. She doesn't much like being on the sands - it either stops her socializing, or stops her escaping, depending on her mood. Thus, she'll be volatile. Sometimes she'll happily let you off to do what you will, other times she'll insist you're there every moment. The same goes for her mate and his rider. Sometimes she'll demand other dragons come keep her company and gossip, other times she'll want all of them to keep their distance - she must be a good dam, and protect her eggs!

Your kindred spirit called to her, beckoned like a light in the darkness. Yet, for all the ways the two of you are alike, there are ways you are different! And being the little rebel she may prove to be, she's more than ready and willing to shake you up, Niva, to turn your world upside down as you have hers. Loneliness, your way of avoiding and ignoring problems, and running away - it will no longer be an option with Kilauth! But, do not worry - she's more than large enough to take on any of your problems upon those broad shoulders of hers, to be your mate and help you through, even if she's got to push you. She sensed a strength in you, even if you don't believe it's there, and believes you are ready for the intensity of Impression and able to deal with her own strong self.

*Art by the wonderful Lorena


Can you imagine a thunderous whisper? Kilaueth's mindvoice rolls upon you just the way thunder does, approaching rapidly from afar, then breaking over you like a wave - sometimes crashing down on your head, in moments of excitement of hot-headedness, sometimes dumping over you like summer surf, should she be amused or happy. She's like a giantess in her communications - sometimes she stomps through willy-nilly, trampling all in her way without even noticing, sometimes she manages to maneuver her large mental bulk with surprising delicacy. Her colors are those of nature, of agriculture - straw yellow, the bright blue sky of crisp winter, the warm brown of fallow earth, the lively green of new growth. Kilaueth steers clear of girly, feminine colors such as pink or purple.



Giants and Giantesses have traditionally had bad press - they're big, they're nasty, they squash little humans underneath their feet! When Jack chopped down his Beanstalk, sending his giant pursuer to his death, it was justifiable homicide, self defense even, and nobody batted an eyelid, yet Jack was a thief who was legally in the wrong throughout the event! Jack's Giant is the most famous of the lot, but there have been others in well known stories. Gulliver met Giants on his travels, and Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum were nearly baked into a pie during their Gigantic encounter. Yet we don't always speak of giants in negative terms: "He was a giant among men" is high praise, and a "giant achievement" is a good thing, not bad. More recently we've had the more enigmatic figures of the giants found in the Harry Potter series, ranging from Hagrid, with hands like dustbin lids and feet like baby dolphins, cheery and clumsy, yet good-hearted, to his kin in the mountains, violent at times, almost reasonable at others. Giants are traditionally sized anywhere from 20 feet up, and when imagining a giant, certain features are called to mind: a booming voice, loud, echoing footsteps, small things getting broken or squashed, and frequently solitude as well. Kilaueth's name is from Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii, the most active volcano in the world. Because your gold is so fire-based, I thought it fit well. It's short like you wanted and pronounced like it's spelled: Kill-laow-eth. Kilauea is also 4200 ft. at its highest point, making it fitting a name for a giantess. It's also the home of the fire goddess of Hawaiian mythology, Pele.


Name Lumbering Giantess Gold Kilaueth
Dam Gold Zaislinth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Jezzara, R'yn, Lecil
Impressee Niva
Hatched August 14, 2003
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

*Image of Kilaueth and Alhenaeth by Cursed Sight

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